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Pierce Heaven Til’ It Breaks (Web Novel) - Chapter 518: Altar Stone

Chapter 518: Altar Stone

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yi’s body has disappeared into thin air. From afar, Sister Windcloud Nine rubbed her eyes ferociously a few times to clear her sight, but she still failed to locate him.

“Mr. Ulumuchi is truly an all-class player… This is Thief’s Stealth!” Sister Windcloud Nine mumbled to herself. This time, she really believed him.

Li Yi did not know how to use Stealth, but he did know how to make an Invisibility Potion. Even though the time for invisibility was very short, it was more than enough to trick Sister Windcloud Nine.

Li Yi had used both the Invisibility Potion and the Shrinking Scroll to discreetly creep towards the Stone Guardians.

The Stone Guardians were huge in size, and Li Yi’s actions were his way to test whether shrinking himself and staying invisible would allow him to pass this area.

Since they were a bunch of stone monsters, their senses would definitely be poor.

The Stone Guardians would occasionally jump around. Li Yi stayed close to the wall and walked forward, and they still failed to sense his movements.

The experiment was a success!

Li Yi has successfully passed the area where the Stone Guardians were positioned. The invisibility effect has worn off, and so did the Shrinking Scroll’s effect.

“Mr. Ulumuchi, can I go over too…” Sister Windcloud Nine shouted at him.

“Of course! Hold on for a second and wait for me.”

Li Yi waited for the potion’s cooldown time to elapse before returning to where Sister Windcloud Nine was by following the previous route.

“I’ll cast a spell on you later. Just follow me after that. Remember, don’t simply walk around.”

“Mmhmm.” Sister Windcloud Nine nodded repeatedly.


Li Yi used the Shrinking Scroll and turned tiny with Sister Windcloud Nine. Then, he passed her a bottle of Primary Invisibility Potion and instructed her to drink it.

Since they were already in a party, both of them could see each other. Once both of them had safely passed the Stone Guardians, Sister Windcloud Nine was already so impressed with Li Yi that she could literally bow down at his feet.

“Could my master come here just like how we did?”

“Probably not, she’s a high-level monster. No matter if it is a potion or a scroll, she cannot use it.”

“That’s a waste.”

Li Yi blocked Sister Windcloud Nine and stopped walking.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword silently floated above an altar before them.

“What should we do?” Sister Windcloud Nine became nervous.

Li Yi took a few steps forward and saw how the HP bar above his head immediately started to drop. The Tuhr Sacred Sword’s blood-sucking effect was too scary.

“Don’t come here, I’ll be transforming soon.”

When she heard that, Sister Windcloud Nine immediately turned around and covered her eyes.

Li Yi dispelled his transformed guise and drew his Orange Bow to aim at the Tuhr Sacred Sword.


“Powered-up Arrow!”



The Tuhr Sacred Sword was damaged and flew towards Li Yi.

Li Yi squatted on the ground to set up an Explosion Trap. Then, he stood on the side of it to shoot a few arrows and waited for the Tuhr Sacred Sword to fly over. When that happened, he immediately activated the Rocket Propeller and swerved forward to evade it.


The Explosion Trap was triggered, and it has caused [-50] damage to the Tuhr Sacred Sword.

Ssst ssst ssst!

The Tuhr Sacred Sword did not chase after Li Yi. Instead, it immediately shot out blade aura from the tip of the blade and activated a ranged attack.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Li Yi rolled to the left and right to dodge the three blade auras. He grabbed the slight window between his actions to attack using his Orange Bow, and his effort shaved off another 100 HP off the Sacred Sword.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword has a terrifying amount of defense and Health. Similar to Akna, it had 90 million HP. The little Health that Li Yi managed to shave off was minuscule compared to the scale of things. However, he had the Orange Bow in his hand that has the overpowered special effect of Armor Strip. With time, the Sacred Sword would lose more and more Health.


Another shot landed on the Sacred Sword. This time, the Tuhr Sacred Sword’s damage was already above 50.

From afar, Sister Windcloud Nine waved her staff around and added another two status on Li Yi. Her eyes were still closed.

Dark Blessing! Dark Prayer!

