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MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 690: Spring Halo’s Calculations

Chapter 690: Spring Halo’s Calculations

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Fearless said, “After suffering such a huge loss at our hands, the bunch of experts from Void Blade will definitely come after us. Seeing that we are all split up, they will surely come after us one by one.”

“Ganging up on us one by one? Those bunch of players are good. Aren’t we doomed then?” Darknorth Fisher worriedly voiced out his concern.

“He he! That group of players definitely have some skills, but we aren’t weak either. It would be best if they would fall for the trap that I have set up. If you guys happen to meet them later, just do this…” Fearless coldly laughed and explained.

“Haha, seems like Fearless is still the most ruthless.” Everyone praised in admiration upon hearing his plans.

“Tsk, so troublesome? Why not just let Uncle Bull slaughter them all?” Vainglory said.

Fearless said, “That bunch of experts are all professional experts and are not like the other sitting ducks in Void Blade. Two of them were once killed by Old Bull. They would definitely avoid him on purpose. If we were to do so, we would not be able to catch them.”

Wang Yu nodded and said, “What Fearless said makes sense! Little Chicky, you’re still young. Please use your head to think in the future.”

Vainglory added on, “With Fearless this old dog and his craftiness, why would I even need to use my own brain?”

This little devil…

Just when everyone was chatting happily, a player with a sword’s crest on his chest sneaked into the Casino.

The sword-shaped crest was the guild emblem of Void Blade. Even though the crest was not obvious, the Casino was rather remote and the streets were narrow. Despite there being quite a few players in there, it was still easily spotted.

Spring Halo, who was constantly keeping watch over the Casino’s entrance, saw the player enter. He smirked and said in the guild chat, “Be right back, they are here.”

At the same moment, Yang Nuo also said in the chat, “I see them over here too.”

After sending his reply, Spring Halo peeped at the Casino’s entrance before he sneakily followed behind.

Destruction of Heaven and Earth, who was standing at the entrance of the Casino, saw Spring Halo coming out. He hastily shouted, “Capture him!”

Among all the job classes, the Shamans have the most control skills, following which would be the Templars. Even though both of these job classes have relatively low damage outputs, their abundance of control skills could leave their opponents wishing for death…

Furthermore, Spring Halo was renowned for his skills as a player. Destruction of Heaven and Earth did not dare underestimate him, thus the only way to eliminate him would be to first activate control skills against him instead.

Fist of Heaven only had tension with the few from Sanguine alliance and had a relatively good relationship with the rest of the players. Upon receiving Destruction of Heaven and Earth’s instructions, Fist of Heaven immediately bent over and activated [Charge].

Before Fist of Heaven could reach Spring Halo, he finally realised a black circle appearing on the floor.

“Eh?! F*ck!”

Fist of Heaven naturally knew that the black circle was Spring Halo’s [Dark Barrier]. In the midst of his panic, he cancelled his skill.

Fist of Heaven’s ability to control his character wasn’t shabby. Even though he cancelled his skill cast, he did not give up on his attack. He made a turn to avoid the skill and promptly placed a talisman on his weapon before activating [Descending Hammer] and pouncing on Spring Halo.


At this very moment, Spring Halo turned his head back. When Fist of Heaven saw the sly smile plastered on Spring Halo’s face, he was shocked. At the same time, a Demon skull flew from Spring Halo’s staff towards him.

Although [Descending Hammer] was a skill that would likely hit its target, its only weakness was the fact that the player had to jump up in the air to cast it…

As talented as a player can be, without the ability to use any special maneuver skills mid-air, there was no way one could adjust his position in the air…

As Fist of Heaven was still in the air, he was unable to dodge the incoming skill. He was directly hit by Spring Halo’s Demon skull. After which, a [Fear] icon appeared above his head. His spell was only cast halfway before he promptly crashed onto the floor.

[Fear Nightmare] was a Shaman’s single unit control ability. It would cause the target to enter into a [Faint] and [Fear] state for a long duration and could only come out of the state upon receiving an attack.

