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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 103 - Don't touch our Oppa. 

Chapter 103 - Don't touch our Oppa. 

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103. Don’t touch our Oppa.

I gave a little more strength and pressed on his head more gently. I felt a little more resistance from him, so I gave a little more power, and l felt a crushing sensation from the head of Belpegor. My foot moved to the side a little and the pushed his head down a little, I was able to see my foot reach the floor. After rubbing my foot on the floor and removing it, I was able to see a part of the guy’s head.

I left a breath and looked at the scene in front of me for a while, then I bent down and reached down to the chest.

Even though I touched his chest, I couldn’t see any movement from Belpegor. There was no breathing. It was completely dead, visually too. I stuck in my hand with a casual face.


The texture of the skin was more hard than that of a human’s skin. I opened my mouth with a sarcastic tone as I saw Belpegor.

“I hate horns. It is a little weird…. But what, Skraep was being summoned. It can be called as a remaining business. Am I right Belpegor?”

Of course, Belpegor had no answer. I moved my hand inside the chest of his for a while, and then I smiled, I got something in my hand. There it was. I stopped my hand near his heart and pulled it out as hard as I could. But, despite me pulling it out of his heart, his body didn’t move at all.

I shed a satisfying smile as I saw a dark sphere in my hands that was filled with dark blue blood.

“HuHu. Surely, this comes out of it too. Anyway, I would like to thank you for the sword and the heart. Okay then, stay well. Belpegor.”

After being done with the final greetings, I turned around to leave. And I bumped my ass to the front of the body.

“Its too much. I thanked you and then I said goodbye too, this isn’t something that one should avoid.”

Silence. I sighed and put my hand back into his cracked chest.


“Don’t think that you can pretend to be dead. Anyway, I know that you’re still alive?”

At that moment, I could feel the body of Belpegor tremble. And I didn’t miss that movement. Finally, I laughed at the reaction of the guy who was caught, I have him a little of the Hwajung with the hand of mine that was still in his chest.

“If you thought that I would go away like this, I would like to tell you this.”


The clear flame ignited from inside of the body and then she began to devour the whole body of his. At the same time, I could see dark smoke flowing out of his body. and I saw this and then laughed.

“HaHaHa. You bastard. The things that you guys need are in my palms. Ha Ha Ha.”

Keuahh. Keuahhh.

When I spoke about the unjust, he cried out a little, a little resentful cry, but I was just merely enjoying this. in a moment the whole body of Belpegor was scorched, and th flames moved to the air and the smoke too.

Kiyah… Kiyahhh…. .

I stared a this for a while and crossed my hands. Who would be coming to Mule? The treatment of Belpegor today will be a great help for me to achieve my ultimate goal of returning to my position in the Hall Plane.

Soon later, I felt refreshed and the Hwajung slowly faded away and then the traces of the flame were gone. Belpegor, the villain of the first round, was completely destroyed and so was the soul of the Asmodians. I wasn’t sure so I activated the 3rd eye and thoroughly explore the place. And no matter how long I waited, no information came up and I smiled at this.

At that moment, I sat down. After a successful revenge, I could feel the emotions inside me rise. Who said that revenge is futile? Revenge is sweet and its refreshing. A feeling of happiness filled my body after a long time.

When I was relieved of the tension that was pent up in my whole body, I felt relieved and then my body was filled with dizziness. The cost of using Hwajung along with magic came to exhaust all my physical power. the reaction from my body was because of magic that I drew and the fight I had to put up on the third floor. My potential hadn’t fallen down nor did my mental strength, this was because of the feeling of vengeance that had accumulated over the years.


But it was okay. It felt good. My mood was very pleasant now, and I could feel myself breathing. I wanted to sleep like this, but I had the heart of Belpegor in my right hand. I put it in my hand and then held out his sword in the other so that I could break it.

Hirk! Chik!


Then, as if I was waiting for something, I could feel something coming and going in my palm of the one I was holding on the sword. This was because of the slave that he had summoned before, but couldn’t do it. It was Scrupp. I spoke with a ridiculous voice but not moving the sword.

“Keke. Do you think it is too soon to change the owner? No matter, Belpegor died…”

Woo, Woong.

I realized that he had understood my words, and I felt that the sword Scrupp understood my words as it was vibrating. This is fun. Anyway, I decided to take care of this matter because this was very useful sword, in all of the Hall Plane. Maybe it read my mind and my though to destroy it, it kept wiggling.

“I get it, I get it. However, I don’t think that I’ll be using it, but just hold on until I find you a good Master.”

I muttered at the troubled sword and then he stopped vibrating. I will live and so will the sword. It wasn’t strange to have a sword, but there were a few swords who have the will to choose their owner. I jus nodded my head and it wasn’t a bad thing either, so I just put Scrupp inside.

The only thing that shined was the old ceiling. I felt like I didn’t want to stand up. The members of the party will all be waiting for me on the third floor. I don’t know for sure. The kids might have been searching for me. But I I didn’t want to raise my body, I just wanted to sleep.

It wasn’t just drowsiness. I was crying for a rest because of the aftermath of the reaction the body had faced. I have dealt with Belpegor, so I’ve completely attacked all the things of the Institutes of Ruins. As I lay down and turned my head, I saw the rooms in the first floor that we came in the very beginning.

Before being bombarded with my skills in the third floor, Belpegor fled away. However, since I knew that, I ran after him, and he was inside the institute, so I started to track through the detection. And before I came down to purse his, the party who were in the shield their eyes were wide.

< Tracking alone. While everyone if wait here. >

They were screaming at me, but I couldn’t afford to stay back and explain to them, so I just flew to the stairs. I was able to confirm that there was a guy on the ground floor because of the detection using my 3rd eye. As soon as he came down, he was trying get into the rooms in the first floor, trying to run away to somewhere. So I guessed that there would be a secret passage there. I had to check it out before I leave.

