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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 101 - Su-Hyun’s Madness (3)

Chapter 101 - Su-Hyun’s Madness (3)

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101. Su-Hyun’s Madness (3)

But before anything, I simply lifted my left hand and used the Anti-Magic ring. He spoke that his strength was just 70% than his original one, but I wasn’t convinced.

The white light that was spreading out of the ring intermixed with the dark blue flame that ran towards me, and it vanished soon. The fire that Belpegor shot was a little stunned, and it ran towards me aggressively once again.

When I triggered the Anti Magic, the Asmodian was curious of its result and then raised his eyes at it.

“Stupid man. If you thought that you could stop the fire of the Asmodians with human magic, that’s impossible. This flame is an eternal immortal one that can be applied by the ones only above the level of duke/ count.”

“Shut up. Fuck you. You bastard”

“Bastard! How dare……….”

That guy didn’t want to listen anymore. No, I didn’t want to listen anymore, I hated listening to him. I looked at the fire that was coming close towards me and held the sword in my hand and looked to the front. And then I closed my eyes.

Get up. Rise. Wake up and show the real eternal < Fire > to the person who is not a little bit like me.

I was able to feel the stamp of the ancient maid of honor in my heart as an answer to my inner voice. In addition to that, a collection of pure fire responded to my question, I held the sword in parallel with the power of the Hwajung. Although the others could see it as a simple parallel position, this one was different from the one-sided one, it had ultimate power.

When I moved the position of the sword once, the sound of a fire popping came, the sound reverberated everywhere. The fire that he shot was split so precisely that it was cut in exact half. And, I stood their, with the burning air.

I pulled down my sword immediately. The people who were memorizing the defense orders, the self confident man whose face was smoking Belpegor, all their faces were stunned. And with this on exchange of offence, I was able to understand the strength of the man in front of me.

“It seems like 70 is a bit too much. Fifty? No…. is it 60?”

At my mocking, the Asmodians face distorted for the first time. However, after quickly adjusting his expression, he asked with a not so gentle voice.

“Bloke! What the hell did…..!”

“It is what you see.”

“I don’t believe it! How could you destroy the flame of the Asmodian which is also allowed to the highest ranker of the Asmodians!”

“All that you told is bullshit. The top level Asmodians that you are talking about seem to be blinded like you. But thank you for the good information.”


The Belpegor had a bad temper, and this caused a great deal of blue fire. As I saw he round sphere slowly forming in his right hand, I also lifted the clear crimson flame.

“I’ll make sure that the mouth of yours can’t make anymore fun.”

I looked at Belpegor who was making fun and I opened my mouth with a serious tone.

“Haven’t you already seen that the flame of your proclaimed Asmodians doesn’t work on me? Why don’t you try doing something other than this, how does that sound?”

“Close that mouth of yours!”

At the same time, he moved his hand very strongly once gain. A flame that was ten times the size of a normal soccer ball was coming rushing towards me. If it was like before, I would have rushed to break it, but I didn’t have to fight like that now. I took a deep breath and then concentrated on two feeling about the weapons I had.

The power to cut all, Sword Specialist.

The power to burn everything, Hwajung( 火正).

As soon as I confirmed the power, I cut it using my sword without any hesitation.

Pop! Whirlll….!

“Doesn’t, this doesn’t make sense……”

Belpegor stared at the sight that unfolded in front of his eyes, it was like he was struck with something. The flame that he hand poured out, would have taken at least half of his strength, and I just cut that bright flame into half.

Finally, the face I wanted to see I came out. This was fun. I wanted to step on him. I wanted to rip him open. I wanted to kill him. I tried to hide my recklessness, but the more I tried to hide the more I couldn’t hide the excitement. I slowly opened my mouth as I took a breath roughly.

“Do you have anything else to show?”

“What… what did you say.”

“Summon the Scraep. Or maybe the Colossus of Destruction… if not.”

After I stopped talking, I laughed for a while and laughed.

“Are you ready to flea into the dark side of a fairy tale?”

Belpegor opened his mouth with a confused face as I said his techniques.

“Uh, How! Who, who are you?”

“Whoa. Calm down. What did you do for Lilith to believe and teach you?”

I could see the face of Belpegor turn red at mention of Lilith. It was a place where only the strong men could live. The individuals self-esteem was strong, but they are loyal to the opponent under whom they surrender. Of course, they were very limited.

As I spoke of Lilith, Belpegor just shook his head.

“Yah…. Watch your mouth. You are not the only one who can speak.”

“Why? Lilith? Famous as the whore of Marqui. Wasn’t anyone aware of the loss of Astorot? Ah. You don’t know bout it yet?”

This was a fact that I happened to come across in the first time. It was something from a long time ago, but I heard that it was an event that took place before I entered the Hall Plane. And there was nothing like provoking the loyal Lilith of the underworld.

As expected, Belpegor finally broke out, all his wrath at me.


Belpegor cried out loud and lifted his hands to the air. At that moment, I felt that the air where he stood changed drastically, an ominous aura wrapped around him. And the people in the back who were staying still, well, they had an uneasy look.

I turned towards the party and opened my mouth.

