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Pierce Heaven Til’ It Breaks (Web Novel) - Chapter 519: The Truth of Huashan

Chapter 519: The Truth of Huashan

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There was not one, but several dozens of Tuhr Sacred Sword that were flying in the air and filled up the entire passageway.

Li Yi was confident that he could defeat one Tuhr Sacred Sword given that the cooldown period for all his skills was completed. However, was there any chance for him to succeed when he was facing more than two Sacred Swords?

Li Yi contemplated for a while before finally deciding to give up on a head-on attack. These Tuhr Sacred Swords were all real swords and not phantoms or shadow copies of each other. Launching a direct attack on them will basically mean that he was actively seeking death.

Li Yi drank a bottle of Invisibility Potion and used another Shrinking Scroll. He wanted to try and cross the area using the same trick he had used with the Stone Guardians.

Ssst ssst!

Li Yi only managed to take a small step forward before at least a dozen blade auras was shot toward him. In contrast with the Stone Guardians, the Tuhr Sacred Swords had extraordinarily terrifying senses.

Ssst ssst!

Flames spouted from the heels of his shoes. Li Yi used the Rocket Propellant to sprint towards the entrance of the fourth floor and returned to the third floor.

The Tuhr Sacred Swords did not chase after him. After a while, Li Yi received a System Notification informing him that he had left the battle.

Horrifyingly sharp senses and overpowered attack. How the h*ck should he go about it?

Li Yi went back to the fourth floor once again and stood at the entrance, staring at the dozens of Tuhr Sacred Swords. His head was pounding with a headache, but at that moment, his mailbox started flashing.

Li Yi would receive mail every day, but he was never really bothered by the sheer amount of messages he received as he had toggled the settings from the start to not show him any notifications from anyone outside of his close friends.

Li Yi clicked on the blinking mail and looked at the sender. It was actually from the popular celebrity, Xu Man.

Recently, Xu Man and her sister were very busy, thus causing their online time to decrease drastically. It has been a long time since Li Yi spoke with them.

Li Yi read the content on the mail and could not help the smile that tugged on his lips.

Xu Man wanted to invite him to join her at some sort of celebrity ball.

“I don’t have time.”

Li Yi gave a simple reply.

After that, he sat by the entrance and proceeded to contemplate his circumstances for a long while. Yet, he still failed to come up with a workable solution for his problems. Feeling frustrated, he opened the website to the official forum and scrolled around aimlessly.

Since he could never clear the stages alone, he might as well just stay put and wait for Akna to wake up.

The official forum was filled with information on the Conquer Instance Dungeons. Different from the other three large-sized dungeons before it, Conquer was almost explosively popular among the players. That was due to the fact that all players, no matter how skilled or weak they were, could find their own version of joy when clearing the dungeon.

The Conquer Instance Dungeon operated in a mode that forbids any sort of team-forming. Instead, it placed high emphasis and encouraged players to clear the dungeon on their own. Hence, the official forum was filled with walkthroughs of different varieties. Many of them sounded weird, but all of them had their own logic and reasoning. No one would be able to objectively choose the best walkthroughs among them and justify their choices.

However, the thing that caught Li Yi off guard was how Little Elf from the Magical Realm had also written her own walkthrough for Conquest. She had gained a high number of clicks on her walkthrough, and it was also pinned to the top by the administrators of the forum.

Currently, all of the players had not even cleared half of the Conquest Instance Dungeon. No one was able to give a concrete headcount of the monsterlings present inside the dungeon. Since everyone was still at a stage of exploration and discovery, how would the walkthroughs that were written at this time be considered rounded and complete?

“Elf Conquest Walkthrough: Constantly Updating…”

It seems like the MILF also enjoyed the feeling of public admiration.

Li Yi scanned the contents in the walkthrough before leaving a comment under the post. “Hurry up, hurry up. Update as soon as possible…”

He continued to scroll and read the posts on the forum just to kill the time. Soon, he had come across another post that managed to catch his attention.

“Unveiling the Secrets of the Huashan Guild: Huashan Boss”

Scumbag Wang was the second-in-command of the Huashan Guild while Fengxi was the third-in-command. Li Yi had no ideas whatsoever regarding the identity of the Huashan Boss.

Li Yi has always been curious about the identity of the legendary Huashan Boss when Scumbag Wang had led his people to go head-to-head to the death with Defiant Zephyr previously. Who was the one that Scumbag Wang and the others had willingly fought to the death for? Even when it was just to defend his honor?

Li Yi clicked onto the post and found that there was a fair amount of content written underneath the post. The introduction started from the origins of Huashan Guild, stating the location, people and other information with great detail. There was no doubt that the player behind this post knew a lot about Huashan Guild. This was definitely not a story made up from nothing.

Huashan had started quietly during the peak of the Tyrannic Dynasty, and its founder was a woman with the ID Sister Lingshan.

In its early years, Huashan was not a strong guild, and it could even be described as a guild that was completely unknown to the public. It had barely survived throughout the years and had entirely depended on the personal charisma of the Guild Master, Sister Lingshan.

After that, Sister Lingshan had to step down due to her studies. From then on, Huashan Guild was disbanded…

This small guild attracted no attention from the start to the finish. No one even noticed it even after it had disbanded. This was due to the fact that there were so many other small guilds that had disbanded under similar circumstances. It was not at all surprising.

That was the case until the day when Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut, the person who was called the best player in e-sports back then, had made a public announcement that she was from Huashan Guild after she had gotten the title of World’s Best. According to her, her teacher and her roots all came from Huashan Guild. Without the Guild, she would have never been able to achieve such heights.

Overnight, the previously unknown Huashan Guild shot to fame. After that, numerous fake and imitation guilds started to pop up all over the place, ranging from ‘True Huashan’ to “Huashan Qi Faction’ to ‘Huashan Spirit Faction’. Basically, all sorts of imitations of Huashan appeared, and it was chaotic and confusing. Everyone had declared that they were from Huashan.

Many were ready to jump onto the trend. That year, King of Pantheon has yet to open for beta testing, and Li Yi was still a student. On the other hand, the Huashan Guild has spread its seeds to all corners of the game. However, many arguments occurred over the question of who was the true Huashan. The argument continued for years, but there was no resolution.

The reason was simple. The Huashan Guild founded by Sister Lingshan has already disbanded long ago.

Soon after that, one Huashan Guild had suddenly risen to power. This guild was quite a unique one. Even though its members were not high-level players, but they were very tightly-bonded. All of them were those fierce characters that would not be afraid of anything once they were involved in a fight. According to the investigation of the author of this post, Scumbag Wang and Fengxi both originated from this Huashan Guild.

This Huashan Guild had also declared that they were the true Huashan Guild. However, Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut had made a public announcement that she was not familiar with this Huashan Guild. Even though she did not explicitly say that this Huashan Guild was an imitation of the true Huashan Guild, but her implicit message could be gleaned from her words. Then, the boss of this Huashan Guild announced that he would quit the game somewhere down the line. It was the end for this fake Huashan Guild after that.

That was the case until the release of King of Pantheon. Scumbag Wang contacted Fengxi to establish the Huashan Guild that they were now familiar with.

The truth that this post was trying to deliver was that the Huashan Boss from before did not even sign up for Pantheon. The current Huashan Guild was founded by Scumbag Wang, and according to the investigator, his self-proclaimed second-in-line status was just a show of respect for his previous boss.

“Huashan Guild has no boss? Scumbag Wang was the boss after all?”

Li Yi was stunned for a while after he had finished reading the post. Only then did he notice the name of the author of this post.

Huashan – Bai Xiaoya.

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