The first status could largely increase the upper limits of his HP, while the other could increase the upper limit of his damage power. However, the consequence of casting these two status spells was that the caster would be punished to continuously suffer from loss of Health.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword flew to the front of Li Yi. He quickly summoned the Violent Bear King and combined with it for protection. Then, he activated the Wind Shield’s Protection to try and withstand the impact.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword’s flying speed was horrifyingly fast. There was no way Li Yi could escape it unless the Rocket Propellant could be used without limit.


The Tuhr Sacred Sword slashed across his waist. A damage value of [-97533] appeared above Li Yi’s head, and he was just a hair away from death.

God Mode was activated. Li Yi immediately used all of his mana and shot out 15 Elimination Arrows.

Poof poof poof poof poof poof poof…

The Tuhr Sacred Sword was hit by the arrows without any pause in between. The damage value above its head appeared continuously. When the damage ended, it had escaped from them once again with a swish.

After suffering a certain amount of damage, the Tuhr Sacred Sword would always run away automatically. This time was no exception.

System Notification: [You have left the battle…]

“Mr. Ulumuchi, have you dispelled your transformation?” Sister Windcloud Nine asked with her eyes closed.


Li Yi put on the Cursing Sect Outfit. After a while, Sister Windcloud Nine opened her eyes and was relieved when she saw him.

Li Yi teased her. “Do I look like your enemy when I transformed myself just now?”

“Mhmm, you looked exactly like him.”

“Are you extremely afraid of him?”

“I’m not afraid, but… Sigh.” Sister Windcloud Nine suddenly blushed.

“You should cancel the Dark statuses now, you’re still losing Health as we speak.”

Li Yi grabbed his arrow and walked towards the altar before him.

Within the Tuhr Altar, there would be a small altar in every floor. Only the altar on the first floor would have a Boss guarding it. The rest of the altars were unguarded.

An altar stone was placed on top of the altar of the third floor. It showed carvings about the developmental origins of the Tuhrs and the background of the Tuhr Sacred Sword.

The Tuhr Sacred Sword was the weapon that was used by the first Clan Leader of the Tuhrs. It was made from no simple materials – it was melted and forged from Extraterrestrial Demonic God Bones.

If the Extraterrestrial Demonic Gods were to be measured using the existing power levels of this realm, they would be as powerful as the Ruler of Gods…

The altar stone on the altar of the third floor only explained half of the background of the Tuhr Sacred Sword. It had stopped in the middle of the story.

After he had finished reading the altar stone and continued to step forward, Sister Windcloud Nine suddenly called out to him.

“What’s going on?”

“My husband is back, I have to log off now.” Sister Windcloud Nine looked quite nervous.

“Why do you need to log off when your husband is home?” Li Yi asked curiously.

Sister Windcloud Nine waved her hand while her body slowly turned transparent and disappeared. She was offline already.

Li Yi thought for a while and left the Deathcharger mount right where Sister Windcloud Nine had gone offline. This was not a monster spawning area, and the things placed on the floor would not automatically disappear. Once she comes online, Sister Windcloud Nine would naturally be able to see the mount.

What have I done to her to warrant that level of fear that she feels for me?

Li Yi wiped off a few drops of sweat that had appeared due to his embarrassment.

Li Yi continued his journey. Along the way, he had encountered some Stone Guardians and had dealt with it by using the Invisibility Potion and the Shrinking Scroll. Even though it was a tense process that might have startled him here and there, Li Yi had managed to quickly arrive at the entrance of the fourth floor without any problems.

Even though Li Yi’s class was an Archer, he was quite moved when he saw the Tuhr Sacred Sword that could absorb HP without any limits. Akna wanted the sword, and so did he.

In his past life, no one had the chance to obtain the Tuhr Sacred Sword because no one had managed to reach the fifth floor of the Altar before. Li Yi believed that as long as he could read the altar stone on the altar of the fifth floor, the probability of a successful taming of the Tuhr Sacred Sword would definitely increase by a great margin.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

When Li Yi looked up after he had stepped into the entrance of the fourth floor, he was dumbfounded.

Within the walls of the narrow passageway, dozens of Tuhr Sacred Swords levitated in the air. Occasionally, they would emit the sounds of clanging steel…

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