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Pierce Heaven Til’ It Breaks (Web Novel) - Chapter 520: Bai Xiaoya

Chapter 520: Bai Xiaoya

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huashan’s Bai Xiaoya was a known junior of Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut. This name itself was a saga.

Bai Xiaoya was derived from the name Bai Xiaosheng 1 . As she was a girl, she changed the name Xiaosheng and opted for a more feminine Xiaoya. Though there was a slight deviation in name, Bai Xiaoya’s favorite pastime was compiling various odd and peculiar rankings.

Bai Xiaoya published extensively on a wide range of ranking boards, Top Ten Main Tanks, Top Ten Thieves, Top Ten Warriors, Top Ten Wizards, Top Ten Divine Weapons, Top Ten Mounts, Top Ten Pets, etc. Of course, the ranking boards she published may have nothing to do with Pantheon officials but its credibility has always been top notch.

Bai Xiaoya did leave a deep impression on Li Yi in the past life. He recalled upon a time when someone asked her who would reign supreme between the two Arcanists, Arthur and Evil Moon. Both of them never engaged in battle together, yet Bai Xiaoya’s answer seemed precognizant.

She said that even with the help of an Orange Quality Scepter, Arthur would never beat Evil Moon. The answer was proved true three months later when Southern Continent’s King Arthur lost to Evil Moon in the season finals.

Did Bai Xiaoya write such an exposé post in the past life?

Li Yi really could not recall…

However, he was certain that Bai Xiaoya’s post would stir a change.

Li Yi continued to browse posts but could not find anything else that caught his attention. He flipped through the pages and quickly found himself bored witless.

Since he had nothing better to do, Li Yi wrote a combat guide and published in the official site. It was a strategy guide on defeating Spider King, based on Qian’er’s perspective. He grabbed the first chance to publish it before she could write this guide.

Writing down the strategy took a little more than one hour but Li Yi felt content, thinking about the reaction of Big-Tits Qian when she saw this.

Li Yi then quit the forums and summoned Mutated Small Wild Boar.

He has thought it through and decided to take a risk!


“Snort snort!”

Mutated Small Wild Boar sprinted ahead, unleashing Solid Ice to pull aggro when it was within the Tuhr Sacred Swords’ range of attack.

Mutated Small Wild Boar’s ultimate suicidal skill only lasted 12 seconds so when Tuhr Sacred Sword’s aggro was pulled, Li Yi engaged in God Mode and ran full speed ahead.

Dozens of Tuhr Sacred Swords had their aggro directed at Mutated Small Wild Boar and in that short span of 12 seconds, Li Yi managed to clear the first barrier encountered in the fourth stage entryway, unscathed.

Once Mutated Small Wild Boar lay dead on the ground, Li Yi initiated Pseudocide and Camouflage to forcefully break away from battle.

There were no Tuhr Sacred Swords anywhere near him, he succeeded!

Turning at another corner, a locked purple treasure chest was there on the ground.

There were many treasure chests in King of Pantheon and a purple treasure chest was the rarest. Dubbed the Prosperity at Sight by players, its title indicated how valuable the items inside a purple treasure chest were.

Li Yi was not in a rush. He cautiously observed the surface of the ground and trod a careful zigzag towards the treasure chest.

The different floor brick colors indicated a trap near the treasure chest and by moving in a zigzag pattern, avoiding the dark color bricks could keep him from triggering the trap.

Li Yi was a well-known loner in the past life, with no team members at his back, hence forcing him to hone his superb judgment on various traps.

He still has a lot of Universal Keys with him. After exhausting a few of them, the purple treasure chest was finally opened.

[You’ve looted 25 x Diamond Tear Stars from treasure chest.]

[You’ve looted 5 x Dark Contract Scrolls from treasure chest.]

[You’ve looted 1 x Resurrection Sacramental Stone from treasure chest.]

Although he did not receive any equipment, Diamond Tear Stars were rare advanced-level materials. This item was essential for Li Yi to progress forward in Apothecary. The Dark Contract Scrolls were legendary god-tiered items that sealed monsters (including bosses) with less than 5% of its HP within the scrolls. They could be unleashed at crucial moments to fight alongside as temporary pets.

Of course, Dark Contract Scrolls were not permanent items, leaving him one less after a single use so these scrolls were extremely precious yet Li Yi managed to loot five of them in one go. What luck!

As for Resurrection Sacramental Stone, its use was similar to Light Talisman but with an added function. Not only could a person resurrect on the spot with full health upon usage, but there would also be an added 10% in damage dealt. Resurrection Sacramental Stone, just like Dark Contract Scroll, was extremely precious.

It never crossed his mind that a purple treasure chest would spawn in Tuhr Altar so this came as a pleasant surprise to Li Yi.

Li Yi studied the ground before taking a few steps forward but soon found himself shaking his head and sitting on the ground.

There were a bunch of Tuhr Sacred Swords ahead and though Mutated Small Wild Boar could be revived, its Solid Ice skill was still on cooldown. The only thing he could do now was wait.

With the spare time, Li Yi did a quick search on his friends through Divine Looking Glass and found Confused Fox in the Auction House. He immediately sent him a mail.

