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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 102 - Su-Hyun’s Madness (4)

Chapter 102 - Su-Hyun’s Madness (4)

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102. Su-Hyun’s Madness (4)

I covered my mouth by pressing the lips close to the other. And before I could make my heart hard, two giant rain storms collided with each other without a single stop.


A magnificent sound was ringing all around. I looked at his face, his face was relaxed and his arms were folded. On the contrary, I was too troubled that I swallowed my saliva. I was curious to see if I had won or lost, but my pride didn’t allow me to act like I was curious. No matter what, the Colossus of Destruction was my best skill. If it didn’t work, I might be able to see Lilith anymore. I poured the magic more into my attack. I could see that the meteor showers were overwhelming.



I screamed in pain. Every time I was hit with the shot, my insides shook with the huge impact. Why on earth? How? I thought, but I was barely able to hold onto my body. I have seen my magic overwhelm the human being, so I thought that I will be able tohold on a little longer… that was what I thought.


I lifted my head and wondered about what had happened.

The scene where the meteor shower and the swords hit each other like a heavy rain was very spectacular. However, this was not the time to appreciate this.

The overwhelming figure was completely false. My meteors exploded immediately upon reaching the swords and then they disappeared. Nonetheless, the sword of fire ( Fire Swords ) endured the explosion and they pushed forward to me, and occupied the space around me. No, they didn’t occupy. Rather, they took the positions of my meteors.

At that moment, blood poured out from me. At the same time, the whole body of mine began to loose its strength. I didn’t know how he did this. But why now….!

I was already planning ahead to take care of my body damage in an instant, that was what I wanted to do. And the attack that came to me sooner than my plan made my mind go into a haywire. The moment when I was having a nervous breakdown, a thought that I never knew I could get crossed my mind. And the result of it made me turn even darker.


The swords that were so pure and literally burning were pushing my magic out and was going to quickly wipe out my existence. As soon as my strength moves out, my body will be crushed and nothing will be left back apart from a handful of ashes. I am in an urgent need to increase to my magic power to a high extent. I wasn’t ready to admit that I was about to lose to humans.

I could feel magic all over my body and I focused it onto both f my hands. However, my heart kept telling me to run away even now. This was a fairy tale of darkness. If I was lucky I might be able to save my life. But still, my heart was still holding onto the pride. Even though I knew that I would die if I do this, but I have never abused the power of an Asmodian till this moment.

But as the meteors disappeared the spots were filled with burning swords, and my pride was beginning to fade away.

At this moment I saw the burning swords that were constantly coming forward. I felt that everything around me was dull. It was like I was in the storm itself, and my neck was cold. No way, it was over. Did I burn out all my magic power by the colossus?


Finally I heard the cold voice of the human and many more swords came to me. my self-esteem which wanted to stand till the end of the fight, but well, I just had to put a footstep in front of the death. The sword rushed to wards me to dismantle my body and at that moment I closed my eyes and the darkness that was left in the body went up.




“Huk, Huk.”

When I opened my eyes, I saw that the ceiling had not collapsed yet. At the same time, the upstairs rumbled. The moment the first strike hit me, I instinctively wanted to escape. I could move through floors but only in the institute, I couldn’t get away from there, I was there in the darkness.


Once again a handful of blood came out from my mouth. I wanted to rest. However, a few of the swords were already into my body. I felt the burning pain in my body, but I got up as I thought that the humans might come close to me again. Clearly, there was a secret space somewhere in the first floor of the institute….

Suk, seuk.

I almost tried to drag my body using my foot. I was able to see the goal as the door opened wide. It wasn’t a smooth task. I actually came here to handle the guys that were here before me. I could go into that secret room without anyone finding, I could go to that door that was built before I coming here. It was obviously supposed to be here somewhere.


I have been stalking the floor for the past ten minutes, and I still have not found it. My heart was hurting now. Those people will come, I need to find quickly, quickly. There was a weird presence in the land area. I ran down to the bottom of the stairs because I though that I had found it.

Chik, huirk.


The sound of something still burning. Maybe it was the aftermath. I don’t have to worry about it for now……



“I never thought that the Noble count of the Asmodian would have to run away, and never did I dream that he would be sweeping the ground. Is he cleaning?”

I hear him say something. Maybe I knew about it already. However, I felt compelled to fight and comfort my inner self. But in the first place, I always felt the need to avoid him.

“Now, doesn’t look like you are even good at it.”

I slowly turned my head, and there he was, smoking the tobacco gently.


I laughed when I say the guy on the floor. Originally I tried to come out with my power later, but it seemed like my plan was a bust.

“I really didn’t think that you would run away because of what happened. Do you like the dark fairy tales? Right now you’re doing a good job running away.”

“Human…. Why….. how….”

Belpegor breathed a little as he was suffering. I spit out the tobacco that I was biting on, and I moved down. As I approached him, Belpegor saw me and then he was taking a step back by pushing his legs. Suddenly, the lower body went stiff, and began to get wrinkled. The situation brought me so much excitement.

“Ma…. Makom Skuramp so….”


When I saw that he was going to summon a sword, I ran like a lightening bolt and kicked his hand. The black sword was thrown away, very far. Then Belpegor looked up at with a grim look on his face.

I walked a little close and then got heads close to the other.



“Anyway, you can’t do anything now. Just pray for your life. Then maybe you might live.”

“Kill me.”

I looked at the guy in front of me who spoke firmly, and I opened my eyes a bit more. Belpegor had already given up the hope and then he spoke.

