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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 106 - Don't touch our Oppa (3)

Chapter 106 - Don't touch our Oppa (3)

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106. Don’t touch our Oppa (3)

Even if it was the < Revision of Truth >, it couldn’t hide from the third eye. I rubbed on my knees for a moment and then bent down my head. After analyzing what needed to be done, I wanted to put an end to the things that I was hearing. I immediately put my hand on the < Revision of Truth >.

All the people who saw my actions became surprised. And Yoo-Jung especially, she hit her face with her hand, and she bit on her lip to stop her tears from flowing down. I looked back at Yoo-Jung and the kids and then opened my mouth with a very calm voice.

“Yoo-Jung ah, I know how you think of me, and that is all I need.”

“….. oppa.”

“Yoo-jung ah, Don’t cry.”

At my warm voice, Yoo-Jung nodded her head once and then she wiped her eyes with her hands.

“In case you guys believe me, I also believe you guys. And it is true that I had hid a few things from you, but there was a reason why had to do it. And well……. I was going to confess it to you guys sooner or later.”

I deliberately emphasized the words “ to you ”. And that was it, In a single moment all I wanted to say was done, and there was a light of relief on the faces of the children. I was actually upset with the kids, and I turned my sight away and stalked.

“Player Jung Ha Yeon. If this is really the best way to do this, then I will put my magic power into it without any hesitation.”

“……… that’s nice.”

“But there is something you need to do.”

I paused for a moment and stared at her cold face. Jung Ha Yeon’s gaze was wavering and her eyes were shaking. Now I knew about her too. I don’t know with what through Jung Ha Yeon had taken this out, nor did she know why I had accepted to take the test.

After a moment of silence, I spoke with a low voice.

“To balance this situation. And I did put my hand on the crystal that is in front of me while the kids were watching. I understand that player Jung Ha Yeon has a few question to ask. But personally, I don’t think you can pull this off. I want you to try and understand what kind of feelings I am experiencing right now.”

“….. I’ll keep it in my mind.”

“And I too have a condition.”

“Is it a veto?”

At her question, I shook my head.

“The reason I put my hand on this < Revision of Truth > is not because I wanted to solve the curiosity that you personally have, but to the solve the doubts and curiosity of the members of the party. Therefore, I don’t want you to ask me questions out of your personal curiosity.”

I started laying a safe ground. If Jung Ha Yeon was clever enough, she will understand what I just said. So if they didn’t like it, then they could just ignore it. I liked her, so I was fine with her driving these kind of activities. And I knew that she had an eye on me too. And we both knew that we had an eye on each other. And Jung ha Yeon brought out < Revision of Truth >. For now I just closed my eyes.

However, I had drawn a line for her questioning. And seeing her ability from the past, I clearly knew that I had an advantage over her. So when one translates what I said into a brief manner, “Don’t be afraid.” Well, she immediately answered my warning.

“You said not to go beyond the general questions. I’ll keep that in mind.”

After Jung Ha Yeon accepted it, she nodded her head slightly. And then I infused the magic power of mine.

Wo, Woong….

When I infused the < Revision of Truth >, the crystal began to vibrate and then a bluish glow rose from it. The bluish glow spread towards my body too, and I could see tiny flames rising in the crystal ball.

Maybe, if I spoke the truth, the crystal wouldn’t show any change, but in case I say a lie, the color of the flame will change depending on the degree of the lie. I swallowed on my saliva and relaxed my mind.

The process to break the < Revision of Truth > is not simple. This was basically a simple procedure for the crystal, it was that it judges whether the said things were true or false. Which meant that the said words shouldn’t contain a speck of lie, the words that are spoken should be sincere. Therefore, I need to tame the words accordingly, to say the truth. However, it was ironic for such things to work.

Jung Ha Yeon shook head as if she was trying to shake something off, and then looked at the < Revision of Truth > and opened her beautiful lips.

“Tell me your name.”

“Kim Su-Hyun.”

“What year?”

“Year 0.”

“Is player Kim Su-Hyun the same year as us?”

“That is right.”

There were quick questions and quick answers. However, this was just the first round. Questions to ask shortly before the main questions were asked. Jung Ha Yeon was looking at the crystal ball very intently and the flame was unchanged.

She paused for a moment and then resumed to asking the questions with that calm voice of hers.

“Player Kim Su-Hyun has something to hide from us. First, I want to know the reason why they were hid.”

“After entering the Hall plane, I thought that it would be better to hide my power for the time being.”


“I didn’t want to be noticed. If the news was out that a new player had a hidden ability then many of the other players would have looked at me with a bad eye.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“I just wanted to build up my strength. I didn’t want to get involved in the troubles right from the beginning.”

Jung Ha Yeon nodded her head like she understood it. Kim Han-Byul also obtained a secret class at the beginning, and for some reason she chose not o inform the members because of player protection. My reason wasn’t exactly the same, but I also hid my power and strength for a similar reason. At that time, I was wary for checkups and didn’t want unnecessary attention from the early days.

“Good to know. So can you tell us what it is that you are hiding?”

“… I could let you know. But from now on, the things that I’ll tell you, will be the player information.”

I stopped talking for a while. After a short breath I opened my mouth.

“Instead of telling you my information. After I do it, I expect Jung Ha Yeon and Shin Sang Yong to pay the same corresponding price. Of course, the kids and Vivian are an exception.”

“Sounds good. I’ll accept it. But only if the information is considered to be true and the information worth while.”

“This, this is confirmation.”

