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Pierce Heaven Til’ It Breaks (Web Novel) - Chapter 521: Weakness

Chapter 521: Weakness

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Swish swish swish swish swish…

The dozens of Tuhr Sacred Swords in the hallway mysteriously disappeared,

Li Yi was stunned but braved ahead while staying in Wind Shield’s Protection.

He may be in the dark about what was going on, but one thing was for sure, with Tuhr Sacred Swords gone, no obstacles lay ahead. When would such an opportunity come along if he did not take this chance to continue his journey ahead?

Walking in the empty passageway, there was no Tuhr Sacred Swords in sight. It was not long before Li Yi found the fourth stage altar stone, subsequently reading the inscriptions on it.

Just as he predicted, the stone recorded the secrets of Tuhr Sacred Swords.

Tuhr Sacred Sword was forged using Extraterrestrial Demonic God Bones and the demonic aura was so heavy during forging that it absorbed all life within a hundred-mile radius, craftsman included.

Tuhr Sacred Sword was too terrifying that in a long span of hundred years, no one was able to control it. It was only when the first Clan Leader of the Tuhrs forced this demonic sword into submission with the secrets of Tuhr that its name was changed to Tuhr Sacred Sword.

The stone inscriptions of the fourth stage altar table were far more detailed than the third stage altar stone. Although the way to seize the Tuhr Sacred Sword was not written, it did mention a way to restrain the Tuhr Scared Sword.

There was a red jewel on the handle of Tuhr Sacred Sword which was forged from the eyes of Extraterrestrial Demonic God. In order to restrain Tuhr Sacred Sword, attacking the eye could lower Tuhr Sacred Sword’s Senses to a minimum.

The inscription of the stone ended there. It seemed that if the final stage was not cleared and the last stone left unread, the secrets of Tuhr Sacred Sword would not be fully uncovered.

Li Yi checked on Sister Windcloud Cloud using Divine Looking Glass and realized she was also in the Altar.

“Sister Nine? Sister Nine? Are you dead?”

“No… Not yet. I’m being chased by a sword so I really had no time to type…” Sister Windcloud Nine was panting for air but finally replied.

Li Yi trotted across to the fifth stage entryway. He stepped in for a look but quickly moved back.

Compared to the fourth stage, the fifth stage was more hectic. It was a space in there with no walkway, flooded with various elemental energies of windstorms, lightning, fire, frost, etc. Li Yi only remained there for less than three seconds yet the HP bar displayed on his head was cut by half.

The fifth stage of Tuhr Altar was indeed terrifying.

“Ulu… Ulu…” Sister Windcloud Nine reached out.

“I’ll come for you.”

Li Yi summoned Violent Bear King for protection before barging into the fifth stage of the Altar.

“God Mode!”


An image of Hunter Goddess presented itself behind Li Yi when these elemental energies within the fifth stage space detected him. They surged towards Li Yi to launch a full-scale attack.

Li Yi turned and retreated.

Just a quick run in has his 110,000 HP down to less than 3,000.

With no secure footing, whether he took flight or remained, the fifth stage of Tuhr Altar was definitely beyond horrific.

It was then, Li Yi received a System Notification. Because he was the first to reach the fifth stage of Tuhr Altar, he has obtained the Tuhr Watchmen achievement and +2 Skill Points reward.

Li Yi then flapped his wings and retraced his steps back.

He decided to put the fifth stage at the back of his mind and returned to check on Sister Windcloud Nine.

It was empty in the fourth stage so Li Yi was able to pass through easily. Upon returning to the third stage, he opted for Invisibility Potion and Shrinking Scroll to bypass the Stone Guardians and there, Li Yi encountered Sister Windcloud Nine.

Sister Windcloud Nine was looking frazzled and behind her, was a gleaming Tuhr Sacred Sword hot on her tail. As for her, she had both hands embarrassingly covering her crotch area as she tried to make an escape.

This gleaming Tuhr Sacred Sword was not flying at high velocity and with Sister Windcloud Nine running in circles, it was barely catching up, let alone getting near.

“Sister Nine, what are you doing?” Watching this unfold before him, Li Yi’s curiosity was piqued.

“Don’t look! Don’t look…”

Sister Windcloud Nine’s face went flush red with embarrassment when she saw Li Yi. She dared not remove her hands from her crotch area. It was such an awkward moment for her that if there was a crack on the ground, she would probably bury her head in it.

It was then Li Yi noticed the slit in Sister Windcloud Nine’s crotch area…

“This sword, it it it it cut… cut cut cut cut open my clothes.”

Li Yi’s jaw dropped but nodded to show comprehension.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Li Yi drew four arrows, shooting towards the jewel eye on Tuhr Sacred Sword’s handle.

The same Tuhr Sacred Sword in pursuit of Sister Windcloud Nine trembled before its flashing glow weakened. The attack at its eye has its Sensory ability immediately declined.

The first arrow caused a 20 point damage, the second arrow caused a 25 point damage, the third arrow caused 1,000+ damage while the fourth arrow caused 1,300+ damage. The inscription on the fourth stage altar stone was indeed accurate. The weakness of Tuhr Sacred Sword was in the eye. However, this weakness could only be triggered from the third consecutive attack onwards.

With Tuhr Sacred Sword’s eye damaged, its movements became slow. Li Yi and Sister Windcloud Nine’s constant drop of HP ceased.

With the eye assaulted, its Drain effect too, temporarily came to a stop.


