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Pierce Heaven Til’ It Breaks (Web Novel) - Chapter 522: Territory Field

Chapter 522: Territory Field

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Swish swish!

A crisscross slash ripped open Akna’s clothes…

Li Yi was gasping in awe at the overbearing effect. It was more vigorous than his Orange Quality Bow’s Armor Strip.

Beneath Akna’s black robe was a skeletal frame. Different from Yuria, she was no beauty but an actual undead creature.


Sister Windcloud Nine could not help but shudder when she caught glimpse of the rows of bones underneath Akna’s clothes.

This Tuhr Sacred Sword was a dirtbag, ripping Akna’s clothes before turning around to swarm towards Li Yi, instead of continuing its attack on Akna.

Li Yi initiated Rocket Propellant to swiftly distance himself while still managing to fire back two arrows during his getaway.

Clang! Clang!

The two arrows hit the tip of the sword. This Tuhr Sacred Sword has high IQ as it securely hid its handle in the back, not allowing a chance for Li Yi to attack.

“Dark Curse! Blood Stasis! Blood Explosion!”

Sister Windcloud Nine launched an attack at the side, with three continuous strikes aimed at Tuhr Sacred Sword’s eye.

Tuhr Sacred Sword trembled from impact and entered into a dispirited state.

“An opening!”

Akna yelled out loud and summoned Undead to strike a full range attack.

The almighty Tuhr Sacred Sword was not able to hold up for long as it made its escape once again.

Tuhr Sacred Sword fled at high velocity. Mounts were not allowed in the Altar, even if they were allowed, they probably would not be able to catch up to its speed. It ran almost as fast as the speed of light.

“Let’s go.”

Akna notified them and grabbed her Skull Staff to be on her way.

Sister Windcloud Nine caught up, “Teacher, your clothes…”

A tincture of black smoke swirled around Akna, instantly recovering her clothes as they were.

“This spell’s great. Can you teach me?”

“If you wish to end up like me, I can teach you.”

“Oh… Nevermind then.”

Walking in the still empty walkway, the Tuhr Sacred Swords Li Yi encountered earlier were all missing. With nothing barring their way, the trio arrived at the fourth layer altar table.

Akna took a good look at the altar stone for long before letting out a sigh.

“What’s wrong, teacher? What did you find?” Sister Windcloud Nine was dying with curiosity.

Akna answered, “There’s been a legend passed down for many generations in our Tuhr… Mm, in the Tuhr Clan.”

“What legend?”

“The legend is about Tuhr Sacred Sword and legend has it that anyone could subdue Tuhr Sacred Sword would be granted eternal life.”

Akna was stirring with hot emotions at the mention of this. Her body beneath her black garments was shivering with excitement.

“If I could obtain Tuhr Sacred Sword, eternal life is not important to me. I just wish for flesh and body to become a complete person.”


System Notification: [You’ve lent an ear to Akna’s troubles. The Affinity between you and Akna have increased.]

It was no wonder Akna wanted to get her hands on Tuhr Sacred Sword. Her true motive was to recover a human body.

It suddenly made sense to Li Yi.

“Soon, soon. As long as I can make it to the fifth layer, as long as I can read the altar stone in the fifth layer, I will subdue Tuhr Sacred Sword!”

Akna’s emotions were growing stronger. She grabbed her Skull Staff and ran off without another word.

Li Yi tilted his head and was shocked to find Sister Windcloud Nine’s eyes red.

“What’s wrong?”

“Poor… Poor teacher,” Sister Windcloud Nine choked with sobs.

Li Yi was speechless to see how touched Sister Windcloud Nine was.

All the Tuhr Sacred Swords in the fourth layer have disappeared so the clear path quickly led them to the entryway of the fifth layer.

Akna was the first to enter. Sister Windcloud Nine wanted to follow in but was stopped by Li Yi. He almost died in there with 20 thousand HP. Sister Windcloud Nine was only a Priest with low HP. She would probably never see the light of day in there.

Li Yi’s concern was soon verified. In a mere few seconds, Akna scurried out in a battered state.

Her 90 million HP limit had only 200 thousand left, just a little more and she would have been done for.

Akna was still trying to recover from her shock, “What a terrifying Territory Field… I can’t breathe under such suppression.”

“Teacher, what’s Territory Field?” Little Miss Naive Sister Nine was at it with her questions again.

“It’s a realm but at the current level you’re in, you won’t be able to grasp it.”

Akna sat on the ground to recover while she explained Territory Field to Sister Windcloud Nine.

When a person’s ability has reached its peak and certain boundaries were surpassed, they would be in possession of Territory potency and this Territory potency would grow to a certain limit in which one’s strength would go through a transformation. A single action could destroy an entire city and a person with such ability was called — God!

Entering Territory was a compulsory path for a mortal to become God. Sister Windcloud Nine may not be able to fathom such information but Li Yi knew of this because in his past life, he has entered Territory.

“Then teacher, are you proficient with Territory?”

Faced with Sister Windcloud Nine’s question, Akna shook her head and sighed, “It’s not easy to enter Territory. In all of Pantheon’s Continents, there are no one but Augustus, Elenor, and Emperor Lan, only these three heroes have truly entered Territory realm.”

“What can we do?”

Akna did not reply. The black air around her churned as she entered into a deep slumber.

“Teacher’s asleep again. What should we do?”

“I’m logging off for a rest.”

Li Yi yawned and waved his hand at Sister Windcloud Nine before logging off.

He was beat after almost a full day of activity.

Li Yi stretched his body and got up, grabbing his phone for a look. There were five missed calls with three from Lin Qian and two from Xu Man.

Li Yi called back.

Du du…

The call quickly connected and Lin Qian’s voice was heard from the other line. It seemed that she has found another place to rent and was prepared to end her tenancy so she called to inform him.

Hanging up, Li Yi frowned as he fell deep into thought.

Lin Qian rented a lot of places in the past life but there were none that she grew accustomed to. It was only until both of them bought that little White House together that she finally settled down.

There were many changes to this life. Would Lin Qian finally end up in that little white house?

Li Yi was no longer certain now…

However, he knew one thing for sure and that was something major which was about to happen to Lin Qian.

Ending the call with Lin Qian, Li Yi glanced at the other two missed calls. He was reluctant but still dialed back.

The remaining two missed calls were from major celebrity Xu Man.

She was looking for him in the game and now in real life too. What could be so urgent that a celebrity was searching for him?

“Li Yi, quick, help me, only you can help me…”

Xu Man’s anxious voice was heard the moment the call was connected.

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