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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 104 - Don't touch our Oppa (2)

Chapter 104 - Don't touch our Oppa (2)

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104. Don’t touch our Oppa (2)

The moment the kids and Shin Sang Yong entered, the polite atmosphere between me and Jung Ha Yeon instantly sunk. As if nothing had happened between me and her since the beginning. Though I did like that attitude of hers, it was clear that I had a few things to solve.

The kids looked at me after they entered the room and initially it was sigh of relief. I smiled at the kids who looked for my health and I nodded saying that I was okay. But this atmosphere would be there only for a while.

The faces of the children around me were all awkward the next instant. The kids were not fools either. The ability I showed during the fight with the Asmodian was certainly beyond the standard that they knew. And such abilities cannot be seen in a player of 0 yrs in the arena.

There had been an insignificant amount of time, but the person who had spoken for the first time since the silence, as expected, was the female player. I waited to he question, I wanted to know what she had inside.

“Is there anything that you would like to say to the party?”

At that question from her, I closed my eyes and debated. I didn’t want to answer in an ambiguous manner. I would be a burden to not tell them about the exploration and how I knew about it, but that was it. I could never tell something like, I saw the end of the Hall Plane and that I had got the Zero Code, and chose to come back for some reason.

The children all looked at me, but they had a little uneasiness in their faces. I saw it and then opened my mouth and spoke with a audible voice.

“There is.”

“Then please speak.”

I nodded my head for a moment. I would be stupid if I chose to say something that they couldn’t get believe. I wondered what I was supposed to say. at her words, I nodded my head once again and saw her.

“I don’t know how to answer that question, it is a little cumbersome.”

Jung Ha Yeon frowned at my question. Once I spoke there was silence once again, no one spoke, Jung Ha Yeon who was also silent asked the question.

“If thot is so. Then will you accept that there are a thing or two that you have been hiding from us?”

“That is right.”

I admitted it. At that moment, I could see that the members of the party were looking at each other with embarrassed faces. But I kept my attitude. I was able to instill my perception into the party when I came to this place, I would rather accept a few of my mistakes. As such, it would be more effective to communicate and then back out with my dignified attitude than to be cornered.

Jung Ha Yeon closed her eyes after hearing my answer immediately. She kept her eyes closed and choose to speak.

“I don’t know what your intentions were. Nor can I guess them. but, having those kinds of things blocked inside isn’t a good thing.”


“I’ll tell you my thoughts briefly. When I first saw you, I could feel a lot of affinity from the player Kin Su-Hyun. However, I cannot saw the same now. But….. it is my honest feeling that I want to continue this only after I know the truth.”

“I also feel the same.”

Jung Ha Yeon felt a little relieved at my answer, so she cleared her voice and then spoke in a courteous manner.

“If you think the same, then please speak. No…. I’ll ask you the question. I want you please answer all the questions without leaving anything behind.”

“Every player has a secret or two that they hold.”

At my straight forward refusal to her request, Jung Ha Yeon’s eyes shone.

“This and that aren’t the same. I am honestly doubting if you are even a human being or even if you are a player of 0 yrs.”

“…..that’s nice. Then, if I answer now, will you believe that everything I say as the truth?”

“That is the way it would be. You said that the request was good. So I know that you will follow it.”

After speaking, Jung Ha Yeon crossed her hands. This story was getting on the track that I had wanted. Everyone else was just gulping on their saliva seeing such a situation unfold in front of them. Soon, Jung Ha Yeon put a thing in front of me. And as I could confirm their identity, I almost lost my cool expression.

“I never though that I would have to use this here, like this. I’m sorry. But you can still choose to confess…. I did hope that you will act like this, there was no other way left. So I hope you forgive me foe using this < Revision of Truth >.”

I saw that thing in front of me. It was a rare item. I have been on the Hall Plane for 10 years, and I had never seen it being used. The Revision of Truth. All the gaze of the people moved to the crystal ball, she pushed the crystal ball towards me and explained.