Jung Ha Yeon nodded without hesitation. Ii heard the answer from both of them. That couldn’t be possible, but if by any chance they chose to break the promise…

I cleaned up my throat and then revealed one of my secret to the crowd in a ridiculous tone.

“Then I’ll tell you. Firstly, Player Kim Su-Hyun has a secret class.”


Secret class. The effect that this word had brought was amazing. All of the people in the room gazed at me with astonishment in their eyes, and I could see their eyes shake a little bit. This was something that I had predicted. I ignored my surroundings and then waited for the next question that she would ask.

“I, I wonder, what quality of, no what category of class is it.”

“Combat class. And once again, if you ask a question with personal curiosity, then I will forcibly put your hands on the < Revision of Truth >.”

At my decisive words, Jung Ha Yeon’s expression turned bitter. But the beating around the bush didn’t end. I wanted worthy questions from the beginning but they didn’t come yet. It looked like I had to wait.

After a certain amount of time had passed, the atmosphere around us settled down, Jung Ha Yeon quickly confirmed the truth with a crystal ball. She sighed as the color hadn’t changed.

“Certainly the things that you have said are true, so far. And when you say secret class, this is the answer to the questions that I have asked previously too. I was convinced…. But.”

Jung Ha Yeon regained her calmness, and her eyes were shining.

“Even then, you’re a player with 0 year. Does a 0 year catch an Asmodian? That can’t possibly happen. I would like to ask you for an explanation in that part.”


I was just about to answer, when Vivian raised her hand. She looked around with a distant face and then opened her mouth after pointing to me.

“I want to go over that part of it.”

“Then do it quick.”

At Jung Ha Yeon’s quick reply, Vivian turned her head to me.

“Earlier when we went to the 3rd floor, I found a very interesting thing. I and Shin sang Yong were able to find traces of the magical enchantment of the great Asmodian there. It was still strong to.”

“I didn’t see it, but I could feel the traces of it when I was there.”

Shin Sang Yong and Vivian responded with a small time difference, though the question was asked.

“It could happen. It could be from when the Asmodian wanted to escape from the institute. When the ceiling was blown, I could have been because of that.”

“I was with you then. And I also agree with the words of the Master. Though the Asmodians are powerful, but the summoning was incomplete in the first place. In addition, this could be hard to see as the Asmodian as a perfect upper class one.”

When they both came to defend me, Jung Ha Yeon’s face lost its expression. And I was barely able to hide my smile that was coming on. They actually helped me. I didn’t think that this could happen, but this was getting better and better.

But there was still a loop. When I thought, I lifted my left hand slowly and slowly increased the magic power. and clear sparks bloomed at the question of Belpegor, and all the eyes concentrated on me.


I opened my mouth for a moment after giving them a chance to appreciate the fireworks.

“You might have seen this on the third floor today. This force is not the power of a simple flame. It is a separate flame from my secret class. And I will tell you in advance. I haven’t obtained this one in any unclean manner. It is the power that the angels know about, and the power that I got through them.”

This wasn’t false. There can be no questions about the TANAY rating of the Angels in any kind of setting, so my privileges cannot be judged as false.

I don’t think that Jung Ha Yeon who was in front of me was buying my story, but it was natural for her to think that my words were false as we have been through a lot of contradiction in this journey. Now, there was nothing else that Jung Ha yeon could ask me to verify with the < Revision of truth >.now she had to accept my conditions. So, from now, there were two things that had to be done.

The power of < Revision of Truth > wasn’t infinite. Rather, it isn’t supposed be this long. As such, I needed a stone to divert it, like the time when we were heading to the Alchemists dungeon. I recalled the fact that I played with the minds of the kids in the Dark Forest to convince them into the expedition. And the kids knew that they were forced inside the dungeon.

However, my act at that time can be considered as acting rather than a lie. I needed to waste as much time as I could so the time period of the crystal would end. All I needed was to send her a mouthwatering bait. And that bait was nothing other than the Hwajung.

“Can it be that the power of that fire be the reason of the strength of player Kim Su-Hyun?”

“Of course, the secret class is strong enough, but I appreciate this for its strength. This fire isn’t a simple fire, it is a fire with tremendous strength. If you have seen I today, you would’ve guessed that this fire has he ability to even burn out the spell of the devil.”

At my explanation Jung Ha Yeon looked at the crystal ball. Judging this fact, she immediately went for the next question.

“I see. I wonder how you were able to get such strong power… but you said that you went through a legitimate process, so I won’t say anything regarding that. I get it. But you said that you know the angels?”


“Secret class, and the current level of Player Kim Su-Hyun is very powerful. Of course, there could be exceptions in a few cases, but angels, well basically the angels treat all the players equally.”


“Then angels haven’t said anything about you using that power? No, this doesn’t seem to be related at all.”

I smiled in the inside as I saw Jung Ha Yeon bite the bait that I threw.

“There is a relation. But…”

I intentionally stopped speaking. Curiosity found its way onto the face of Jung Ha Yeon’s face as I stopped speaking. I was sure that I would put this woman to shame.

She is certainly smart, very clever. I was delighted to see her poking around in different categories to just get the answers that she wanted to hear, but I felt so sorry for her. This was a situation that I couldn’t avoid, she was rubbing this in my face without knowing it.

Even so, she was only a 2nd year player. I had a gap of 10 years o being in this Hall plane and she never couldn’t close this gap.

The questions that she was asking were all moving in the direction that I wanted.

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