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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 109 - Same Question. Different Response (3)

Chapter 109 - Same Question. Different Response (3)

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109. Same Question. Different Response (3)

As expected, I was able to find out the door that Belpegor was searching for. The door had a simple structure, and it seemed like it went into the underground just like that time in the dungeon. If I wasn’t able to find it, then I would’ve activated the 3rd to search it. It is literally impossible to fool the 3rd eye.

When I opened that door, I could see a stairway that was leading down. Before entering, I thoroughly checked the basement with detection. After confirming that there were no dangerous things in there, I immediately moved down.


When we were getting down the stairs Jung Ha Yeon immediately invoked the spell ‘light’. The secret room that was in the darkness, revealed itself to us in that very moment as the sphere of light generated.


I could hear An Hyun’s shocked response. As I saw this secret room, I felt hat this was a little smaller when compared to the rooms on the first floor. There were wooden boxes and then wooden caskets in the room. Apart from them, there were old beds, tables, and a few dishes that were scattered on the table. It was hard to imagine that this room would have a special purpose down here.

I go close to the bed and then rolled the sheet over. I saw old bones that were lying there. I looked at those bones and then covered them with the sheets again. I turned around, after looking at the members I opened my mouth.

“This room, is the last room. I don’t know what this room has, but don’t miss out on any details, and look into everything that is in this room, look carefully.”

Once my commands were done, the kids scattered themselves all over the room. It seemed like they were excited that this was the last one for this expedition, and were excited for the things that might come out of here. And then I looked at Shin Sang Yong, Vivian and Jung Ha Yeon who were moving slowly, and then activated the 3rd eye to sense everything.


After a while. It felt like I didn’t need to sense anything. I bent my back and pushed my hands under the bed. And I moved hands under the bed in a big circular motion, and I could feel several things with my hand. It was a little dark down there. Anyway, I thought that I got one, and then pulled it out with my hand.

After I saw the items that I had pulled out with my hands, I cheered inwards. At first I was flustered at the fact that I actually came close to these things, my mind was doing summersaults. I haven’t checked the information yet, but I could guess these things as the things that I had expected them to be.

There were four items that I have managed to pull out. One was a lance that was thicker than a normal lance, it was elongated and black, black Lance. A square luxurious looking suit case with medicines. A piece of old book which looked like it could get destroyed by a single touch. And gloves.

I glimpsed at the gloves once. The gloves were blue-black colored leather gloves, and there was a chain around it, and it was embroidered beautifully on the whole surface, and the a chain. The chain was a bit of an error but it didn’t matter much.

Maybe there was another one down the bed. I looked down under the bed once more. But, I couldn’t see the other one.

“Ha…. Just break everything! They are old anyway!”

“That’s a good idea.”

At the back Yoo-Jung and An Hyun were talking about the boxes, and I heard the sound of the box being broken. As they weren’t opening, they were rushing to break it down.

The 3rd eye was on for quite a while. I see the dusty stuff in front of my eyes. And my anticipation as to the identity of them hadn’t died down. These items were likely to be used as artifacts.

As I kept on looking at them, I tried to analyze them with the third eye. And the information about the items soon began to appear.

< Spear of Raven >

< A black lance made of steel (85.6%), mithril (12.7%) and adamantium (1.6%). The performance of this lance is good, and this was made by a skillful blacksmith with the ancient talent. Though it is made of steel as the main material, the mithril spreads throughout the lance and increases the mana rate greatly. In addition, the intensity of attack is raised by the small amount of adamantium that is in its centre. It is a practical lance, that has high sharpness and agility although it does not have any magic in it. However, this lance hold the power of < lance’s craftsmen>. If the record of the Master of lance is found, more power will be gained.>


< It is a medicines made up of many ingredients. If a player with stamina less than 70 points or less take it, they can aim to increase the physical stamina by a small amount ( 1 point~ 2 points).>

<Record of Ancient LanceMan>

< It is a record of n ancient famous lance maker. The enlightenment technique, and the know-how are all recorded. If he can find the lance, then he can gain more points from it.>

<Reduction of Glove>

< It is a glove that only has one at the moment. It is a left handed glove, and it reduces the weight of the object by one-fifth when being lifted. If the other glove is also found, and the pair is completed, the weight can be reduced to 1/6, and a small amount of points (2) will be increased to the strength.>


“At last I found one pouch! Oppa! Oppa! I did….. Oppa what are you doing?”

I heard the voice of Yoo-Jung who was calling me from behind, but I couldn’t afford to answer her in the middle of this. It was almost over… it wasn’t a trouble to answer. Anyway, I thought of seeing the book of the ancient lance craftsmen after going back to Mule.

After the Chimera Alchemist, this couldn’t be considered as a tough job to do. Suddenly, the time when I took the book from Vivian came to my mind. Just like that time, I held the book in my hand with joy and overflowing emotions. I tried to endure it, but the smile was coming onto my lips and then I stood up.

