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MMO: Pierce Heaven Til’ It Breaks (Web Novel) - Chapter 63: Target Reached

Chapter 63: Target Reached

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The two sisters were playing as the White Elf race but had temporarily turned into Black Elves after they were blown up.

By sheer luck, they had a little bit of HP left.

Fire Ice waved her staff continuously and restored both of the Wutong sisters’ HP.



The explosions continued before the combo numbers stabilized and shot up again.

From Li Yi’s perspective, the recruited member’s main function was to briefly fill the gap between his explosions. As for the combos that his party members could hit, he was truly unconcerned.

When the combo numbers rose to 5893, the Wutong sisters were completely dumbfounded.

When the combo numbers rose to 6703, the Wutong sisters already had complete faith in Li Yi’s commands…

“Don’t fire blank cannons and don’t fight the monster herd. The quest will be completed as long as you hit one each time. Can you do that?”

“Yes, we can!” Zimu Wutong gritted her teeth and continued firing the cannons.

“Bang! Bang!”

Li Yi focused all of his attention on the task. Every cannon was fired precisely at the desired location. He killed all of the Fire Dwarfs immediately and blocked their Charge steadily. The coordination from the front to the back was worth being called art.

In order to charge towards the title of Major Cannon King in the previous world, Li Yi’s technique naturally became excellent when he fought in this dungeon for a period of one year.

[Combo 8530!]

[Combo 9563!]

[Combo 11600!]

[Combo 12080!]

The Wutong sisters screamed continuously while Moonlight Ocean and Fire Ice’s emotions were incredibly stirred up as well.

The cannons were the fairest at this checkpoint because there were no multipliers no matter what equipment one was wearing. In other words, everyone stood together on the same starting line and came to fight for combo numbers.

The person with the best operational skill would be number one as the equipment factors were completely disregarded. This was the valuable part of the Major Cannon King title.

When the combo numbers rose to 13766, numerous Fire Dwarfs broke through the line of defense and took the cannon back by force.

[Combo ended!]

The highest combo of 16962 in the previous world was set by a player named Silver Pig during the game’s fourth year in operation. This record was maintained all along until Li Yi was resurrected because no one had been able to break it.

The player called Silver Pig was OP 1 . He went into the Heart of the Fire Dungeon daily and would fire cannons from the moment he went online. Rumor had it that he was able to play with his eyes closed and hit combos of over 12000 during the later period…

In comparison to an OP player like that, Li Yi was aware that they were nothing alike. His own power was currently merely as such. Thus, even if his party members could exhibit their skills any better, he estimated that they would only achieve about 14000 at the most.

[Congratulations! You’ve obtained the title Firearm Master.]

[Congratulations! Your party is the first to obtain the title, Major Cannon King. You’ve obtained a system reward of 3 Skill Points.]

‘Shouldn’t the first person to obtain the title Major Cannon King be rewarded with two Skill Points instead? Why is there one additional point?’

Li Yi was slightly stunned.

“I… I’ve obtained two Skill Points.”

“Me too.”

“Oh my God!”

“Oh my God!”

Fire Ice and Moonlight Ocean were extremely excited while the Wutong sisters screamed and jumped excitedly.

‘Am I the only one with three points? Could it be that the main artilleryman receives one more point than the rest?’

Li Yi shook his head and stopped thinking of this problem. From his perspective, it would naturally be better if he had more Skill Points.

“Big brother, big sis 2 will hang out with you from now on.” Zimu Wutong’s excited little face was flushed completely now.

“Yes, do you have a guild? We’ll add ourselves to it now.” Qingshui Wutong was more anxious than her little sister.

Li Yi smiled and said, “I’ll establish one in the future but I currently don’t have one yet.”

Once they had taken the Major Cannon King title, these five people were extremely happy. The subsequent adherence to dungeon strategies did not pose any difficulty to Li Yi at all.

Zimu Wutong and Qingshui Wutong played as the same class. They were both White Elf Armored Warriors. One of them was ranked at GS210 while the other was GS217. When both of them were together, they formed a pretty good MT combination during the initial stage. Li Yi’s burden was lightened significantly with them in front to pull aggro. Thus, he could simply deal damage easily.

When they finally looted the boss, Moonlight Ocean came to loot it. Finally, there were only a few Skill Tomes that appeared which Li Yi distributed to them completely because he could not use them.

“Big brother, you must definitely take us with you during the next dungeon fight. We’ll come whenever you call us,” said Qingshui Wutong to Li Yi during their time of parting as she was reluctant to see him leave.

“This’ll be easy to handle. We’ll continue firing cannons when we get the chance.”