“We are exposed! Hurry and attack!” Seeing Fist of Heaven getting attacked, Destruction of Heaven and Earth promptly gave the order, before rushing forward to give chase.

After running a few steps forward, his feet started to sink. A field of thorns emerged to trap Destruction of Heaven and Earth.

At this moment, three other players had already pounced onto Spring Halo from the front. Spring Halo swiftly retreated backwards and six Demons promptly came forward to surround the three players. Immediately after, Spring Halo’s body started to fade away.

The moment the three players manage to break away from the Demon’s defences and tried to use their weapons to hack at Spring Halo’s body, Spring Halo had already turned into a cloud of black mist, completely ignoring the physical damage from the three players.

Destruction of Heaven and Earth was rooted and did not have the necessary skills to break free. He could only watch as Spring Halo flew towards the roof and floated towards another direction.

“Ha….” After seeing this, Destruction of Heaven and Earth couldn’t help but suck in cold air, in bewilderment.

Large scale rooting skills were easy to land as they covered a wide area. However, the timing at which Spring Halo cast these two skills was impeccable.

If Fist of Heaven had not promptly cancelled the casting of his ability initially, both of them would have gotten caught in this wide-scale control skill. The predictions and calculations involved in this short maneuver were terrifying… Even though Fist of Heaven managed to dodge [Dark Barrier], seeing how smoothly Spring Halo was able to follow up with his Demons implied that everything was still within his calculations.

As [Nightmare] was a skill that had a very slow trajectory speed, it was very easily dodged. Only players that were in midair were likely to get hit by it.

There was no need to comment on the three players at the back… He was able to “coincidentally” dodge the attacks of the three players directly in front of him. Naturally, this was also within his calculations.

To be able to time the duration of skills to such precision, even amongst the professional experts, it would be impossible to find a player such as this.

“Destruction, do we chase or not?” Seeing Spring Halo flying away, the other three players turned around and asked Destruction of Heaven and Earth.

These three players were also professional experts. They naturally knew that Spring Halo was an exceptional player. When faced against such an expert, they dare not treat it lightly. Furthermore, they were all melee players. Chasing after a job class with many control skills was a difficult thing for them to do.

Soon after, the duration of the control skill placed on Destruction of Heaven and Earth had expired. He then promptly went in front of Fist of Heaven and gave him a slap to wake him up. He then gave the command, “Chase!”

Even though Spring Halo was precise in his calculations, in an actual battle, the only thing that would come into play would be a player’s ability to control his character as well as his reactions. Destruction of Heaven and Earth was rather confident of his abilities in this aspect. Furthermore, if the five of them did not even dare to chase after Spring Halo at this point, when they get back, they would surely be laughed at by Sanguine Rain and the rest.

Even though everyone nominated for Sanguine Rain to be the team leader, at the end of the day, no one was willing to be labelled as incompetent.

What Destruction of Heaven and Earth did not know was, things on Sanguine Rain’s side were not going too well either.

“The Archer has come out! Shoot her!” After Xiao Xiang Sword managed to lure Yang Nuo out of the Shop, Sanguine Rain, who was lying in ambush a far distance away, gave the command to Sanguine Red, promptly which he himself knocked his bow and shot at Yang Nuo.

Within a split second, numerous arrows were flying towards her.

Even though Yang Nuo was a lady, at the end of the day, she was still a genuine disciple trained by everyone in the Sect. She was rather adept at using the [Sever Star Steps].

The moment she got out of the Shop, Yang Nuo was on high alert. The moment she felt the danger behind her, Yang Nuo bent forward and turned around… With a combination of moves, she dodged all of the oncoming arrows.

With the inclusion of [Seven Star Steps], Yang Nuo’s execution of the moves was dazzling. Xiao Xiang Sword, who was looking back, was in awe… The ability of a beauty to control her own body was something a male player could never achieve. No wonder there was so much gender discrimination nowadays…

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