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Pierce Heaven Til’ It Breaks (Web Novel) - Chapter 516: Tuhr Sacred Sword

Chapter 516: Tuhr Sacred Sword

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Since he had become a Cursing Disciple, he could no longer use any skills of his Class. Now, he had only one way to attack, which was through Summoning Spells.

Akna and Li Yi would both use Summoning Spells, but in comparison to Akna’s Undead Summoning Spell, the Cursing Disciples that he summoned could only be considered as cannon fodder. The human-faced stone statue could spit a rock and kill a whole row of Cursing Disciples.

The Cursing Disciples that were summoned were merely Level 30 – 40. The level difference between them and the human-faced stone statue was too big.

“Master, are you hungry?”

“Mr. Ulumuchi, could you also fly like my master?”

Sister Windcloud Nine asked a series of idiotic questions along the way. Before they noticed it, the three of them were already on the second floor of the Altar.

The second floor of the Altar no longer had human-faced stone statues roaming in it. Instead, it was filled with meticulously designed mechanisms consisting of rolling stones, pit traps, rain of arrows, and so on. These layers of traps were never-ending, and Akna was forced to run back and escape from them after taking just a dozen steps forward into the second floor.

The amount of Health available was no longer a relevant factor once they have arrived at the second floor of the Tuhr Altar. Instead, the knowledge of the proper routes has become essential. They must know when to jump and when to dodge the traps in the area.

Akna tried to use the Air Dance Technique to fly above them. Unexpectedly, countless arrows had rained and shot her down the moment her body went airborne.

With Akna’s song, the Undead army that flooded the sky and the earth appeared once more. Meanwhile, Li Yi followed behind Akna and started to chant his own spells as well. He managed to summon groups and groups of Cursing Disciples onto the floor.

By using Summoning Spells to trigger the traps installed within, they could protect their own safety as they moved forward.

Full-player parties lesser than Level 120 could forget about dreaming about entering and exploring the Tuhr Altar. It was simply impossible for them to do so. However, the circumstances were different this time. Li Yi has a super powerful Boss in his team, and not only was she extraordinarily competent and powerful, she was also very familiar with the Tuhr Altar layout.

Sister Windcloud Nine came closer to him, seemingly clueless with the proceedings around her. “Mr. Ulumuchi, what did we come here for?”

“To make love.”

“What?” Sister Windcloud Nine did not catch that clearly.

“It’s a secret!”

“Oh… Is it something fun?”

“Yeah, you want to join in the fun?”

“Can I really join?”

“Quick, run!”

Just when Sister Windcloud Nine was blinking her innocent eyes while she asked Li Yi a series of questions, Li Yi gave her a brief warning and quickly turned to run.

Right ahead of them, Akna had triggered the most destructive exploding trap. The blast of the explosion was quickly reaching over to where they were.

Li Yi ran at top speed, but Sister Windcloud Nine was too far behind. Her panic overwhelmed her and she slipped and fell. She could only stare as the blast wave swept over her before she finally shut her eyes and tried to withstand it.


A horrendous damage value appeared above her head. She did not even manage to utter a yelp before she was turned into a corpse.

After the explosion, Akna was lying on the ground too. Even though she did not die from it, but the blast was enough to knock her out.

“Master, I’m dead. Wait for me while I go and do a corpse run.”

Sister Windcloud Nine shouted awkwardly. Just when she wanted to corpse run, she was stopped by Li Yi. He took out the Cardiac Pacemaker Model V5 and placed it over Sister Windcloud Nine’s chest.

Bzzz Bzzz!

A strong electrical current flowed through the instrument. With a jolt, Sister Windcloud Nine twitched and was resurrected, albeit with extremely low HP.

“Thank you, Mr. Ulumuchi. You’re amazing.”

At that moment, Akna woke up and staggered up from the ground. She adjusted her head that was slightly out of place due to the sheer force of the impact before continuing her journey forward with her Skull Staff in hand.

Li Yi knew Akna’s goal coming into the Tuhr Altar – to find the Tuhr Sacred Sword and claim it as her own.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword was an extremely renowned divine weapon within King of Pantheon. It was written in the background story itself that the Tuhr Sacred Sword has had a magnificent history of taking the lives of the gods.