“Alright, we’ll be there when you call us!” The two young girls left happily.

Li Yi examined the combo rankings briefly. Mad Dragon and Infinite Insanity’s party was currently ranked at second place with a combo of 10752 while he had already surpassed Star Fire Guild which was previously in first place.

It was fortunate that he had made a move early. Otherwise, they would all become skilled after a few days if he had waited. By then, the winners and losers could not be determined easily.

Li Yi was in an extremely good mood. Now that he had defeated Platinum Hand this time, it was as if he could sigh in relief.

The rewards from clearing the dungeon this time allowed Li Yi to level up to Level 20 successfully. He was not at a loss this time because he had learned Muting Shot first. Meanwhile, the effects of Pet Enhancement were not obvious because he had only set it to Level 1. Thus, it was better for him to discuss it again later when he had left more Skill Points to make up for it next time.

Since famous people attracted criticism, Li Yi and a few others immediately became the targets of frenzied questions from players when they noticed the changes on the combo ranking boards. For instance, they asked them how to obtain the Major Cannon King title and the ways to hit combos that would rise, among other things…

Li Yi sent an automatic standard reply stating that it would cost 500 Gold Coins to obtain the Firearm Master title and 2000 Gold Coins to obtain the Major Cannon King title. The message also stated that those who were insincere should not bother him while money had to be paid upfront.

There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Li Yi was not a saint and had decided long ago to create a money making method out of obtaining titles.

“Alright, I’ll buy a spot for tomorrow!”

“I’ll buy two spots!”

“I’m sorry but tomorrow’s spots are already full.”

“I’ll buy one for the next day then!”

What did the celebrity effect mean?

This was the celebrity effect!

If Li Yi had neither obtained the Major Cannon King title nor ranked first place on the combo board, who would trust him?

He could only take a maximum number of two people daily to obtain the Major Cannon King title. Meanwhile, the Firearm Master title was much easier as it would be no problem if there were up to four patrons (paying players) in the group.

Chen Yang only came online when Li Yi’s party disbanded. When he heard that Li Yi and the rest had completed the task to obtain the Major Cannon King title, Fatty was annoyed to the point where he hit his head against the wall directly.

“What are you panicking about? We’ll work together tomorrow. You and I will guide the patrons and get your title while we’re at it.”

“Really? Haha, you’re so cool, Brother Yi.”

On the second day, Fatty went online three hours earlier because he was afraid that Li Yi would forget to group him.

The party that was given a title for the first time comprised of Chen Yang and Zimu Wutong while the other two members were the patrons who wanted to obtain the Major Cannon King title.

Li Yi’s asking price of 2000 Gold Coins each time was certainly not very fortunate. However, he was only brave enough to do this because he knew that the system reward Skill Points were definitely more valuable than this price.

When the five people entered the dungeon, the reality of the situation proved that Li Yi’s vision was certainly not bad. Zimu Wutong’s displays of power this time were even better than the last time. Her combos skyrocketed and she was even able to maintain a steady state of mind now.

Fatty did the work of his own class loyally. He did not slip up even once when he was transporting the cannons while his transporting speed was only faster but not slower than Moonlight Ocean.

When their combos had exceeded 12000, Li Yi hesitated. Since they had already reached the target, it would already be meaningless if they continued to fight anymore.

When they had completed the quest smoothly, Li Yi sat on the ground and divided the money. He gave 1000 Gold Coins to Chen Yang and Zimu Wutong respectively.

“Too much, too much, I don’t want it. My mother would never allow me to take someone else’s money.” Zimu Wutong did not click to accept the transaction but was shocked to the point where she went offline immediately. This caused Li Yi to be dumbfounded for half a day.

“Gold Coins, this is the first sum of money that I’ve earned.” Chen Yang was so emotional that his hands began to tremble as well.

“Brother Yi, you’ve given me too much even though I merely helped you transport some stuff. This… How could I be ungracious enough to accept this.” Although he said these things, Chen Yang held the Gold Coins tightly to himself as if he was afraid that they would fly away.

“If I told you to take it, just accept it. This is merely the beginning. I estimate that we can probably keep earning for a longer time. If we take this opportunity, we can reap great rewards.”

“A longer time!” Chen Yang’s eyes glistened.

“The alliance between Century Flower and Huashan Guild will definitely set new records.”

“Huashan Guild is extremely honored to be able to cooperate with Guild Master Hua.”

Scumbag Wang and Hua Feiwu smiled and shook hands at the Fire Beast dungeon entrance while announcing that both of their guilds were officially cooperating…

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