“This was an item that I had got accidentally a year back. Putting the hand of the truth modifier and injecting it with the magic of he player, it will asses the inner emotions. And the assimilated emotions will be transformed in a sort of frequency and that can be seen through the crystal. And this assimilating will be linked to the voice of the player, and the crystal will determine if the player is speaking the truth or the false.”

“This way is…..”

Even though I had an uncomfortable expression on my face, the face of that woman was unshaken. However, I could understand the feelings of Jung Ha Yeon. Once this article was said to be traded at a very high price, but I wasn’t certain of its ability. Somehow, I didn’t see this when we rescued her, she was probably hiding this.

I could assume that she probably made a huge decision to bring this thing out of hiding. In other words, it meant that Jung ha Yeon also had doubts as to what kind of human I was. It could be painful to experience this even once, and I looked like I was going to suffer greatly. And there was no to escape from this.

It was at that moment that I shed a big sigh and tried to grasp the concept of <Truth Modification> around my head.

“Unnie. Stop it.”

It was at that moment that I was about o put my hands on the crystal. A slender hand came from the right and held my hands. The main character of that situation was Yoo-Jung.

“Yoo-Jung ah. Stop.”

“Unnie, you should stop talking.”

Although Ha Yeon spoke out in a little stern voice, Yoo-Jung stood up and looked at her without any hesitation. Both the women’s gazes were burning the air in the room. This was sudden shock as these two women had been good friends.

“This is something for you and me too.”

“What is Unnie? Who are you to do this?”


At the strong reply from Yoo-Jung, Jung Ha yeon frowned her face, and it was clearly visible to all. But Yoo-Jung stayed string on her comment. It was like I was invisible even though I was right in front of them, Yoo-Jung looked at her unnie with eagle eyes. Jung Ha Yeon had uncomfortable-ness rising on her face, and Yoo-Jung fire up on her once again.

“You unnie, and Shin Sang Yong hadn’t been with my oppa for long. I as well as we all are different. We are different. From the beginning we ate together, slept together and even took part in activities together. And you doing stuff like this right now is making me go crazy unnie. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t accept my oppa, but I’m pissed as hell right now.”

I could feel something different from Yoo-Jung from a while ago, and I was able to know the reason for it almost immediately. She kept saying unnie and hyung from the beginning of her reply but her words that followed were as sharp as a knife. Even Jung Ha Yeon noticed it, so she replied with a deep subtle voice.

“You are still young. Or it could be that you still didn’t know what Hall Plane really is. This is a place were people are deceived, or to deceive others. If there is something that is unclear then, well die because of the unclearness. It was because of this attitude of me that I was able to survive until now. Can I tell you something? The Kim Su-Hyun that you believe and follow around….”

“Don’t spout ridiculous words!”

When Yoo-Jung screamed loudly, Jung Ha yeon shut her mouth immediately. Yoo-Jung shook her shoulders as she was angry, and then she spoke with a very sharp tone.

“Okay. I don’t know much, but at least I know my oppa much better than what I know about you.”


“I’m not finished yet. Oppa cheated on us, you say? What the hell did he cheat for? My oppa sacrificed for us, he would never cheat on us. No, even if he did cheat, I don’t think it would be considered as cheating. There is always a reason for my oppa to act the way that he does.”

Jung Ha Yeon wasn’t able to control herself anymore. She kept trying hard to contoal her expressions, but she had no luck in doing that, her lips were spread to one side, she seemed to be getting angry.

“Okay then. You may feel at ease thinking like that. But that is you’re own personal thought. Do the other kids here also think in the same manner?”

“What did you say?”

Yoo-Jung opened her eyes very big and turned her head towards An Hyun and An Sol.

“Yah. An Hyun, An Sol. Tell what your thoughts are. Do you guys think that ou oppa has deceived us?”

At the question from Yoo-Jung, An Hyun and An Sol looked at each other and they both had flustered faces. The two didn’t answer right away. Looking at the sight of the two -lingering kids, Yoo-Jung said “Huh”. And seeing this Jung Ha Yeon spoke in a low voice to Yoo-Jung.

