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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 115: Desire for Ha Yeon

Chapter 115: Desire for Ha Yeon

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It was the right time. I had been desiring for her breast for a long time. I sucked her breasts slowly and pushed the peaks down. I pulled her head backwards, then her white nipple turned into reddish colour. Soon the straight bump was covered with my saliva, reflecting shining light.

I looked down. The woman and I had been naked for a long time. We were stark-naked. I caught her legs and her thighs got loose. At that time, between her beautiful hips, her pussy was exposed.

Her pussy was so elegant and pure rather than a lustful and pornographic one. Her pubic hair was trimmed evenly and vulva closed. Between the gaps, the hair with body fluid could be seen.

“Su Hyun…”.

The moment I heard Ha Yeon’s desiring voice, I shook my head and came to her and sat there. We had enough foreplay. Now it was the right time. She wanted me and I wanted her.

I separated her legs, then I stood between her thighs, against the bed. Her closed labia opened a little, and my penis started to move in.

It was not my first time to have sex. Instead, I had the experience of like the first time to some extent. The love, the prostitution with cost and the rape by force. Usually the tramps often did the last one. I easily found the entrance according to my experience.

“Please be gentle.”

“It will be a little painful. You will feel more painful if you do with strength. You’d better do it with less strength.”

My penis bumped against my lower abdomen. Ha Yeon looked at me with a worried face. I comforted her with a husky voice. I held her thin waist with my hands. At the same time, I put more strength at the entrance of her.


“My penis went into her inside. I enjoyed the smooth feeling inside her, but I didn’t go deeper by force. I waited her to adjust. Ha Yeon tightened her two thighs, took a deep breath and then relaxed.

I kept looking at her during that time. It seemed that she felt my gaze and then looked up and nodded to me gently.

My heart jolted suddenly. I was very surprised at it. I, I, it was not a war, but I felt excited at the body.


The moment that Ha Yeon opened her mouth, the palpitation died down.

I leaned my head and pushed my waist forward, I tried to go deeper.

“Uh, uh.”

As I went deeper, she twisted her waist subconsciously. Her vagina was very narrow. But my penis penetrated her and divided her inside. I went inside her calmly. I felt her hot and smooth inside sucked my baby-maker. At that moment…



As I divided her inside, I relaxed. And my penis stopped moving, too. A thin and soft membrane didn’t allow me to move anymore. I swallowed my saliva. Oh, it was her hymen. I called her name.

“Ha Yeon.”

My waist pressed her thighs. Ha Yeon bit her lips with a sad face. After a rest, she took a breath again.

“Su… Hyun.”

She called my name as an answer. She looked at me with a desperate face. Finally, she barely opened her lips and said in a shivering voice,

“May I, I…”


“May I become one of your precious women, too?”

I was in a daze as I heard her sorrowful question. I looked at her and answered in a husky voice.

“I am not the kind of good guy that you think. At least I think I am not a good guy,”

Ha Yeon listened to me with watery eyes. I held her hands which stopped gripping the sheet and said, “I cannot bear to drive the people who like me, stand by me and depend on me away, since I am not that harsh. Of course, it has nothing to do with the people that I hate. I am always busy taking care of the people accompanying me. Is that so bad?”

“No, it’s OK. It doesn’t matter.”

Ha Yeon shook her head. I raised my voice as she reacted.

“If you keep your mind like this, I will cherish you forever. If you become the one that I take seriously, I will do anything for you.”

I still couldn’t take her as my precious woman, and now she was just the one that needed to be protected. At that moment, I came to myself, and my heart could be heard. As I thought of my palpitation just now, I became sentimental. I took a breath and calmed down.

But it seemed that Ha Yeon was satisfied with my answer and her voice choked with excitement.

“Thank you… And come now.”

“It will be painful.”

“I can stand the pain whatever it is.”

Hearing Ha Yeon’s touching words, I put my hands on her back. And her body raised slowly. No, she raised herself by supporting herself on tiptoe. She held my head with arms gently.

“Just only one time… It will feel better.”

I fully understood her. She was shivering.

We sat face-to-face and her waist fell down a little. I was careful and very careful. To some extent, my penis started to break through the soft mucous membrane. The moment I pressed, I felt the mucous membrane’s elasticity and her hips began to come down. And at the same time, my waist suddenly raised.

Ha Yeon twisted her body and held my head and back tightly. I could see she bit her lip with effort so that it was going to bleed. I hugged her slim body as my penis went deeper by her weight. As I moved up and down, my penis reached the end.

Finally, we became one. She endured the pain beyond my imagination with teary eyes. The moment I moved my waist, her breasts waggled.

“Uh… Uh..uh..uh….”

She tried to relax but as she felt the pain, she put more strength again and again. And as her inner part tightly surrounded my penis, I felt extremely comfortable. It was warm and soft.

As I enjoyed the moment, I began to move my waist. Even though I felt a little tight since this was her first sex experience, I could feel that she was trying her best to receive me. As I raised my waist and lowered my head, my erect shiny penis could be seen. I moved my waist again, then her inner part shrank tightly and I felt a kind of keenest pleasure.


It seemed that it was difficult for her to take a breath and she made some nasal groans. Every time I raised my waist, her black hair waved.

Her lips opened and I kissed her. As we both opened our mouths, I felt her warm and sweat breath. Then I put my tongue into her mouth.

She reacted with her tongue. We switched our saliva and enjoyed the feeling. She reacted intensely and twisted her tongue as if she had already forgotten her pain in the lower part.

We sucked each other’s tongue and the pornographic voice could be heard in the room. After a while, I took out my tongue, but our shiny saliva still connected.

Finally, as I saw the line of saliva broke, I raised my waist and moved intensely…

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