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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 110 - Same Question. Different Response  (4)

Chapter 110 - Same Question. Different Response  (4)

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110. Same Question. Different Response (4)

( The chapter for that one day was very long, but pleased read.)

“Rare Class? Energy Spearman?”

Yoo-Jung said the words that I’ve said and then swallowed as her eyes went big. The response of the other members of the party was the same. In some ways, they were in a nauseous state when I mentioned that I had a secret class. The place that I had in the members was the same before they knew that I had a secret class, and it seemed like the status of An Hyun changed a lot after me mentioning about the class.

“Doesn’t make any sense! Why An Hyun….!”

“This, this caravan has a luck goddess right? Really…..”


And I put my index finger on my lip to indicate Yoo-Jung and Shin Sang Yong to stop, and they closed their mouths. And in the meantime, An Hyun’s body was trembling like crazy, and his lips were smacking against the other. I thought it could be because the power of the artifact exceeds the magic power that the main body holds.

However, this could be considered as a very good phenomenon. It will be possible for 0 yr player with an undeveloped ability to evolve into a superior class. I could say this because, I saw that my ability increased to some degree < Set degree >, and this wasn’t abnormal for people who had less ability than the artifact.

“It isn’t a hard thing to do, but the upgrading is an important process. It may be easy for a few and though for the others. If you are curious about it, ask him once the succession process is done. It probably won’t take much time.”

At my words, all of the party members gulped. Even Yoo-Jung who was right beside me, swallowed and kept looking at him. However, it was pretty obvious that she was envious of the fact that he was getting the rare class ahead of everyone. And I turned towards the direction of An Hyun and patted the swords Scrupp once.

“Eu………. ah………”

An Hyun did what I asked him to without asking any questions. His whole body was trembling like a tree that was going to fall down, but never let go the black lance in his hand. I was cheering for An Hyun, and I gently put my hand on the shoulder of Yoo-Jung to calm her. I actually felt a little sorry, I was feeling burdensome, especially after what I heard from Yoo-Jung a few minutes back, when she stood up for me. So, in the coming future, I will give her many pretty things to look forward to.

“Huh…. Oppa…”

Yoo-Jung just huffed a word and buried her face in my shoulders. An Sol was currently in a state as to know how her brother was doing. I was stroking the soft hair of Yoo-Jung and made sure to not miss even a single movement of An Hyun’s.

Soon, the trembling of his started to shrink down a little, and I noticed it. I seemed like the act was almost done and his breathing was stabilizing. And finally, I saw An Hyun catch the lance and was in a posture, his whole body was covered in gold light.

“It is a success.”

I opened my mouth with a satisfying smile as the gold color light was glowing around his body and then sunk into the skin of his. An Hyun, who witnesses this was still looking into the air with a blank face like he still couldn’t believe what just happened. Perhaps he was looking at the Player information, I thought that even I should take a look at the information of his so I activated the third eye.

< Player Status >

Name: An Hyun ( 0 yrs )

Class: Rare Energy SpearMan Runner

Nation: –

Clan: –

Title Nationality: Person who connects the progress of the forgotten ancient incarnation. Korea

Sex: Male (22)

Height. Weight: 178.8cm . 67.5kg

Alignment: Amity. Moderation

[ Strength 61 ] [ Resistance 58 ] [ Agility 74 ] [ Vitality 63 ] [ Magic 58] [ Luck 61 ]

< Achievement (0) >

< Special Ability (1/1) >

The Master of Lance ( Rank : C Zero )

< Latent Abilities (1/4) >

Hoshin Kangi ( Rank : E Plus )

< Comparison of the recent stats >

Before: [ Strength 59 ] [ Resistance 57 ] [ Vitality 61 ] [ Magic 49 ] [ Luck 61 ]

After : [ Strength 61 ] [ Resistance 58 ] [ Vitality 63 ] [ Magic 58 ] [ Luck 61 ]

I couldn’t hide my admiration as I saw the player information of An Hyun. I could say that I really did change lot this time. The class and the alignment did change this time, but even the special, latent abilities were higher than the past ones.

Originally, An Hyun’s alignment was ‘neutral’, but now it has changed to ‘Amity’ and ‘Moderation’, which were more less towards goodness. And this will influence the inner tendency of the An Hyun. It wasn’t just that.

The stats growth was a total of 14 points, 2p in strength, 1p in resistance, 2 in vitality, and 9p in magic. Two after arriving at Mule, this could be considered as a double in the growth. Of course, the magic power has risen sharply due to rare class, but even then this can be considered remarkable as this was a double-digit rise.

And to be the Master of the lance, and the Hoshin Kangi, and that to in less than six months, it will be great that special ability and the latent one to bloom out. The Hoshin Kangi is in the low rank, but it is still a high level defense ability to defend from both the physical and the magic attacks. This was literally a huge benefit.

I was feeling a bit envious, but I couldn’t think of stabbing my own conscience. I could have taken this ability of An Hyun’s right then, and then I would’ve have got another EX rank. But, I decided to abandon that idea, and humbly congratulate the growth of An Hyun.


“….yeah. Congratulations.”

An Hyun was looking at me with sweaty face. I just laughed brightly and congratulated him. An Hyun was still looking at me with teary eyes. I understood the he was over joyed, so I was getting close to him to touch his shoulders, but he came running close to me.


An Hyun had done things like this once or twice, so I was able to anticipate it. So I looked at An Hyun with both my arms open wide and put a foot back for balance.

Just as I thought, he came to me.


“Then, I’m going to settle the total amount if the goods that we have obtained from the institute of the ruins.”

