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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 107 - Same Question, Different Results 

Chapter 107 - Same Question, Different Results 

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107. Same Question, Different Results

However, only half the time was done for the crystal. As long as the other half is still left, it wasn’t safe to let my guard down. I opened my mouth with a low voice.

“I would like to tell you more about this things….. the angels also know about this. the angel that was in charge of me, opposed me from using this power, she was even against me from accepting thus power.”

“Then how did the power….”

Jung Ha Yeon was trying to say something until she bit her lip. I’m sure that even the angels are curious as to how I accepted this prohibited power. However, the confirmation of the truth was completed the moment I spoke about it, and since the flame didn’t change, I can be considered that I got the power in a legitimate process.

Jung Ha Yeon’s lips were open. She then closed them to gulp down on her saliva, and she spoke.

“Then do you know the reason why the angels have opposed you from accepting it? If this is a legitimately gotten power, then there will be a valid reason for them to oppose. Angels have a role in advising the players on how they are supposed to act in the Hall Plane.”

She asked the definite question. It all starts now.

“That…. that’s not a big deal.”

At the same time, the crystal ball that I put my hands the first time, its flame rose. All the people confirmed that it the change of < Revision of Truth > stared at me with strange faces. I was looking at the floor and avoided looking into the eyes of Jung Ha Yeon, and this was all a part of my plan.

Of course, I could have said “I seriously don’t want to talk about it” or “I don’t want to answer that question.” But even if I said that the flame of the < Revision of Truth > might change, it was a possibility. Truthfully I was asking Jung Ha Yeon a question, it was possible for two of them to turn out as lies.

As expected, seeing the change in the flame, Jung Ha Yeon’s eyes went thinner. She looked at me like I was some caught fish.

“The < Revision of Truth > changed, you lied.”

“…. There was a reason.’

“You were fine with me asking this question in the first place. If you don’t want, then let me know. Don’t make me anymore disappointed than what I am. If not…”


Silence. After looking at my face, Jung Ha Yeon stopped her words in the middle and bite on lip for a moment.

“I can not forget the favor that Mr. Su-Hyun had did for us on the first day. How could anyone forget the benefactor who saved their life? After that day, the kids and the leader of the caravan were amazing to me, it would be right to say you were the ideal caravan leader. You said you had an offer from the Golden Lion Clan? I also go t the offer. And I quit it later. But when I saw Mr. Su-Hyun and the kids, my heart used beat with happiness. It felt like a family, a family that no one could find on the Hall Plane.”

Once again she changed the manner she addressed me from player Su-Hyun to Mr. Su-Hyun. I waited for her next words to come.

“I was excited and looking for ward to it. But….. is this how my excitement is going to turn to? Was it a vain for me to get excited?”

Now, it looked like she was talking to me with a little grudge. But I decided to take roll around the questions once again.

“This power….”

I opened my mouth and then closed it after saying that once word. And I spoke out those words. the power of Hwajung certainly had its own shares of damages. That was something that I couldn’t deny. I felt troubled when I thought of Hwajung. I was able o hold on to its power for now, but it is hard to tell how the things might change in the future if I continue to use it.

I knew. It would b the right decision to invest my remaining points into increasing my resistance. But however, to have 101 in the ability was literally amazing. For a whole decade, there were only two players who managed to get 101 for the ability. There names aren’t even worth being mentioned.

If I invest my 8 points to my current abilities, I could raise both my magic and agility to 101 points. And once the ability increases the, the reaction speed of the body will get bigger too. Lee Song-eun raised the physical strength, though the agility and magic would have been the right choice. I felt suffocated and sick the very moment, so I took a deep breath.

I was lost in thoughts. Why was I thinking so hard about these now?

When I raised my eyes with a feeling sorry, my eyes met with Jung Ha Yeon’s. It seemed like she knew the distress expression and sighed and spoke a little.

“It was nice that you held on for so long….. it was really nice to see. Your hands off the < Revision of Truth >.”

At her sudden withdrawal declaration I opened my mouth.

“This force is so powerful that it isn’t something a human could manage.”

As I stopped her words in the middle she was a little hesitant to speak. And when I stopped speaking , we were only surrounded with silence. She tilted her head and then spoke out.

“It does not make any sense. A power that humans can’t handle…. Ah….?”

“However, it is also true that the power is currently sleeping in my body.”

Her gaze naturally went towards the crystal ball. At that moment, I saw surprise coming to my face.

“No way….!”

“… phew. Ok. This power isn’t something that could not be handled by humans.”

She rolled her eyes and opened her mouth. She lifted her right hand and then suddenly closed her mouth. She wasn’t able to conceal the surprise that found its way to the face. It was obvious that she was over her head, so she might’ve guessed that she needs to get back to the topic.

I really didn’t want to talk, but I was the one that initiated to conversation.

“Yeah. The power that is residing in my body is like a double edged sword. When I activate its ability, I can experience great power. But along with it comes tremendous risk. You would’ve realized when you saw me, this power takes away my power every time I use it. I was nearly losing my mind of the shock.”