This Boss Akna was obsessed over two things only. Firstly, she was obsessed with killing Yuria, and the second obsession was to locate the Tuhr Sacred Sword. The war between Yuria and her was never conclusive, and she would win in some battles and lose in the others, regardless of whether players were involved in them. Both parties had the chance to either win or lose in each round. However, once Akna has successfully killed Yuria, the probability that she would appear in the Tuhr Altar has greatly increased.

Akna continued acting as a scout and stepped onto the landmines on the way forward. When they had finally arrived at the end of the second floor of the Altar, Akna only had half of her initial Health left.

At the far end of the second floor of the Altar, a blood red greatsword levitated in the air. Occasionally, it would rotate and flick around midair, and it was exactly the divine weapon in the dreams of many players. It was the Tuhr Sacred Sword.

Ssst ssst…

Li Yi and Sister Windcloud Nine stood a fair distance away from the Tuhr Sacred Sword. Even they were positioned at least 50 yards away, they could still see how their HP was converted into droplets of blood before flying towards the Tuhr Sacred Sword.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword was a divine weapon that would absorb HP from others without limit!

Before Akna could initiate her attack, the Tuhr Sacred Sword has charged at her and slashed at the head.


A crack followed the air that the tip of the blade sliced through. From head to toe, Akna’s entire body was slashed by the greatsword. One attack from the sword has taken off more than 5000000 HP from Akna.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword had absorbed all of Akna’s blood and had glowed an even brighter shade of red. The speed of its midair dance became even quicker than before.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword swung again. This time, Sister Windcloud Nine was so worried that something would happen to her teacher that she took action to cast curse spells at the Tuhr Sacred Sword.


A huge word appeared above the Tuhr Sacred Sword followed by a soft moan from Sister Windcloud Nine. The curse spells were reflected back at her by the Tuhr Sacred Sword.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword abruptly forgot about Akna and effortlessly swerved itself before Sister Windcloud Nine. Then, the blade swung down from above…


Sister Windcloud Nine was sliced into two clean halves before collapsing pitifully onto the ground again.

“Mr. Ulumuchi, save me…”

“Apologies, my Cardiac Pacemaker is in cooldown. Besides, I can’t really save you even if it’s not in cooldown because you’re killed by the Tuhr Sacred Sword. Now, you could only go for a temple resurrection.”

“Can’t I corpse run?”

Li Yi was speechless for a moment. “You’re in literal halves. Could you get back up even after a corpse run?”


All this time, Li Yi had stood right beside Sister Windcloud Nine and was just a step away from the Tuhr Sacred Sword. However, since he did not initiate any attack, the Tuhr Sacred Sword did not attack him. It swept back to where Akna was and continued to slash at her.

The legendary Level 100 Boss Akna was such a powerful Boss that she would refuse to die even when she was surrounded and attacked by tens of thousands of players. However, when she was standing before the Tuhr Sacred Sword, she could do nothing but take the blows. She had failed to use any of her skills and abilities.

If she were to summon the skeletal army, the Tuhr Sacred Sword would annihilate all of them in just one sweep. If she summoned the Headless Horseman and Bagradin, the result would be no different. Even the self-destructing skeletal bats and crows could do nothing to change the situation. No matter what skills that Akna could use, the Tuhr Sacred Sword has its ways to counter her. In front of this divine sword, Akna was just like a toddler that does not know how to walk. She was utterly defenseless.

Akna was just about to die right in front of Li Yi’s eyes. He became understandably anxious because Akna has yet to tell him about the method that could transform Onyxia into a Summon Emblem. If he had just stood by and watch her die, would the newly-respawned Akna still tell him the information that he sought?

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

[-1] [-1] [-1]

The Tuhr Sacred Sword lost 3 HP from that attack. However, the lost Health was recovered in just a blink of an eye by the tiny droplets of blood that automatically flew towards the Sacred Sword.

Li Yi was losing Health, and so was Akna. The special effect of the Tuhr Sacred Sword was very terrifying since it could leech off the target’s HP even without coming into contact with them.


The Tuhr Sacred Sword swerved to approach Li Yi and slashed at him from above…

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