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MMO: Pierce Heaven Til’ It Breaks (Web Novel) - Chapter 64: Honorable Soldiers

Chapter 64: Honorable Soldiers

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As Li Yi’s “carrying” reputation spread further, his business naturally boomed as well. If it was not for the restriction that only allowed him to enter Heart of the Fire Dungeon once every 24 hours, he would have earned more money…

Chen Yang, Fire Ice, Moonlight Ocean, and the Wutong sisters were people who had basked in Li Yi’s light. Other than Zimu Wutong who was determined not to accept the Gold Coins, the others had profited to some extent.

“The Major Cannon King title had been achieved. The two patrons may get down from the vehicle now.”

Li Yi finished carrying them to obtain their titles before he asked them to alight the vehicle. Next, he led Chen Yang and Fire Ice away and left the battery front.

This was the seventh day that Li Yi had carried others to obtain titles and business was still good. The spots for tomorrow and even the day after were already filled.

The phrase “Brother Yi” never left Chen Yang’s lips now. The nickname “Lil Yi’zi” had been tossed to the back of his mind long ago. It was important to mention that earning money from playing games had always been Fatty’s dream and turning this dream into a reality would have been extremely difficult without Li Yi.

“If one Natural Heart actually requires 3000 Gold Coins, that’s daylight robbery. It’s fortunate that we happened to obtain one of them in the explosion yesterday. Otherwise, I’d have to spend more money.”

There were only two classes in King of Pantheon that could bring permanent pets along with them. The Archers were one of these classes while the Summoners were the other. One of them also required the most expensive Summon Skill Tome.

It was relaxing and easy for them when the pets moved forward to fight. The masters would simply hide in a safe place and chat. Which class excluding the Summoner class could do this?

As they were the great love of casual players and were used by many people, the prices of these equipment and Skill Tomes were naturally expected to rise continuously.

After crushing the Flaming Heart easily and clearing the dungeon three times, Li Yi stepped forward personally to loot it this time.

[Fire Pearl x1]

“That item hasn’t appeared yet…”

Li Yi was speechless. They had taken turns and alternated between the people who would loot the treasure chest during these seven days but there was still no trace of the item that he desired.

“You already knew that you’re a Trash Hand but you went to loot it anyway. Sigh, if I had done it, at least three pieces of gold equipment would’ve appeared. Well, that’s inaccurate, I could’ve looted a piece of purple equipment too.”

Annoyed by Fatty’s gleeful taunts, Li Yi said, “You’re thinking of looting purple equipment from a five-person dungeon? Quit dreaming.”

Although the only difference between purple equipment and gold equipment was that there was only one level between them, their attributes were actually worlds apart. Li Yi’s GS had currently reached 310. He dared not say whether his GS ranked first in the server but he knew that it was ranked near the top ten at least, especially the Accelerating Shoes and Blazing Heart that was closer to the uber legendary gold equipment.

Three months had already passed quickly since the game was launched until now. However, he had yet seen a single piece of purple equipment yet. He could only imagine how difficult it was to obtain purple equipment.

Li Yi had already reached Level 23 now. Although he could not be compared to the level-grinding maniac Old Li Flying Dagger, he was still considered as an amazing individual.

Obviously, if Li Yi had not been playing as an Apothecarist, even Old Li Flying Dagger would have to step aside on the basis of his EXP Pearl multiplier.

After Li Yi had toyed with luck and squandered money during these past few days, the degree of his Apothecary Mastery had reached 10000 points before he was officially promoted as a Beginner-level Apothecarist.

As he leveled up, each successful point would deduct 1% of his opponent’s current EXP.

Those without money or experience would be better off not playing as an Apothecarist. Conversely, the extremely valuable rewards in the later stages of the Miners and Harvesters made them the fastest money-making classes.

Li Yi had wasted a lot of EXP because he was an Apothecarist. However, he did not lose money from the time he started being Apothecarist until now and was always able to maintain a balance between his income and expenditure.

Li Yi returned to Shattered Frost City and took a Fine Steel Longsword out of his mailbox.

[Fine Steel Longsword (Blue)]


[36–78 damage]


[ END 1 +15]

[Equipment Level: Level 20]

[Special effect: This sword is relatively sharp. When it hits its target, there is a certain probability to produce bleeding damage.]

[Maker: Snickersnee]

Li Yi blushed with shame.

When he saw the maker’s name, he did not have to continue guessing.