All the people of the party were staring at me with surprised faces. But this wasn’t end, there was a need to say a lot more.

“The objection of the angel was that someday it would harm my life. But I…. I had no choice but to accept this power for myself. It was like that.”

Of course, I took it because of Hell. There was no other flame that was capable of handling the beings of the Hell.

Jung Ha Yeon stared at me with a blank face and then her gaze dropped to the < Revision of Truth>. The flame inside the crystal went back to the blue flame that it initially had. And once I looked at the crystal, I smiled to myself.

I sneakily looked at the expressions of the other people too. They all fell for my bait, that was a sure thing. Now all I had to do was waste the time and end this.

I could hear the kids were mumbling to themselves, but I chose to just ignore them. I was only looking at those pretty eyes of Jung Ha Yeon. And she avoided my gaze. First time she shook of the gaze. Surely, I was able to make her flutter.

At that moment, I had no choice but to turn my head in the direction of the hand that pulling on my collar.


Suddenly, Sol was looking at me, her lips were shaking and she looked at me in a strange manner. So did the kids and Vivian, I had no idea why they were looking at me like that. and there was Shin Sang Yong who opened his mouth like a fool. Looking at these people like that, it felt nice.

And then I smiled with the sad face and nodded my head, and I saw that drops of tears were hanging on Sol’s eyes. I was surprised at this act of Sol. She wasn’t able to say anything more after what she heard.


At that time, Jung ah Yeon who was in front of me was holding her head with both her hands. Maybe she was confused. It was like she wanted to say something like “ I can’t believe it ”, but < Revision of Truth > proved my point to be correct.

“That is fine…… But…… How…. If that was true…. No, okay, it is true……”

She was muttering as if she lost her mind, no word in connection to the next. So, she said that she withdrew from the Golden Lion Clan…. What had she been through in there? I was curious about it, and I kept seeing her shaking her head.

However, I decided to postpone my curiosity to later time. Now a series of important stuff were going on.

I noticed that Jung Ha Yeon had lost her calmness, she was holding her head with her hands. She closed her eyes and so were her lips, closed tight. She was lost in her thoughts. She looked like she was sorting out her thoughts and analyzing the facts.

Time went passing on. And none of the people moved from there. Well, it wasn’t a bad situation for me. And. After a while, I could see that her eyes had opened and the hands came back to landing on the room’s floor.

Her face looked tired, unlike a few seconds back. She caught my eyes and then immediately opened her mouth with a lifeless voice. But the voice contained the same seriousness as before.

“If you don’t mind, there is one thing that I want to ask.”

“I don’t think I have minded anything from the moment that you took out the < Revision of Truth >. And it still looks like the < Revision of Truth > has maintained its flame. I don’t think there is anything else that might change.”

When I shot her with an unpleasant look, Jung Ha Yeon’s face hardened. And all that said were true. In addition, I did gave out personal information. If Jung Ha Yeon didn’t pay me the same corresponding price, then I can bring her down with my tact.

“…….. that’s okay. So far, Mr. Su-Hyun’s words were all true. I don’t know what you are going through Mr. Su-Hyun… Sorry. I’m really sorry.”

“You can’t take back the words that you’ve already said.”

“Okay. I’ve already said a lot. And I still have a lot of questions. But I don’t think I’m qualified for it anymore. Still. It isn’t about that information. But I still have another question. It is a general question and it is also out of personal curiosity. And if you answer, I’ll remove the crystal by myself.”

A general question out of personal curiosity. So I juts accepted her request by nodding my head.

“Please ask me. I’ll see what I can do about that question.”

“Mr. Su-Hyun.”

As soon as I gave her the permission, Jung Ha Yeon immediately opened her mouth.

“…….. why were you sacrificing yourself like that?”


At that moment, it felt like I could see Kim Han-Byul’s face in Jung Ha yeon’s. All the conversation that I had with Kim Han-Byul in the cabin came rushing into my mind.

< Please stop. Why is oppa doing all this?>

<And why do you try to hide it?>

<Is there any person who oppa can rely on?>

Kim Han-Byul left me after saying that. and if my guess was right, the questions that I was listening now were the same ones.

That topic didn’t end yet, as I needed to answer Jung Ha Yeon.

“The more you use it, the more your body damages. Then you shouldn’t o around abusing it. And the Asmodian a while before….. it is definite that you did it alone. If there was such a thing, then couldn’t we fight together? Did you have to use it and do it alone by yourself, just to secure our lives?”


“Of course, I know why you wanted to put yourself first. But this is Hall Plane. Mr. Su-Hyun don’t you know what Hall Plane is like? So why does the person act the same around the kids as well as us? What kind of purpose do you have to sacrifice yourself for us two? Please just…. answer me….”

She spoke in a desperate phone, and I just stayed silent. But I smiling in the back of my mind. I was relieved that this question was asked. This was the question, that I was expecting her to ask.

Everyone looked at me with shining eyes, I actually enjoyed this attention and then I slowly opened my mouth.

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