“Brother Fox, could you help me purchase some materials, Flos Inulae, Cinquefoil, White Skeletal Jade…”

Confused Fox did not reply. Instead, he purchased the materials right away and sent them over.

The friend summoning tool was not accessible in the Northern Continent but the Portable Automated Trading Robot did not have this restriction. It could be used to summon at any given moment.

The Portable Automated Trading Robot was summoned by Li Yi. He first repaired the equipment before opening his mailbox system to collect the materials sent by Confused Fox.

Li Yi’s Apothecarist level was close to advancing Epic level and the lack of Diamond Star Tears has his mastery on a standstill. Now that he got his hands on some Diamond Star Tears, it did not feel right if he did not take the chance to level up.

Li Yi’s palms were shimmering in red glow as piles of apothecary materials vanished in his hands. Some were refined into potions while others disappeared due to failure. The success rate was 50/50…

The potion Li Yi was refining was called Mana Spring, in which upon consumption, a certain volume of mana, based on a character’s level could be recovered every two seconds. This would go on for two minutes and once the effect was over, the next Mana Spring Potion could be consumed. In other words, this potion could be consumed without limit.

Li Yi was currently short of mana. At the release of God Mode, all skills had no cooldown period but because of the restriction of mana, he could not bring God Mode to full play. With Mana Spring Potion, he could take it to the next level in God Mode.

He may have only 25 Diamond Star Tears in possession, but a special apothecary treatment could turn 25 Diamond Star Tears into 250 Diamond Star Dusts, which meant to say that Li Yi could refine Mana Spring up to 250 times.

The process of refining was as dull as ditchwater, with the percentage of failure at a high margin. Once the 250 times refinery was completed, Li Yi only obtained 100 bottles of Mana Spring Potion.

With a 100-time success, his mastery advanced by 100 points. This success rate was acceptable to Li Yi.

By the time he was done with refining, Mutated Small Wild Boar’s skill became available. Li Yi once again opted Solid Ice’s aggro-pulling tactic to move forward but this time, an unexpected event occurred.

Five Tuhr Sacred Swords were immune towards Mutated Small Wild Boar’s Taunt. They did not lay siege on Mutated Small Wild Boar, instead, they launched an attack at Li Yi.

“Tst tst tst—”

Five streaks of Blade Aura propelled towards Li Yi and even with anticipation skills as strong as Li Yi’s would not be able to escape this attack coming from the front, back, left, and right.

Pft! Pft! Pft!

His shoulder, head, and right leg suffered direct hits, instantly wiping him out…

The Tuhr Sacred Swords retreated while Li Yi miraculously stood up from the ground. The HP bar on his head was left with one measly drop.

At the instant he was about to be stabbed by the Tuhr Sacred Swords, Li Yi placed Cardiac Pacemaker Model on his chest and utilized Keep Going If Alive skill.

Keep Going If Alive was a peculiar skill. It has a high success rate when one was against players but when in battle with monsters, the probability of it succeeding was less than 20%. There were eight out of ten chances it would not work. However, he was in luck as even though Cardiac Pacemaker Model malfunctioned, he scored with Keep Going If Alive.

Keep Going If Alive was an enhanced version of Pseudocide. It has all of Pseudocide’s characteristics, including breaking away from battle.

As soon as he revived Mutated Small Wild Boar, Li Yi sat on the ground to recover.

Mutated Small Wild Boar was a low-level pet. When it was up against high-level monsters such as Tuhr Sacred Swords, there was a slim chance Solid Ice would work. Li Yi was lucky the first time, as Mutated Small Wild Boar managed to Taunt all of its targets. However, the same could not be said for the second time.

“Mr. Ulumuchi, where are you? I… I I I I… I picked up a mount!”

It was then, Sister Windcloud Nine was heard shouting in the regional channel.

Sister Windcloud Nine has once sent a friend request to Ulumuchi but was rejected by Li Yi. With Sister Windcloud Nine fearful of him, she would probably delete him the moment she found out he was Li Yi.

“It’s a mount dropped by a monster I defeated. It’s no use to me, so I’m giving it to you.” Li Yi shouted back in the regional channel.

“It’s too much. This mount has great attributes. It must be expensive. Mr. Ulumuchi, I really can’t take it. Where are you? I want to return the mount to you.”

Expensive? Her husband was famous for being loaded yet she felt this mount was expensive.

“I really have no use for a Dark-path mount. You have mastered the Dark-path, right? Just accept it.”

“I really shouldn’t… but thank you…” Sister Windcloud Nine did not have the cheek to accept at first but she was really in love with the attributes of Deathcharger.

After a brief moment, Sister Windcloud Nine let out a shriek, “Mr. Ulumuchi, come quick! I see a lot of Tuhr Sacred Swords…”

“How many?”

“A whole bunch of them. Are there a lot of Tuhr Sacred Swords around here?”

“Of course, there are at least fifteen Tuhr Sacred Swords in front of me. If I were to go close, my HP will plunge.”

“Me too, but, huh? This sword…”

Sister Windcloud Nine was still in conversion when her speech came to an abrupt end.

Li Yi shouted, “Sister Nine, are you dead?”

There was no answer…

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