The Fine Steel Longsword was really mailed from Snickersnee.

“It’s really not bad that he managed to forge a piece of blue-colored equipment so quickly.”

Li Yi exclaimed in admiration briefly before mailing a pile of materials that could be used by Ironsmiths to Snickersnee.

If the other party did not mention money, he would not go and pay him unnecessarily. It was much better for him to give him materials directly instead as each of them would receive what they needed.

“The bandit heads on the outskirts of Shattered Frost City are really too rampant. They actually took our Castellan’s wife away and made her into the mistress of the fort. Soldier Dark Wing, I command you to probe for the whereabouts of the bandits and report back to me immediately when you’ve found their hideout.”

When Li Yi accepted the city patrolling quest, the captain of the soldiers gave him a new quest furiously.

City patrolling quests could only be accepted for a fixed two hours daily. One could either get rid of bandits or fix the city’s walls. After these quests were completed, the player would receive Official Position Points and a considerable amount of EXP (the EXP that was obtained after the completion of these quests would similarly be multiplied if one had brought an EXP Pearl).

Once their Official Position Points had achieved certain requirements, the captain of the soldiers would issue new quests randomly. As long as one completed the quests according to the requirements, they would receive rewards that were much better than that of the daily quests. Moreover, they would also receive a Soldier’s Honorable Gift Pack.

Li Yi had done the quest of probing the bandits’ whereabouts numerous times in his previous life. He found the bandits’ hideout easily as if it was a walk in the park before he returned immediately and reported it to the captain of the soldiers.

“South City’s Dense Jungle? That group of despicable bandits is actually hiding there. You did pretty well so here’s your reward.”

The captain of the soldiers commended Li Yi repeatedly and rewarded him with 11000 EXP, 220 points of Reputation Value, and a Soldier’s Honorable Gift Pack.

“Shattered Frost City’s soldiers, listen to my orders and proceed to South City’s Dense Jungle immediately. Defeat the head of bandits and take the Castellan’s wife back by force!”

The NPC soldiers started moving and gathered in front of South City’s gates and set out towards the dense jungle majestically.

“What are the NPC soldiers doing? Did something happen?”

“Is this part of the storyline? That’s not right, the official page didn’t introduce this type of storyline, right?”

“Should we go and watch the excitement?”

“Sounds good. We’re not busy anyway. Let’s go and take a look.”

“1, 2, 3, 4!”

“Start moving!”

Numerous players who were idle and had nothing better to do followed the NPC soldiers from behind and released bouts of loud laughter occasionally.

A whistling noise could be heard briefly before numerous ferocious-looking bandits who were holding steel knives in their hands appeared in all four directions and surrounded the NPC soldiers and players.

“F*ck, what the… What the hell?”

“Kill them!”

“Kill all the men and seize all the women, don’t leave anyone behind!”

The bandits roared and rushed forward…

Right now, Li Yi, the catalyst of this catastrophe was currently doing his Apothecary work and squandering money at the entrance of the Auction House…

This great battle between the soldiers and bandits resulted in the death of 256 NPC soldiers during battle and casualties of 376 players while the bandits retreated in defeat and withdrew from the Dense Jungle.

“I literally played myself to death…”

“I came to watch the excitement but ended up losing a level instead, how depressing.”

Numerous players cursed while Li Yi was torn between laughing and crying.

The head bandit in South City’s Dense Jungle was a Level 25 gold name boss while all of his subordinates were Level 20 Elites numbering above 300. If one were to fight them directly, they would not stand a single chance of winning if there were less than 500 people.

Li Yi opened the Soldier’s Honorable Gift Pack and received 500 points of Official Position Points upon opening it. This allowed him to automatically be promoted to a Level 1 City-Defending Soldier.

[Level 1 City-Defending Soldier, STR will receive an additional +2 value.]

This was merely a minor perk that came with an Official Position. As their Official Position leveled up, the benefits that the player received would become greater as well. If they managed to obtain Advanced-level Official Positions such as Castellan and such, they would also receive unique Official Position skills as well.

Li Yi did not pay attention to the players who had died terribly but rode his horse and rushed towards Pinnacle of the Fire instead.

After undergoing seven days of equipment upgrades and preparations, Chu Tiange assembled the troops under his command and issued a challenge against the other fifty-person dungeon, Molten Furnace. He picked the commander personally, and that was Li Yi!

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