“I will admit, you do have great strength. However, you are still an insect in front those people…. They’ll give me my revenge. You’ll also face the same kind of end like this.”

“Who? The one you re so desperate to meet, Lilith? Or Astrot? Satan? Baal? Asmodus? Lucifer?”

“Kuk…. I don’t know how you know the names of the monsters that live in the Veil. But… keuk!”

While he was still talking, I sat down and hurt him. And I literally fisted his mouth. At the end of the fist, there was a feeling that something had broke, and at the same time, pieces of broken tooth flew outside.

“Whatever. They would be dead in the hands of the humans by now.”

“You! Don’t act so self-righteous! Don’t joke around! They haven’t fallen into the human word yet!”

“You can’t even speak properly and I can’t talk with you like this. Hey fool. Don’t think that the ones that follow you are so great. I saying this because I’ve killed them all once.”

Belpegor looked at my face, his eyes were shaking. The Asmodians were the ones who could lie very easily, and they were also the creatures that could judge if the person speaking was telling the truth or the lie. Of course, it was impossible to lie or cheat againt an Asmodian.

“I snat veilies.. ( I can’t believe it.)”

But he still shook his head. I mean, it was the first time, that the above mentioned Asmodians actually died. But what I said was actually true. Belpegor, who judged the words that I spoke, was shaking his head as he guessed the truth in it.

I looked at him and then he saw me and opened my mouth.

“It is not a lie. You were under the demon Lilith, right? It was such a great time when I had killed Lilith. She was also one of the few female devils…. I enjoyed it very much. He body of hers was awesome.”

I was able to see tears come up in the eyes of Belpegor as I mention Lilith. It was true that they were still alive in the second round. But in thr first round, I had killed them, all of them. at these facts, Belpegor looked as he knew the truth me wanted to speak but only a sound came out. I looked at him and spoke out with an emotionless voice.

“Do you know what it was like? To be naked in front of the humans and to rub both her hands and beg, please forgive me? she begged me for her life so miserably. And all the other ones were dying.”


“She was definitely the creation of great magic. But it wasn’t okay to accept all the people…. it was alright.”

“Huahhh!!!! Huahhh!!!”

He screamed and pushed his head against me. I pinched his cheeks slightly and pulled away my hands. Chak! He moved his head with a sharp sound. I lifted Belpegor with his hair.

The face of the man wasn’t so crazy, but I wasn’t any less crazy than him. This was a conversation between a crazy person and crazier person. I pulled the head and then pushed the head hard to the ground.


“Why. Why are you getting angry? Those ones are very similar to you!”

“… wha… why the hell do you hate me so much….”

The voice of the man wasn’t clear, but I could clearly understand what he was saying. And with a lot of sadness on my face I lifted his head and spoke.

“Do you really have to ask? Really?”

“What do you want to do with…..”


I pushed his head down again. He screamed ‘kuk’. Screamed and wriggled all this body. I was speaking with a tome that was full of sadness, I had never forgotten those days.

“I remember it very clearly. It began because you started it. Yes. Ever since that day, I wanted to kill you like a crazy person. Yes. There were a few ones who looked at me and laughed then.”


“But after being touched by you. And after knowing that she was pregnant with the child of an Asmodian, she decided to give up her life. Hat bright energetic child gave up her own life.”


“I was driven by vengeance and I chased after you. My brother tried to stop, but he could never try to look me in the eye.. That was my first personal goal ever…. But… I was trapped in that men trick of yours. I was held captive by you.”


“I couldn’t tolerate the insults I had to face. I was caught by you because I was a jerk. But you weren’t trying for me. You summoned more men to your side, All the Asmodians that you knew, but they all focused on to my brother who came to rescue me.”


“Yeah. So my brother died in the battle. In the meantime, I couldn’t save my poor brother. As he threw himself to save the lives of his colleagues, he managed to save me in the end but he lost his life.”



I paused for a moment and raised Belpegor using his hair. It seemed like his face was crushed to an extent that it couldn’t be recognized anymore. I spit on his face, and then once again.

“But my grief never ended from there. You managed to runway after he died… When I met him he was like an Asmodian. And, and, and she….”

When I thought if Han Soo-Young, the emotions that I had blocked, the emotion that I had never shown anyone, burst out all at once. Anger, pain, sadness, frustration, despair. All the negative feelings.

“I held on till the end. And I sincerely hope. But I never got what I wanted. Listening to the angels, I realized that I was playing into your hands. Do you know? With what kind of heart I had taken the opportunity. And when I got the opportunity all that was left were the pair of scars.”

That guy had already lost hope. His face was full of blood, and those horns that were long and boasting his confidence, I couldn’t see them. But nevertheless he was still alive. I pounded him on the nose again and again.

“Seeing them, keep those people in your mind. Do you know that feeling that I had to bottle up, the guilt that I had been struggling?”

“Keuk…. Keuk…”

“Know. Huh? It was because of you. If it wasn’t you…”


“You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you! You son of a bitch!”

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

“Ku… Kurk……”

I pulled his horn out. My breath was rugged this time. However, I felt like I was holding onto something, so I pulled the guy with again with his hair. I opened my voice with a dry voice.

“Thank god. I’m glad to meet you here, I can surely kill you right here, and I appreciate this moment. So, let us finish this. You and my miserable fame from then.”

Belpegor was unable to answer. And I didn’t want him to answer too. And. I got up and stepped on his face with my foot.

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