Li Yi was overjoyed and continued to strike Tuhr Sacred Sword in the eye. This time, it was just wishful thinking.

When his arrow was shot over, Tuhr Sacred Sword flipped over and pointed its tip towards him as it shifted its handle to the back. The arrow, coming in contact with the blade tip, smashed to smithereens and dealt a measly 1 point damage on Tuhr Sacred Sword.

What an intelligent sword…

Li Yi raised his voice, “Sister Nine, stop covering up. Come help me attack its eye. It’s okay if your pants are torn, you’re still wearing your underwear.”

Sister Windcloud Nine whimpered before burying her face in a kneeling position. She did not even want to stand up at this point.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Li Yi faced Tuhr Sacred Sword alone and all the arrows he shot were blocked by the blade tip. Tuhr Sacred Sword was able to defend from all direction. Li Yi would not be able to get it in the eye unless he could sneak up to the back.

Tst tst tst tst—

The lack of attack to the Sacred Sword’s eye for a long period meant that the Drain effect resumed. Li Yi and Sister Windcloud Nine were both suffered another bout of HP drop.

Li Yi panicked, “I’m going to die if you don’t help me.”

“I… I…”

“You’re wearing underwear in there, what’re you afraid of? Moreover, this isn’t real, it’s a game, a game.”

Li Yi was running about as he tried to talk some sense into Sister Windcloud Nine, without saving his breath. Finally, she was able to accept the condition she was in.

Sister Windcloud Nine stood up and raised her staff. Her crotch area was in full display, flashing her underwear within.

After an incantation of spells, Sister Windcloud Nine hammered Tuhr Sacred Sword with a black ball.

“Dark Curse! Blood Stasis! Blood Explosion!”

All three attacks were directed at the Tuhr Sacred Sword’s eye, forcing it to simmer down. Its entire body shuddered before the glow unleashed dimmed down and its Drain effect once again, disappeared.

“Great, just like this, keep it up!”

Li Yi and Sister Windcloud Nine teamed up on a pincer attack in the front and back. The continuous spot-on hits on the mighty Tuhr Sacred Sword soon made it flee.

“It finally ran away,” Sister Windcloud Nine let out a long sigh of relief. Her hands unconsciously found their way back to her crotch area.

Li Yi was curious, “Why was this sword interested in attacking you there?”

Sister Windcloud Nine’s cheeks went red. Her lips, unable to utter a word.

Li Yi laughed out loud and summoned Portable Automated Trading, Repairing, and Mailing Robot out to repair her equipment. The cut on her pants meant the durability was no more. A simple fix would have it as good as new.

Sister Windcloud Nine repaired her equipment and with that, the hole in her pants was gone.

Sister Windcloud Nine smiled, “It’s so convenient to have a robot but the price you set is too high.”

The robot belonged to Li Yi so he could fix whatever repair rate. He did not have to spend a dime if he were to repair himself but if it was for someone else, they would have to fork out 10 Gold Coins.

“Sister Windcloud Nine, how did you make it over there?”

A husky voice was heard. It was Akna.

There was a row of Stone Guardians in between Akna and Li Yi’s party. Li Yi and Sister Windcloud Nine had crossed over to the other side but Akna could not cross over.

“Teacher, we used Invisibility and shrink to come over here.”

“Invisibility and shrink?”

“Your Highness Akna, there’s no need for that. I read the inscription on the stone and if we just hit Stone Guardians in the mouth it’ll do the trick.”

The stones did not just explain about Tuhr Sacred Swords. It also detailed the weakness of Stone Guardian. The method was simple enough. As long as the mouth of Stone Guardian was smacked prior to it spewing monsters, it would stop it in its tracks, beautifully neutralizing it.

In order to convince Akna, Li Yi drank a bottle of Mana Spring and struck at the Stone Guardians.

Bp! Bp! Bp!

As Stone Guardians sustained slaps in the mouth, they withered and remained motionless, similar to Tuhr Sacred Sword when it was hit in the eye. Li Yi shot only three arrows at each Stone Guardian and soon dozens of them were completely suppressed.

Akna began to fire up her summons, having skeletal crows and bats wipe clean the scene in an instant as these Stone Guardians turned fragile with low DEF after a bull’s eye on their weakness.

“Hero of Deathwing, it is all thanks to you.”

At the sound of the System Notification, Akna’s Affinity towards Li Yi rose.

It was a game changer between knowing and not knowing the weakness of monsters. The trio advanced forward and opted the same method in taking care of the remaining Stone Guardians. With their journey smooth sailing, they quickly arrived at the fourth stage entryway.

Akna took the lead in the front while Li Yi followed close behind her. Sister Windcloud Nine clenched her staff tight as she trailed behind them.

“Mr. Ulumuchi, is your strongest Transformed state… that Archer?”

Li Yi chuckled, “Of course not. My strongest Transformed state is a boss, a super boss.”


Sister Windcloud Nine was hesitant to speak up. There were a few times that she wanted to say something to Li Yi and stopped short.

“What do you want to say? Let me have it,” Li Yi could tell she was bothered so he asked her.

“Nothing,” Sister Windcloud Nine forced a smile.

“Careful ahead! Tuhr Sacred Swords are emerging!”

Tst tst—

Akna had just finished speaking when a glowing Tuhr Sacred Sword dashed over in full glory.

Looking at the build of the sacred sword, it seemed to be the same blade that slit open Sister Windcloud Nine’s pants…

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