“An Hyun, Yoo-Jung wait in your place. And the wizards and the priests use all the defensive spells you know to protect the party.”

“Kim Su-Hyun! What the hell are you talking!”

Vivian yelled at me. The faces of all the people were the same. All of my life could be torn down but I chose to not say anything. Vivian was still in the back and was able to open my mouth.

“I don’t have anything else to say. I don’t know about any other person, but I can handle this guy. You guys stay in the back.”

While I was talking, the opponents movements were getting stronger. As I turned my head, Belpegor’s hair rose high. It seemed like he was prepared for performing a great magic after a long time. This magic was definitely a colossus of destruction. This guy really is nothing much than a idiotic jerk.

“Kim Su-Hyun! Are you kidding? No matter how advanced….”

Vivian still continued to speak. But right now I couldn’t afford to take care of the other people.

“Shut up and step back!”

“Ho…. How…..”

Because of my shout, Vivian stepped back with a wounded face. But there was no time to be sweet with her.

I also stood in the posture and held onto the sword. From now on, the technique that I would be deploying is a kind of ability that is classified as player ability. Unlike, the past, I had magic ability, so the power was different now. I literally pulled high the magic.

The Colossus of destruction was a grand magic. I don’t know about how it would affect me, but the ones behind me would all die in the after effects of it. Even I had to take out the card that could resist his magic. In the first time, I wasn’t able to use the ability with magic, but it was a different case now.

“It is a technique developed to deal with < Her >… I didn’t realize I was going to use this already.”

I muttered bitterly and then stepped in the ground.


He couldn’t admit it. The great Asmodian was afraid of a single human being? It is impossible. But, the thing was actually happening now.

He was forced to take out the technique as fear arose in him. There was a huge crowd of people in the back preparing for a big magic with incomplete bodies, but their effect would be certain.

The human in front of his eye may be able to extinguish the fire of the Asmodian with some kind of trickery, but it was only doable. In front of the hundreds of meteor flame shower the human beings will certainly turn into a handful of ash. He thought of not taking down the female human beings, but none of them were comparable to that of Lilith.

The heart was feeling burdensome but he was planning on enduring it. The order is completed. Now all he had to do now was shoot down that cheeky human being in the front. Then he checked down the human in front of him from the head to the bottom.


An unfamiliar sense cried in the whole body of his. He almost canceled the order that he had summoned. The feeling of death and disappearance for a long time. The long awaited sharpness was ringing in his whole body. He was going to dye. And he had to avoid it.

“I….. die?”

‘I’m going to die in the hands of a human?’

He shouted out loudly. It was good to shake of the instinctive struggle and the fear that dominate the inside of the body. He was able to get the courage to act out, he waved out both his hands. A small scale meteor shower, for the Asmodians. The name was….

“Ahh ahahaha!!! The Colossus of Destruction!!!”

He didn’t have any other ideas. With only the thought of annihilating the human in front of him and regain the dignity that he had lost sooner or later. However, he couldn’t help but admit the origin of these kinds of thoughts because of survival.

At that moment, the man in the front put his leg into the earth. The floor around him was cracked. But that was only for a few moment. He swallowed my spit as I watched the earth change again. What? What was it?

He heard the sound of the ceiling crashing and that was because of the meteor shower that he was going to led. Then I smiled at the conversion. Stupid human. It would be the downfall of the human as he provided time for the Asmodian. When he turned back, he saw that the colossus of destruction was pushing through the ceiling. And then he felt relieved. There would be definite penalties for performing an incomplete magic with incomplete bodies, as the damage was definite. He didn’t think till that extent, just the though of being alive was there. It was then.

The silent guy in the front took out his sword and threw it into the air. At the same time, a clear crimson flame a surrounding the sword. When he saw the flame, he felt anxious once again. For some reason, he felt that the moment it touched the spell, everything would be over. At that moment, a strange vibration came around.


Something strange was coming out of the earth. And the moment when that energy combined with the crimson flame, he did nothing but be astonished.

The sword was burning in the crimson light, and it was increasing. Literally, fire and sword ( Fire sword ). One, two, four, twelve, sixteen, thirty… the swords gradually increased in the number, they filled the surrounding area and they couldn’t be counted anymore.


In his mouth only saliva was flowing. H just bowed down his head. As soon as he saw Su-Hyun laugh his whole body felt troubled. Why? Why did that human hate the Asmodian so much? The flow of magic into the colossus of destruction was almost cut off, he barely managed to hold it.

He didn’t like it from the beginning. He had endless hostility from the moment that he had seen the Asmodian. And I sounded like he knew something. The Asmodian was more and more full with the magic, and the climax was near.

The humans face was relieved. It looked like he was going to beat me. The Asmodian could see a smile make its way onto the face of the human. With his arms folded, the human removed his right hand from the fold and stretched his fingers.

And with the sound of his finger tips, it could b seen that the swords that were hanging around him were heading towards the direction of the Asmodian. The Asmodian felt like he wanted to avoid it the very moment, but he regained his heart after watching the meteor go past him.

Numerous meteors fired. And a lot of fire swords were also shot.

They just watched as the two storms that resembled the heavy rain seemed to collide.

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