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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 108 - Same Question. Different Response (2)

Chapter 108 - Same Question. Different Response (2)

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108. Same Question. Different Response (2)

I could hear her voice get louder and louder. I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. It might look like I’m breathing, but I was organizing my thoughts so that my feelings wouldn’t show. I took a breath and I started speaking in resentful tone.

“I have lost people who were precious to me.”

I had a lot of concerns about this thing. I know that speaking this will remind her of Jung Ji Yeon. Right now, it was time for me to answer her question, and it seemed like the duration of the < Revision of Truth > was going to end soon, I could feel it under my hand.

“I can’t even express how sad I felt. After experiencing that, and from the moment that I had come into this fucking Hall Plane. I always have those memories with me, and because of that I accepted the power even though I might die, so that I could become strong.”


“What I wanted was to build up strength, even if it would harm my life… I wanted to live by my words. My ultimate goal was two things. Survival and return. I have the slightest hope that I might get rid of the Hall Plane and return back to the Earth again, but what is the use of it, if I’m the only one that is going back.”

I stopped my head and then turned my head and looked at the kids. The faces of An Sol, Yoo-Jung and An Hyun. The kids were intently listening on my words, and looked very bright. Of course, the kids weren’t the precious things to me.

What I said right now is just an ambiguous statement but it did have some sincerity in it. I turned my gaze once again.

“I didn’t want the precious precious ones to die. I want all of us to live through this together and go back to Earth together too. Even if it requires me to sacrifice. I don’t mind sacrificing myself, if the I can save the precious ones.”




The light of < Revision of Truth > was still lit. It still had a soft light in it. I couldn’t help it. This question reminded me of my brother Kim Yoo-Hyun and Han So-Young. And the < Revision of Truth > considered this as the truth as it did contain some sincerity.

That was the truth, but the people in the room, they were thinking that the precious people were the kids. Especially the kids, they displayed a series of mixed emotions when they heard me speak, their eyes were all blurry. But I’ll never let them regret following me.

Jung Ha yeon, Shin Sang Yong and Vivian too were staring at me with a very admirable expression. And the < Revision of Truth > proved that my words were truth. This is over. However, the crystal ball was still maintained lit. I guess I thought that I would end too quickly than its original rate, so I just turned my head.

At that time, Shin Sang Yong who was silent through all this spoke up for the first time.

“Miss Ha Yeon. Please stop now.”

“What, ha…..?”

“The questions that you have asked till now are enough. So let’s stop it now. And leader.”

Shin Sang Yong abruptly stopped his words, and he sat down. And then put his head on the floor and knees close to the ground. When the head touched the ground a “tak” sound was heard.

“Leader. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that I doubted you for a while. So when Miss Ha Yeon pulled out the < Revision of Truth >, I was unable to stop her. But after hearing the truth from the leader…. I realize that I was stupid.”

“It is nice that the misunderstandings are cleared.”

“I was a benefactor, my life was saved by you. Nevertheless, I was unable to erase the doubts that were on my mind. I’m really sorry.”

“That was why we had cleared up those things and talked about them today. And, please stand up now. I don’t like seeing people like that.”

I opened my mouth with a melancholic voice, at this Shin sang Yong pressed his head into his hands as he was feeling a lot of regret. Behind him was Jung Ha Yeon who had a similar expression but was staring at me. Beginning with Shin Sang Yong, she looked at all the faces that were in the room, and her gaze briefly stopped at Vivian at that moment I could see the woman’s eyes were shining.



I swiftly turned my body in the direction of the kids and watched them and called them in a very soft voice. Jung Ha yeon was about to say something right before I called the kids. And the question she asked a while back was the last question, so the atmosphere was going to change from here. Shin sang Yong, who always thought good of her also spoke to her in an angry voice. If she spoke out anything else, all the kids would definitely get angry at her.

All the kids were drowning in the guilt. I opened my mouth with a calm voice a voice that I didn’t speak with Jung Ha Yeon.

“If there is anything that you wonder, ask now. It is like there is still some time left.”

At my question, An Hyun and Yoo-Jung immediately shook their head. No way, even if they didn’t have any question, there was still some time left. No one came forward, and they spoke to me in a embarrassed tone.

“Hyung. All the doubts were solved. And I didn’t doubt you in the first place. on the other hand…… sorry. And thank you hyung.”

“Me too. See. I knew it. Our oppa to cheat, cheat my ass….. I’m sorry for our oppa….”

I sighed as I watched Yoo-Jung come out. And I looked over at Vivian and Shin sang Yong who were there too, so I turned to An Sol. And she…… from awhile back she just a faint look in the eye.

I somehow felt a little danger in that situation. And I turned my head to Vivian.


“Oh, oh?”

“I have something to ask you….”

Don’t. You don’t have to. She said that she had something to say, but she broke out crying right away. In addition, the other people were curious about the question of Sol’s, and I didn’t reject it. Sol, accepted my silence as a positive affirmation, and opened her mouth.

