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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 114 - Dark Past ( 4 )

Chapter 114 - Dark Past ( 4 )

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114 Dark Past ( 4 )

( Please read the latter.)

In the Hall Plane, a woman’s body can be a means of survival. Or can be seen as a weapon at can aim at assassination through sleeping with them. So this wasn’t such a rare thing in this place. Sex is rather a mode to either murder or a possible cause for the death of someone.

Of course, it is one of the way, but not the last resort. Crime or immoral activities are a problem. In the Northern continent the military is still strict, and it can not be compared to that of the Western continent where murder, robbery and rape happen quite often. However, having sex with another wasn’t so uncommon in the Hall Plane. Players who haven’t forgotten the essence of the modern society are used to such a trend in the Hall Plane as years moved on.

Jung Ha Yeon was betrayed and abandoned. No, I wonder is it was a little offensive to say that she was abandoned. It looked like the man didn’t have any idea of what she was feeling from the beginning. She just pushed all that the pain into a corner of her mind. Since then, she had been going around with that trauma, for almost a whole year.

She simply couldn’t get her self to place any trust in men after that. and having such a trauma in the Hall Plane can cause tremendous stress. I don’t know what all she had to go through after that, but I could certainly guess that she was anxious and distressed.

And the pain was growing, and she was finally at her limit to hold her pain. In the meantime, I wasn’t sure as to how she endured the fact that her younger sister died, it looked like after losing her, the feelings of the loss filled her mind and the trauma was suppressed for the time being.

And she was very familiar with the situation that she had been in. I knew it from experience that it was dangerous to go this way and her mind would succumb.

However, she soon came across a good country player. Her first love and I were similar in the beginning, and after a while I was different from him. I was what she had hoped for, what she had wanted from her love. She revived those memories and her feelings after listening to what the kids had told her about me. Maybe she made up her mind after the < Revision of Truth >.

She wants to get rid of her traumatic experience through me. And wanted a place to lean on. In some ways, it was my fault that she was like this. The player who killed her younger sister was me.

But even then, I didn’t have a sorry heart. Now she was convinced that if she was needed to change if she would have to do well in the future. I thought this to myself, and sighed. I wasn’t normal to begin with. I spent 10 years in the Hall Plane with broken emotions. It is a wonder how I got the top place after being in this hell for 10 years.

I didn’t say anything to Jung Ha Yeon and just led her to the bed. And I placed her on the bed. She just looked at me, like she entrusted her body to me. I was attracted to her gaze, and I immediately moved to the woman who was lying on the bed.

As long as I knew her feelings, I needed to accept her request. And I wasn’t such a great man who would refuse the girl that he wanted. I don’t know what consequences I’ll have to face for doing this, but now she seemed like the best choice I had.

To let her release the tension I opened my mouth.

“It is a little strange that you and I are on the same bed.”

“In the future there will be more strange things, I’m just a little nervous.”

Just a word. She definitely was Jung Ha Yeon. I just scratched my head and she leaned her head on my chest.

Soon I felt her cold touch gently holding my head. I put her face close to my heart. She was wearing only a robe, even then, I felt a sense of sharpness and my eyes went wide. However, what I felt inside was just a piece of cloth. It was then that I realized that she was just wearing a thick robe and only her panty.

I held her in my arms for a while and spoke to her.

“In case you ever want to quit, just say the word. I’ll stop right away.”

“There won’t be such a thing. Please don’t hesitate, just and keep on going.”

I just laughed not clearly understanding what she meant to say. She moved a little and then once again her eyes met with mine. She looked at my face and opened her lips.

“I have a favor to ask.”

“Go on.”

“When you call me in the future, will you just call my name excluding the family name?”

I nodded my head.

“Okay. Miss Ha Yeon.”

“Please remove the formality. Just my name.”

“….. Ha Yeon.”

“That is nice. Then…”

At me calling her that, she seemed to be a little relieved. I slowly moved my hands above her robe. As soon as I got the permission from Ha Yeon, I pulled out the robe’s knot. Loose knot, I pulled the string by one of the end. Then, I saw that the front of her robe got loosened.

I focused my attention on what was once covered with her robe.

First of all, I could see the breast, which were well rounded. When I looked down, I saw her slender waist, and a beautiful hipline, and thin legs. Beauty. Her body was blooming, it was like she was noble deity.

I raised m gaze once again. Her breast under the robe tempted me, those images of her body came to my eyes again. I lifted my hand and touched her face. She did the same, she also reached out to my face. I watched her hair shine beautifully over the pillow, and I left the robe wide open with my remaining hand.

The darkness seemed to set around us. The only light that came into the room was the moonlight from the window. Jung Ha Yeon was a little embarrassed that she was naked in this light. At that innocent appearance of her, I spoke in a calm voice.

“Ha Yeon. If it’s is hard for you, I’ll stop.”

“It isn’t. It is just that….. I’m a little nervous….”

