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MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel)


Catching arrows, running up walls, crushing boulders and bending metal, these are but petty parlour tricks in the eyes of a true martial artist. But where can a martial artist stand in an era of material pursuit?

Join Wang Yu, the greatest martial genius the world has ever seen, as he takes on the gaming world of “Rebirth”, where dragons, demons and immortals are more than just legends.

1235 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1178: Monsters Besiege2020-09-19
Chapter 1177: Collecting Some Interests2020-09-18
Chapter 1176: Slaughter2020-09-17
Chapter 1175: Something Unexpected2020-09-16
Chapter 1174: Game of Snake2020-09-15
Chapter 1173: A Quest With ‘No Difficulty’2020-09-14
Chapter 1172: Black Crystal2020-09-13
Chapter 1171: Shroom Devil King’s Mechanical Rats2020-09-12
Chapter 1170: Lend Me Your Head2020-09-11
Chapter 1169: Saint Alice2020-09-10
Chapter 1168: The Light Temple In The Fortress2020-09-09
Chapter 1167: The Scary God of Devils Fortress2020-09-08
Chapter 1166: Outdated Online Celebrity Ironbull2020-09-07
Chapter 1165: Shroom Devil King’s Quest2020-09-06
Chapter 1164: We Are Different2020-09-05
Chapter 1163: Wild Wolf Pack2020-09-04
Chapter 1162: Female Bad Guy, Shroom Devil King2020-09-03
Chapter 1161: The Breakthrough Point of the Job Skill Quest2020-09-02
Chapter 1160: Hermit’s Real Job2020-09-01
Chapter 1159: Black Crystal2020-08-31
Chapter 1158: Finalised2020-08-30
Chapter 1157: Fearless’ Mind2020-08-29
Chapter 1156: Failing Through The Lack Of A Final Effort2020-08-28
Chapter 1155: We Have Iron Bull2020-08-27
Chapter 1154: Highly Skilled2020-08-26
Chapter 1153: An Evenly Match Talent2020-08-25
Chapter 1152: No Need To Chase A Cornered Enemy2020-08-24
Chapter 1151: Strictly Waiting2020-08-23
Chapter 1150: The Real Strong One2020-08-22
Chapter 1149: Absolute Power Difference2020-08-21
Chapter 1148: The Brave Man Against The Evil Dragon2020-08-20
Chapter 1147: Grip Of Darkness2020-08-19
Chapter 1146: Departed Spirit’s Roar2020-08-18
Chapter 1145: Pitiful Tyrone2020-08-17
Chapter 1144: Breakthrough!!2020-08-16
Chapter 1143: Stronger Upon Death2020-08-15
Chapter 1142: The BOSS That Can’t Be Defeated2020-08-14
Chapter 1141: The Right Way To Fight An Ancient Boss2020-08-13
Chapter 1140: A Pugilist’s Combo Attacks2020-08-12
Chapter 1139: Selling A Teammate2020-08-11
Chapter 1138: Full of Treasure2020-08-10
Chapter 1137: Departed Spirit Lock2020-08-09
Chapter 1136: The Dead Spirit Gate2020-08-08
Chapter 1135: Running Away After Acting Cool?2020-08-07
Chapter 1134: All Are Linked2020-08-06
Chapter 1133: God Of Death’s Left And Right Hand2020-08-06
Chapter 1132: A Stronger Opponent2020-08-06
Chapter 1131: Divert Opponent’s Attention2020-08-06
Chapter 1130: Diverting Attention2020-08-06
Chapter 1129: Ring Of Life And Death2020-08-06
Chapter 1128: Soul Seizing Sickle2020-07-31
Chapter 1127: Successful Clearance2020-07-30
Chapter 1126: A Good Time For War2020-07-30
Chapter 1125: Helpless In The Face Of A Crisis2020-07-28
Chapter 1124: Exploding Departed Spirit2020-07-27
Chapter 1123: Departed Spirit Monarch Hasma2020-07-26
Chapter 1122: Is The BOSS Dead?2020-07-25
Chapter 1121: Fighting BOSS2020-07-24
Chapter 1120: A BOSS With No Defense Gap2020-07-23
Chapter 1119: Departed Spirit Shaman Lord Bradley2020-07-22
Chapter 1118: Gate Guarding BOSS2020-07-21
Chapter 1117: Incomprehensible Opponent2020-07-20
Chapter 1116: True God2020-07-19
Chapter 1115: Thousand Waves Palace’s Motive2020-07-18
Chapter 1114: Frightening Challenge2020-07-17
Chapter 1113: Dominica’s Lair2020-07-16
Chapter 1112: Despicable Shroom Devil King2020-07-15
Chapter 1111: Shroom Devil King2020-07-14
Chapter 1110: B*stard Who Did Not Go According To Plan2020-07-13
Chapter 1109: Unfathomable Mystery2020-07-12
Chapter 1108: To Surprise Everyone2020-07-11
Chapter 1107: Unexpected Reward2020-07-10
Chapter 1106: Mystery Pavilion Who Waited For Opportunities2020-07-09
Chapter 1105: Black Decree2020-07-08
Chapter 1104: Outdated Online Celebrity2020-07-07
Chapter 1103: Lady Orc2020-07-06
Chapter 1102: Popular Opinion Is Impeccable2020-07-05
Chapter 1101: Sky Dragon City’s Greatest Reward2020-07-04
Chapter 1100: Undercover Spy2020-07-03
Chapter 1099: Nowhere To Escape2020-07-02
Chapter 1098: Better To Do It By Yourself2020-07-01
Chapter 1097: Each Own Motives2020-06-30
Chapter 1096: Nine Solitary Spears’ Condition2020-06-29
Chapter 1095: Spy2020-06-28
Chapter 1094: Declaration Of War2020-06-27
Chapter 1093: Retreating To Survive2020-06-26
Chapter 1092: Settling The Scores2020-06-25
Chapter 1091: An Even Worse Outcome2020-06-24
Chapter 1090: Genius Of The Century2020-06-23
Chapter 1089: Only Kung Fu Could Defeat Kung Fu2020-06-22
Chapter 1088: If Hard Work Pays Off, Why Do Geniuses Exist?2020-06-21
Chapter 1087: The Famous Thirteen Ji2020-06-20
Chapter 1086: The Situation Has Turned2020-06-19
Chapter 1085: Struggling to be Alive2020-06-18
Chapter 1084: An Angry Vainglory2020-06-17
Chapter 1083: Feng Yun Realm’s Old Hideout2020-06-16
Chapter 1082: Master of Bluffing Battle Tactics2020-06-15
Chapter 1081: Vainglory’s Multiple Choice Question2020-06-14
Chapter 1080: Unreliable2020-06-13
Chapter 1079: To Get Assistance2020-06-12
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