It was probably dark outside. It will be better to avoid going out in the Hall plane. It takes about three days from the ruins to reach the Mule. And being homeless on the way home is unavoidable, and being out alone should be avoided when going back at the night. Rather than now, starting in the early morning would be safe and helpful in many ways. And honestly, my physical condition wasn’t back to the normal state, so I wanted to recover a little.

I decided to organize the items from the institute and then go to sleep. This exploration is such a big hit. Especially when the things that they got before are added, then this could be considered as huge achievement.

Once you calculate the money, the gold were 480, and 8 ruby gems, that would be 100 gold. Therefore a total of 1280 gold will come.

Next, when I saw, there was an equipment, a bracelet that was made of mithril, that helps the mana flow, it belonged to An Hyun. A decorative dagger containing a small amount of mithril that Yoo-Jung had. A cloak named as ‘Block of Fire’ for Vivian. And a ring that increases 1 point, An Sol’s. and I had one anti magic ring that can be used 3 times in a day.

Then the heart of Asmodian, the Count of Asmodians, Belpegor, the sword Scrupp.

Lastly, a black lance from the secret room ( rare ability ) which increases the physical strength, a record of an ancient lancesmith, a glove of diminution, a pendent and then a necklace that Jung Ha Yeon found.

Jung Ha Yeon restored most of the items, and handed me the pendant and necklace. I have already confirmed the information using my 3rd eye, yet I listened to her speak in a patient manner.

“……. I’m sure about the necklace, but I don’t think that he pendant has any special features. The necklace is a good item. I’m not so sure…… so I’m trying to memorize. Anyway, it seems like this has some kind of magic in it. The necklace can store a total of 2 spells in it. And the moment one wants to shout the magic, the magic will come out immediately without the need to memorize. But a divine spell can’t be saved. But this is a magical item.”

It has a name, ‘glory necklace’. As said by Jung Ha Yeon, it is a necklace with memorize magic, this magic was almost extinct in the Hall Plane. This necklace is a good item, but Jung Ha yeon didn’t respond much because this was not comparable to the rare class that An Hyun got.

And the pendant was literally just a pendent. It was completely useless. I wanted to break it down, but I couldn’t because of the anxious face of An Sol. I thought of throwing it away later, so I pushed it into the corner.


An Hyun was smiling a lot. And at times I like looking at the boy when he was so happy. He kept thanking me every time that I looked at him. Anyway, it was time to distribute the items that were found now. All of them were looking with anticipated faces.

I first pulled out he gloves and the records to An Hyun.

“An Hyun. Your lance is a little heavy right.”

“Hhh. It is a lot heavier than the past one.”

As I looked at the guy who was laughing uncontrollably I sighed and threw the gloves and the records to him.

“Earlier, as you may have heard from Jung Ha Yeon, the gloves have the effect of reducing the weight. It doesn’t mean that the muscle strength will increase, it just reduces the weigh of the object. And the record of the ancient times, it is probably related to the training with the lance. Once back to the city, ask Vivian to decipher it.”

“I’m loyal to them!”

I looked at An Hyun, who was gathering the items that I had given to him with a very excited face. It was a bit too much of excitement for me to look at. I saw Shin Sang Yong, who was looking at An Hyun with envious eyes. And then Vivian, who was sitting behind him with a very distant face. At that moment, a thought ran through my mind.

The medicines. To cleanse the spirit of Vivian, the heart of Asmodian, magical harmony, an alchemist. Perhaps.


“…… please stop now.”

While I was in my thoughts, I kicked An Hyun who was teasing the others and shook my head. I could solve one puzzle, but I wasn’t so sure of this idea, and it is hard to promise that it would succeed.

I decided to keep the necklace and the pendant for now. originally, I tried to give them to Vivian, but she refused as she used summoning magic. I thought that these would be better for Jung Ha Yeon. But I wasn’t going to give it her now. I will think about it after I solve the relationship between me and her once we go back to Mule.

“Sheesh. This was solely…… a room for that guy An Hyun, isn’t it?”

As I put the necklace and pendant away, I could hear the voice of Yoo-Jung, complaining. She seemed to be jealous, and was biting down on her lips. I thought of the sword Scrupp, but it wasn’t time to hand it over.

The one who handled this sword was a dangerous guy. Even though I’m grateful to have it now, I will pass it only after I think the guy is worthy of it. Still, Yoo-Jung shoulders were shrunk, and seeing this even I felt a little disappointed. Anyway, I thought that id clear her feeling later, because it was her future that I was trying to look after.

As we were in the underground, there was very little risk of being attacked. Usually, An Hyun moved slowly when setting up the camp, but today he was more distracting than anyone else. But seeing at the looks of the other, thoughts were flooding into my mind. Yoo-Jung wasn’t her cheerful self and An Hyun wasn’t his calmed self, and then he called out.

“Hmm… Vivian? Come here.”

“Huh? Why?”

An Hyun rarely called out to Vivian, so when she was called, she tilted her head. An Hyun opened her mouth with a more unorthodox box than before.

“Lets work well on the rare class. Put a sleeping bag right next to mine. And in the middle our hyung who possess the secret class will be in the middle.”

At the end of his words, An Sol looked at An Hyun with face that said the expression no. Sol wasn’t the only person. Jung Ha Yeon also had flustered faces. I was feeling very embarrassed inside, but still I wanted to enjoy the feeling.

After that, Yoo-Jung decided to fight with An Hyun for a while. They kept bickering and then we decided to have dinner. I decided to fall asleep early because I need to gt up at dawn tomorrow and I had left a little time to relax.

I buried myself in my sleeping bag and beside me I could see Vivian. Tomorrow we will start our journey back to Mule. Finally, I slowly closed my eyes thinking that I need recover and I had a lot to recover.

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