“Oppa? Oppa? What the hell are thos~e?”

As soon as Yoo-Jung came near, I reached for her hand and pulled her close. Yoo-Jung was surprised at first, but soon she smiled. She buried her head in my shoulder and looked at the things that were lying near my foot.

“It seems like we have a jackpot down there. HaHaHa.”

“This lance? Wow. An Hyun will receive it I guess.”

I tried to push Yoo-Jung away, but she pushed herself against me harder, and refused to move away.

“Yah. Take you head away from me.”

“Shii. Yeah right. I didn’t know this before. But I know now why Sol keeps on trying to hold onto you. This feels so good.”

At those words I could do nothing but sigh.

Anyway, choosing the 3rd as a special ability was really a very good thing. Dungeons, exploration, and the rarest classes that are so hard to find all come out in an exploration when I use this.

Of course, I knew that situations could get lucky too. However, the important thing now was that I found two rare classes. Things that I haven’t thought of were coming to me. this could encourage An Hyun a lot, he was loyal to the party and to me and this was a rare class.

I relaxed my nervous heart and then reached out to the black lance with my hand. The dust that had accumulated, was stuck to that cold black metal. The moment I touched it a great deal of power flowed into my body, and this time the systems messages of the Hall Plane and not of the 3rd eye popped up.

< Congratulations. You have found a rare class. Once you have possessed the lance of darkness, you can evolve into an EnergySpearman once you take its power.>

< The lance makers can be seen as the upper line in the makers. They have their own sires and ingenuity, and can utilize the energy inside the body more effectively and even maximize the effects. The way to train is also included in the record of the Master. Those who posses the skills of handling a lance is recommended.>

< Currently, Kim Su-Hyun’s secret class is the Sword Master. You have acquired the needed books, but judging your unique, special and latent abilities, the overall efficiency is not more than 40%. However, you can recover 2% of the decreased points in the strength 94 and resistance 98. And in the special ability EX rank Sword Master, 20% can be recovered. The player Kim Su-Hyun can develop the ability without any weapon. However, there will be an inevitable response of not being able to handle the sword. Also, it is not recommended to acquire the power of the lance, since all the special and latent abilities have opened up.>

The room wasn’t so wide, but the search that the 7 people of the party were doing, was taking very long. Soon after, all the people were done doing their search.

“Hyung. Its worthless.”

“Oppa. I have a pouch….hae?”

An Hyun rested his hands and took a deep breath, and An Sol was waving a pendent to me, and then she saw me and Yoo-Jung close to each other and went away. I immediately pushed Yoo-Jung away from me.

“Woo. I too couldn’t find anything.”

“I, I too couldn’t find anything, like the Master.”

Vivian and Shin Sang Yong just answered me with a blank face and empty hands. And Jung Ha Yeon, who was in charge of the drawers, extended a sparkling long chain.

“I found a necklace. And I feel some magical energy.”

Jung Ha yeon and An Sol passed me the things that they have found. I pu them on the floor along with the items that I found. They all looked at the things that I found, except for Yoo-Jung.

“I think we need to settle for now, but…… lets start with the important ones.”

“An important task? I just want to go back to the city quickly…”

And when I looked at Vivian she immediately changed her words.

“Wow. I’m very curious, what are those items.. I wonder~ I wonder~!”

“…… An Hyun. Come here.”


An Hyun came to my side as I called out for him. I lowered myself and picked up the lance and brought it up. An Hyun confirmed that I would probably hand this lance to him, so he smiled. And soon the smile turned into astonishment.

“Hyun-ah. Listen to my words very clearly.”

“HuHu. Whatever you say.”

I watched An Hyun as his face was shining so brightly, and I laughed.

“Once you grab this lance, you will probably see the messages of the Hall Plane pop up in the air. You have to read them all and then accept them if you like it. The important thing is that you shouldn’t drop the lance in the middle of the confirmation. Got it?”

“Yeah? I’m not sure. Can’t you just do it? But what is it anyway?”

“Urgh. Just remember my words and then read the messages very thoroughly. Then you’ll know what it is.”

“Huh. I can’t wait to tell you what it has. Give it to me hyung.”

“It’s. Old.”

I handed the An Hyun the lance. And the moment An Hyun touched the lance, I could see his body get stiff. When I saw that reaction, I smiled a little. I was able to hold it because my magic stamina was more. But that wasn’t the case for An Hyun, it was low for him.


An Hyun’s eye just stared into the air. And as his expression was changing the people around him started to create a little fuss. I looked at them and I sighed, I signaled them to stay quiet.

“Everybody, quiet. The process of succession for this needs more consciousness than what one can imagine. The more quiet the surroundings are the better it is. just watch it.”

“Succession….. process?”

Asked Yoo-Jung who was right in front of me. I answered with sighing.

“Okay. That Lance is a Rare Class with a Energy Spearman. In other words, the succession refers to the process in which An Hyun will evolve a rare class.”

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