I also remembered the things I was supposed to do. Somehow, there were urgent things that had to done. As soon as I returned to Mule, I was going to put in my application for the clan. It was a little earlier. Suddenly the face of Jung Ha Yeon flashed into my head. She was not the person I wanted to talk to at the moment. I laughed at this unflattering thought that came to me.

After all, I decided to take a break. This was a natural thing to do anyway, but this wasn’t something to worry about. And most of all, my body condition currently was like a cotton swab that was soaked in water. Finally, I though that I should distribute a few of the ability points to physical strength in the near future. And as I closed my eyes, I felt a dark light gradually fall into my head.


How long had it been? Well, it was hard to know as I was sleeping. Because this was a forced sleep, my body was stunned. I couldn’t feel the dizziness everywhere and my head didn’t hurt either, so I slowly opened my eyes. And all I could see was a dark field of vision.

Even though I blinked my eyes once more, the vision was still dark. At the same time, I was struck by something soft on my head, its identity was still unknown. I wanted to know what it was. I wanted to know what it was that was on my head.

But for some reason, I wasn’t feeling bad, so I touched the thing again. I took a great deal of breath as I could feel I was alive. And something rubbed on my forehead. That was it.


I moaned in a strange manner, and I once gain felt the soft thing on my head and I moved.

Finally someone unfolded this thing that was making me blind, and touch came onto the forehead. As the air touched me, I felt spirited. At that time my sight met with the one who took of the things, it was a very clean looking woman, she was Jung Ha Yeon.

I met her eyes for a while, and then tried to asses the current situation. Once the party though that they had lost, they would have come to search for me. My body was like a stone, and my head Jung Ha Yeon’s knee as a pillow. It was all good for now.

I didn’t understand two things, one being why did Jung Ha Yeon have to be the one in here even when there were no others to be beside me. And why was it that her thigh was cut a little.

To get these questions answered, I opened my mouth.



“I hope your heads alright.”

When I hear a different tone in my voice, for some reason I felt comfortable, and Jung Ha Yeon took a deep breath and opened her lips.

“I’ll tell you in advance.”

Jung Ha Yeon’s voice was so pure. She moved her head back and forth. I interpreted it as a sign that she did it because she stayed still for a long time.

“It is not my place to tell you this Mr. Su-Hyun. I just wanted to let you know what you have gotten yourself into.”

I pondered on the words of the player Jung Ha Yeon.

“Well. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the dizziness of my face though?”

“No matter how hard I try to it seems to keep coming back. I kept doing it again and again continuously, but it seems like I’m not able to remove it. I tried for 7 times and decided to give up on the 8th one. Congratulations. The 8th time was a success.”

“…. Sorry. I never meant it to be intentional. By the way… uh.”

Her voice sounded like a sharp one and I couldn’t get myself to speak anymore. I immediately apologized and got my self to stand up hurriedly. However, lacking all the strength my whole body fell down. It seemed like the world was in a 90 degree angle and I wasn’t able to balance myself. In the end, I had to go back to the same position that I had woke up in.


My body down so Jung Ha Yeon came and held, and unintentionally my hands reached to her back. Once again the back of my head hurt and I felt like words were coming out of my mouth. And her chest, felt like it was a bigger size than most of the women.

“…… things like this.”

“I believed that your body was fine until you got yourself up. But with what just happened now, I can’t trust your body yet.”

Her tone was a pointy, but for some reason I couldn’t feel anger coming from her. I barely managed to get by butt on the floor with her help and then sat there. I wanted to say, “Well there was no need for you to give your knees as a pillow in the first place.” but I stopped myself as I might come out arrogantly.

And her perception was unexpectedly sharp.

“I’ll give you another explanation. it is true that I chose to take care of Mr. Su-Hyun by my own wish. It was because I found no other way.”

“Why so?”

“I was too nervous to give up to An Sol and Yoo-Jung.”

Jung Ha Yeon smiled a little once she was done speaking. Once of the advantage while speaking to her is that there would be no reason to keep a close watch on her. Just like Kim Han-Byul.

And the situation was the same. She and I shared a story o the Doran Doran, but it was nothing more than a ridiculous story. These were the words that she was saying before getting into the main point. Once she was able to get herself around the topic, it was notable that her attitude changed.

Anyway, her actions seemed sincere, so I understood and began to accept the possible situations.

I scratched my head once or twice and then looked around the room. They seemed to have taken me into the room on the first floor. Which meant that we haven’t gotten out of the ruins yet. I was afraid that we would’ve returned and I would find myself in Mule. It is a pity that I couldn’t see where the secret room was.

However, I still couldn’t see the other players. I turned around to the direction Jung Ha Yeon and opened my mouth.

“The other players?”

“3rd floor. I couldn’t see anything other than ashes the first time, I wasn’t sure they could handle such a sight.”

At her crystal clear answer, I raised my body once again only to sense my power draining. But unlike the first try, I managed to move to a certain degree. And I felt that the gaze of Jung Ha Yeon turn hot as she saw me move.

“…… I’m coming.”

“Well, they could. Miss An Sol could use treatment orders almost at a good level.”


I took a deep breath and checked my body. I don’t know for how long I had fallen down, but I realized it couldn’t be much late either.

As I moved my body around and checked a little more of my surroundings, I could hear several footsteps. As I heard the footsteps getting closer and closer, I reflexively moved to the initial position of sitting.

I turned my head and gazed Jung Ha Yeon. She looked at me like she always did. However, her eyes contained a certain depth that I couldn’t comprehend just yet.

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