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M E M O R I Z E (Published Novel) - Chapter 116: Interesting Information

Chapter 116: Interesting Information

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Through the dim window, the shining sunshine appeared. I opened my eyes slowly and raised my head, seeing Ha Yeon sleeping soundly. She was hugging me with two arms as if she was a baby, so it was hard for me to get out.

I stretched my hands and stroked her head. It seemed that she felt my touch, then she turned, twisted her body and hugged me into her arms. Her face rubbed against mine and upon the soft feeling, I took a soft breath. We were naked, embraced and exchanged the warm feeling all the night; then I fell asleep again.

I got out from her breasts with effort and saw her lying on the bed. After the sex, she was exhausted and just fell asleep without cleaning herself up. There was some blood from her inner part on the bed. There were also some white solids. Even though I ejaculated inside her, semen and the blood came out together.

As I saw the trace of the ejaculation, I had a wry smile. It maybe OK not to think about it. But I was not sure if I should just ignore it. I tried my best to clean the bed up without touching her. After she got up, she could clean herself up. I covered her with a quilt and came out of the room with my sword.

On the way to the first floor, I lowered my head as I felt the strange feeling. I felt very tired yesterday, but today it was strange that I felt very relaxed.

That was not all. I was full of energy and my body was full of spiritual power. I could endure for a long time and I also knew my strength. (Even in this place, the original energy value of 72% was definitely not low.) Maybe I could look forward to a higher resilience, but it was hard to understand.

“Is it because my desire wasn’t satisfied recently?”

As I thought of the scene with Ha Yeon, I shook my head.

As I went down to the first floor, I saw Go Yeonju, who was holding the empty dishes and seemed very busy. I didn’t see any user, so it was strange that she was busy. Bur it was none of my business.

Clank, clank.

There was a noise from the upstairs. Someone was going downstairs. Go Yeonju turned her head and greeted me. She was about to say hello to me.

“You got up late today…oh, come on. What’s wrong with you?”


I didn’t reply to her sudden question. She squinted her eyes and her voice was soft.

“You are busy even though there is no user.”

Her eyes were like a ghost’s. But I denied what she said.

“It is a misunderstanding.”

“Is it yes or no?”


After shrugging with a sullen face, I took the chair to the table. As I sat down, I saw the beautiful eyes of Go Yeonju. I said to her in a calm voice,

“A course.”

“…Do you really want this?”

“After a while, the kids will come down, then I will add 6 portions.”


She bit her lip as she heard my words and she rotated the dishes intensely. Finally, she received the dishes with the hands and seemed interested in rotating the dishes. Even though she was still gentle, she said in a higher voice than before,

“Huh, as you are my patron, I would like to tell you it.”

“I am not sure whether I am a patron or not, but what do you want to tell me?”

“Fine. The time has passed and you have lost your chance. I am not happy now.”


Never mind. I took out two cigarettes with a disgruntled face. She tried to stop me, I threw one to her and tried to make her keep silent. Just rotating the dishes, she showed off another skill. She caught the cigarette with her mouth. I thought she fully deserved the title – Shadow Queen, so I also praised her skill.

With a gentle finger snap, my and her cigarettes sent out weak flame and disappeared at once. Even though it was just a moment, I saw her eyes twinkled.

“Thank you. But it is difficult to soothe the upset mind with only one cigarette.”


Go Yeonju knitted her brow, while a weary smile appeared on her face.

“The information is very important…. I shouldn’t tell this to others….”

She said that and stopped for a moment. Nothing she said fazed me and I sucked on the cigarette. Then she continued,

“But I like the patrons like you. If you say ‘please tell me, sister’ in a cute voice, I will consider about it.”


I thought, “If we don’t stop talking, I will not eat the food.” Then I exhaled the smoke with my nose. After I licked my lips, I said in an indifferent voice. Maybe at that time, I even didn’t look up.



The moment I said “Halo”, Go Yeonju was very embarrassed and got panic. She asked again, so I took a breath and said it again.

“The Sun Clan. Tramp destruction.”

After hearing what I said, she missed the dishes in her hands. At last, with the noisy sound and broken pieces of the dishes, she smiled gently.

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