“You cannot see this as a bad idea. Yes, as you said I’m not qualified enough to judge o understand Mr. Su-Hyun. But though you don’t need to hear me out, I get it that you have a different opinion. You have the right to know. And as you said, from the beginning you guys were completely dependent on Mr. Su-Hyun. So I took the initiative to know more. And I do believe…. Huh. No.”

She was about to say something more but she cut back on her words. An Hyun and An Sol were still confused and Shin Sang Yong just closed his eyes. And Vivian was staring Jung Ha Yeon with sharp eyes.

At this point anyone would step down from the argument, but Yoo-Jung being Yoo-Jung she didn’t. She looked as if she didn’t understand it and then rolled her eyes. And there weren’t any specific words that came out of her mouth, and I wanted to hear Yoo-Jung speak up.

Soon after, her eyes went towards An Hyun and An Sol.

“You guys are just listening to this? Aren’t you guys angry? Not even a single bit?”

“Lee, Lee Yoo-Jung. Just calm down for now. It isn’t that we don’t believe in hyung. But, lets hear it from hyung first. It isn’t wrong to listen.”

“Ye, yes. Even I believe in oppa too.”

An Hyun and An Sol opened their mouth after a little stuttering, and that just made Yoo-Jung get more angry than she already was.

“Calm? You think I can calm down? Wow, this is worthless.”


Seeing this kind of behavior from them Yoo-Jung got more frustrated, it looked like she was going to get sore throat from all the shouting. An Sol tried to comfort Yoo-Jung who was feeling very troubled, but Yoo-Jung didn’t calm down. She broke out as that frustration was getting the best of her.

“From the Rite of Passage oppa had only thought about you and Sol, never about himself.”


An these words, An Sol just bowed down her head. An Hyun opened his mouth ina clam tone trying to hold as much calmness as he could.

“It isn’t that…. lets just talk about this first….”

“Talk? What is there to hear. Who helped us with the zombies that came out from the forest? Who saved us from the boss monster and who told us to go away to safety? Who was the person who rejected the Golden Lion Clan’s offer and came to work with us!!!”

At all this yelling from Yoo-Jung, the whole room went serene. However, Yoo-Jung had no intention to stop, as she opened her mouth once again.

“Who was the one who always took the lead in fighting the monsters and protecting us? Who was the one who bought us new equipment and clothes every time and made sure to get rid of the old ones? For us to move around freely and comfortably, do you the person who made it possible? It is our oppa! Su-Hyun oppa!”

An Hyun and An Sol were just staring at Yoo-Jung with blank face. She started to cry, she was still a young kid. And when I saw her, I just admired her. She thought of me in such a nice manner.

I didn’t know that she cherished me such an extent, An Hyun and An Sol weren’t the same as her. I was curious as to know why those two were just staying still, maybe they wanted to know what my story was. This time Yoo-Jung didn’t overreact more than necessary.

But in a way I wasn’t able to understand this side of Yoo-Jung after all this time. Even though the situation was a little grim, she wanted to protect me, she wanted to protect me so much that I was so heartwarming for me.

There was a heavy silence because of all the yelling from Yoo-Jung. But. Before long Yoo-Jung turned her head towards Jung Ha Yeon.

“Unnie you are the same. What do you think would have happened to you and Shin sang Yong if oppa hadn’t been there? What the hell is wrong with you? It was a nice thing. He was trying to protect us all…. To that kind of person… you…..”

As she was speaking Yoo-jung glanced at < Revision of Truth >.


It was difficult to read the emotion of Jung Ha Yeon in that moment. They were all pushed into a storm of thoughts because of Yoo-Jung. I was very happy with Yoo-Jung. Well, I would have never though that this situation would arise, but this wasn’t such a bad scenario either.

Now that all this would be sorted out, I needed to come put. It was going to be necessary to tell the truth, at least a part of it. So I gazed at the < Revision of Truth > silently.

At the same time I had activated the 3rd eye.

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