“Oppa…. What do you think of me…..?”

“Kuek Kuek!”

An Hyun just listened to the question silently and bite down on his lip. Haha. What do I think, Huh? I think that she is child who constantly cry or breaks down….. However, I couldn’t respond in the same manner.


Sol was very energetic now, her both hand interlinked with each other, and the cheeks were flushed red. When I tried to open my mouth, those thoughts were like lumps in the throat, and something unexpected happened.

“What does he think. You always act like a child and then suddenly cry at situations. Why do you want to trouble oppa by asking such questions?”

“Yes. Su Hyun is with a troubled face now. There are two things, the one that could be done and those that shouldn’t. And time and place should e considered when doing those things.”

Yoo-Jung and Vivian were talking to her like they passing the sword back and forth for attacks. I nodded as they were right, but the tone that they were speaking was more than the needed. At the rejection of the female players, An Sol pouted.

“Uh, I haven’t asked you unnies.”

“Where are you getting this from…..”


I just stayed down, while Yoo-Jung just raised he body from the ground and was screaming. Things were getting strange, but I was able to avoid this crisis by the help of these two women. And when I opened my mouth, I gathered the attention of everyone.

“Sol is very naïve and innocent. I’m surprised with her at times. And…. That quality of hers does not fit the world of Hall Plane. That is the truth.”


“However, Sol is a priest. So I always….pay attention to all the possibilities that Sol might get.”

“But….. I wasn’t able to get much help from the words of Unnie……. They said that….. I always cry…….”

I knew that very well. But I just shook my head and said.

“For the profession of a priest the character of Sol is very suitable. I always though that Sol was the best priest. No, if you can keep up the good work, then you will definitely develop a lot more later.”

Yes. She will turn into a Brilliance Priest later. She will be really useful then, I need to keep it easy for her till then. I smiled and then grabbed the crystal ball and raised it. And the flame of < Revision of Truth > was still the same color.

An Sol’s face turned bright and so did the face of An Hyun. At that moment, I saw the flame of < Revision of Truth > was burning very slowly.


I turned my head to the front . There she was Jung Ha Yeon who looked at the crystal in my hand with a terrified face. The flame continued to diminish and then there was nothing but a spot of flicker, and soon the crystal began to crack.

Chak, chak, kachik!

It cracked in an instant, right in front of me, and it fell off the air and turned into a handful of ashes. Jung Ha Yeon just stared at the falling crystal powder. As soon as all the powder scattered, she lifted her eyes and stared at me with a complicated expression.

I sighed greatly, as it broke off at a very nice timing. She changed her expression and her facial expression and I spoke to her in a casual tone.

“Then….. did you unravel any truth from those questions?”

“…. Yes”

Although it was a little late, she finally answered the word “Yes”. It was difficult to answer with my hands on the < Revision of Truth >, and at last it was all done. And they did know a few astonishing things too.

Anyway, I had a great feeling that I did a great work. I dealt with Belpegor who was a little cheeky, and today turned out to be the best day. However, there was still another pleasant thing to do.

“Then, am I back to being the captain of the caravan?”

“Yes you are.”

Shin Sang Yong answered very clearly and then I raised my body from the ground that I had been sitting on.

“We have been resting for a lot longer than we are supposed to, so we should move. Everybody get up.”

All the people got up in an instant from their spots. Jung Ha Yeon sighed and got up from her place slowly. I approached her and whispered in a quiet voice.

“After going back to Mule we will settle this. So until then….”

“….. I understand. And I’m very sorry.”

I got confirmation from her, and then I turned away. Yoo-Jung rushed to me with a smile that was the most pleasant.

“Oppa. Are we going back to Mule now? if we leave now, will we be able to arrive there by tomorrow?”

“No. if you include today it will take about three days to return.”

“Huh? Why?”

“It is a little late now. And night seems to be coming in, so lets stay in the institute. That is all I could gather for now.”

At my words, all the people gathered their gazes to me with round eyes. And I pointed outside the room.

“I found a secret passage when I was fighting Belpegor.”

“Secret passage?”

“Yes. When I found him on the 1st floor, he was searching the ground like a crazy person. There seems to be a door that leads to a basement somewhere in the floor. Not definite, but that all I could guess. There could be a bigger treasure in the secret place.”

At my words, the kids were persuaded. However, An Sol was the only exception. She came close to me and grabbed my sleeve with her hands.

“Oppa…. Can’t we just go to Mule right away?…… I’m worried about your body.”

I gentle touched the head of An Sol. She caught my hand and didn’t let go.

“It would be such a waste if we just go back after coming all this way. I’m alright… I was planning to take rest once I leave to Mule anyway.”

“….. really?”

“Yes. So lets go now. It isn’t hard to move. All the tough ones are done. Get it?”


I gently stroked Sol’s hair as she was listening to my words. All of a sudden everyone were getting their equipments up. And I checked all the faces of the members. And I smiled as we began to move to visit that location.

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