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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 105 - Setting Change Announcement. 

Chapter 105 - Setting Change Announcement. 

This chapter is updated by Wuxia.Blog

105. Setting Change Announcement.

First I apologize for the inconvenience.

I borrowed the chapter 105 to announce the change in the setting of memorize.

Let me tell you the section of changes

<Setting Changes>


The eye of heart that can look into the objects, not the exact appearance. It has the ability to perceive a single or all the things. It provides the mind to maintain its equilibrium even under extreme situation and magic below the level of S rank.

Description of the Battlefield (Explanation)

Athena, the goddess of battle and the one who defends the peace. With the blessing that can be played only on the battle fields and be enjoyed by only one soldier. The player who receives this, gets a wide range view of the whole battle field and can understand the situation if an ally is in crisis. Also, after receiving the power of Divinity, one will be able reduce the damage caused by magic unconditionally in and off battle.

Player Kim Su-Hyun luck stats are in compliance, the magic rank is 1 rank higher than the previous ability, and a defense magic of second rank

Large Magic – Harbor Magic

High speed – (Rapid Speed)

Authentic Magic – Authentic Magician

3 and 4 aren’t shown in detail, however the name and the characteristics of it are as the name suggests. There will be limitations that will be added and they will be explained in a detailed description.

No. 5 changed the term from magic to magician.

I will tell you the current revision

07. Su-Hyun’s stats

32. the explanation of message

46. Latent power

73. Vivian stats

79. Magic term

82. Shin Sang Yong magic term

83. Jung Ha Yeon magic term

84. Term

87. Term

A total of 9 times, from the 1st to 104 times. I would appreciate if you show a blind eye on the terminology that was left out.

Authors note.

T.N- Not a chapter concerning the novel, and only a chapter showing the revisions the author made. I translated the chapter so that there wouldn’t be any problems while numbering the releases.

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