She seemed to be quite shy because this was her first time. She kept closing her legs and clutching her chest with her hands and was trying to avoid my gaze.

I laughed at this, she wanted this and she was waiting for it. This was her first time. I wasn’t going to prompt her. Nor was I going to force myself on her out of impatience. I waited for her to get used to this situation. I may be a little lame, but I wanted to make this memorable to her rather than a nightmare as this was her first time.

Her relationship with me is simple. She will always take part in my activities and I protect her. Ha Yeon wasn’t able to find something like this until she met me. Of course, I did have an idea on how to use her for my purposes. But when she decided to lean onto me and give herself to me, I had the confidence that I was stronger than anyone else.

I just calmly waited for her. I noticed that her arms that were holding onto her chest began to loosen, and so did her legs. She opened her lips as she watched me looking down at her.

“Just looking……”


“Just looking is okay. I’ll show my body to you often.”

I tilted my head as what she said didn’t matter to me, and I moved my hand again. I released the half loosened robe of hers. I saw the deep abs on her body. And her breasts completely unfolded. I placed my hands to side and pulled down her panty a little bit.

Slik skik slik!


Her chest rose as I was pulling down her panty, the exact bouncy-ness of her breasts could be understood by this. Two beautiful pale white hills. I just glanced at her chest. Shinning in the moonlight, and I couldn’t hold myself to be calm anymore.

“Please…. Don’t look at me like that….”

“It’s pretty. You’re very beautiful.”

As soon as I heard the words which contained a little mockery in them, I immediately shook my head and replied. But it was true, they weren’t just words to please her. She went red at my praises and turned her head to the side.

I felt that maybe she was not such a beauty, but her chest was much bigger and fuller than they could be seen from the outside. They are neither too big nor too small. It had a good size and tenderness to it.

“How old are you?”

As I kept looking at her, Ha Yeon spoke to me. Was this period of silence a little uncomfortable for her? I gulped down and replied to her.

“24 years old.”

“Ah. You’re two years younger than me.”

I knew that. She is 26 years old. This was time when the charms of any woman usually get more and more ripe. I moved my hands in a very careful manner to her chest. And as she looked at me like that, she laughed a little.

“……. Huh. You like breasts this much, huh?”

“Huh, Huh?”

“It looks like that. you’ve been watching my breasts from the while. It is not something usual. They are a little tender now.”

I laughed on the inside at her reaction. She knew it. I was doing this stuff on purpose. She had looked after her sibling, and she gave her knee in the form a pillow in the institute and embraced me, she seemed to have a maternal love.

I was taking care of her as much as I could. It was because of me that she was more relaxed than before. With a breath, she herself took my hand and placed it on my chest.

Soon after my hand felt her chest, I grabbed it. I could feel her body shaking at the touch of my hand, the warmth that my hand provided.


She didn’t make any sound. If it was bad she would’ve screamed or in another case she would have moaned. Maybe she was holding it in to see what kind of a person I was. I saw this as her acceptance and place my left hand on her left breast.

The softness of them seemed to dissolve in the hands right then, no matter how hard I held they were soft. As I moved my hands, I enjoyed the softness of the breast. And then her breast protruded as moved my finger on top of them twice. Finally, she twisted herself with a moan. However, she calmed herself down. Her reaction meant that she was in need so I sped up my hands movement.

After touching and fondling with her breasts I moved my hands away, and her white skin was now pale. This time I looked down her chest. It was then that I knew that we weren’t talking to each other anymore. We were focused on the action of the others.

She was only having a little bit panties cover her. I moved her head back, and watched her whole body. Narrow shoulders, beautiful breasts. And a shy body. I was just admiring her beauty, one after the other.

I moved my hand gently on her naked body. I stroked her waist, which was very thin, and my hand stopped near the belly. My hands kept moving and moved to the shyly revealed pelvis of hers. Everywhere my hand went, she reacted and wiggled, she had lost her calm and rational self, now I was looking at a fresh response and fresh attitude of hers, I just smiled at this.

I held her face, I approached it. Her graceful face had a small hint of sadness on it. When I looked at her for the first it was like she was craving something, I closed in on the distance looking at her cherry like lips that were closed.

Ha Yeon opened her eyes to see what I was going to do. I was little surprised as she seemed to be embarrassed, but she regained her calmness once again. from the beginning I wanted to kiss her lips, I wanted to kiss her so bad that I would be the only man that she would care about.

Shuh! Shuh!

Huh. The distance between us was so close that I could hear her breathing. Ha Yeon who steadily looked into my eyes, looked downwards as I was approaching her. Seeing this I stopped for a while and opened my mouth.

“Lips….. may I ?”

“….. I also wanted to try it. You can go on.”

This was going to be her first kiss. Anyway, she had given me her permission. I cautiously put my lips on hers, which were full of curiousness. Except for the moment when our lips made contact, that was a bit awkward.

The lips were so sweet, soft and warm. I was just wanted to be in this state for the time being.

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