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MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 816: Karma Comes Sooner Or Later

Chapter 816: Karma Comes Sooner Or Later

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The players now were no longer like in the past. When they were at level 20, they could not dodge this skill but now everyone was level 40, their attributes and equipment were way better. Regular agile expert players could dodge this skill, much less a great expert like Wang Yu.


Hearing what Wang Yu said, Wilted Old Tree chuckled then took an ice spear to throw at Wang Yu. Wang Yu tilted his body to dodge it and just then, two shadows appeared from behind Wang Yu. They were the two Assassins, Ray Of Sunlight and Ray Of Moonlight.

The two of them held their daggers and began backstabbing Wang Yu.

Although Assassins’ backstabbing was an amateur skill, it was Assassin’s main output skill. Furthermore, backstabbing increased attack strength by a lot. Not just Wang Yu, a Pugilist, even when a Guardian was backstabbed by two Assassins at the same time, they would be dead too.

“Heng heng!” Seeing the two of them appear, Wilted Old Tree looked as though his sinister plot was successful. He thought to himself: What a shitty Pugilist, he is nothing in front of my battle tactics.

However, when Wilted Old Tree thought Wang Yu was going to be stabbed to death, Wang Yu reached both hands backwards and grabbed onto the two women’s wrists.

Wang Yu then proceeded to pull forward. The two of them who were pushing forward had their strength disrupted and were pulled to in front of Wang Yu.

“How could they still fail?”

Seeing how the two of them not only failed, and was pulled out by Wang Yu, Wilted Old Tree was shocked. His calm face turned into a panicked expression.

Especially since Wang Yu was back-facing the two of them, when he did not hesitate while acting, it seemed as though he thoroughly knew what the two of them were up to. With such accurate actions, did he have eyes behind?

Wilted Old Tree was a veteran player but after playing the game for so long, he never saw something so abnormal.

Team Peaceful’s women began by practicing Women’s Self-defence skills so naturally, their abilities were not weak. After being pulled out by Wang Yu, Ray Of Sunlight did not hesitate to turn around and kick backwards at Wang Yu. Ray Of Moonlight was even crueler. She turned around and stabbed towards Wang Yu’s abdomen.

If it was a normal person, in the face of such aggressive attacks, he would definitely die, but was Wang Yu a normal person? Of course not!

It was merely a set of self-defence skills from the Mo Family. To Wang Yu, it was just child’s play.

Wang Yu calmly pressed down his right hand against Ray Of Moonlight’s hand holding the dagger, then pushed it aside. Ray Of Moonlight lost control of her dagger and stabbed Ray Of Sunlight’s leg, causing her to fall.

At the same time, Wang Yu moved his left hand into a duck’s mouth and poked aggressively into Ray Of Moonlight’s temple.

Ray Of Moonlight was weak and in one hit, Wang Yu poked her into a ray of white light.

“Hurry, help!” Wilted Old Tree began to panic and urgently maneuvered his staff as he started reciting his largest skill. Ambilight and Desert Populus composed themselves and repeatedly shot at Wang Yu. Even their Priest, Instant Fanghua, threw a [Punishment Ray] at Wang Yu.

Wang Yu took a step back, swiped his hand and took a ray of white light to pull Ray Of Sunlight who was lying on the ground beside him, then threw her forward. Ray Of Sunlight blocked Wang Yu and absorbed all the attacks while flying towards Wilted Old Tree.

Wilted Old Tree was reciting his skill so he could not dodge in time. Hence, he was sent flying out too.

Wang Yu followed behind and flew up. He first landed and gave Ray Of Sunlight a deathly [Thunder God’s Stomp] then killed Ambilight and Desert Populus with a punch each.

Instant Fanghua saw her teammates being killed and was pale with shock. She quickly put on a [Holy Shield] for herself.

Against such shameless skills, Wang Yu still had a way. He ran over and pulled Instant Fanghua’s hand towards the cliff edge then kicked her down.

While Instant Fanghua was screaming in fear, Team Peaceful only had Wilted Old Tree left.

By then, Wilted Old Tree was desperate. Looking at this cruel Wang Yu, his palms and feet started to sweat.

Wilted Old Tree was like Fearless, someone who believed in battle tactics. To him, so long as the battle tactic was sound, they could defeat the strongest opponents.

However, today, Wang Yu used his heartless actions to shatter Wilted Old Tree’s knowledge.

From when they entered the map to chopping the bridge to kill people, Wilted Old Tree was plotting against Quan Zhen Sect every second. Everything was within his control, even up till when Wang Yu climbed up the cliff.

Even if Wang Yu threw all four of their frontline players down, Wilted Old Tree still thought they could win… After all, in this map, so long as they had two Archers, they had a chance of winning.

However, when Wang Yu escaped the ambush by the two Assassins, Wilted Old Tree began to panic. For someone who had never fought against Wang Yu, he definitely could not imagine that immense pressure. Hence, it made Wilted Old Tree rashly attack Wang Yu before he made proper arrangements.

Reality proved that in the face of extreme abilities, all crafts and plots were useless. The irony was that the extreme abilities came from only one person.

The spectators’ feelings could not be described. The guy who was just being defined as cheating, cruel beast really completed the impressive task of fighting off ten people alone.

Although there were geographic limitations, Team Peaceful’s short distance jobs could not utilise their formations and the long-distance jobs could not unleash their full potential. However still, not everyone could take on ten others.

“Do you want to do it or should I do it?” Wang Yu asked Wilted Old Tree as he looked at the cliff behind him.

“…” Wilted Old Tree saw the never-ending abyss and shivered in fear, then clicked on surrender.

Of course, if he surrendered, he could still retain some pride but if Wang Yu did it… He would have to experience the power of gravity.

Wilted Old Tree surrendered and A Murder Of Crows won the third round by a huge advantage, emerging victorious and Team Peaceful was eliminated.

Team Peaceful who lost were all barely conscious, especially those few women who Wang Yu threw down the abyss. They kept quiet but their faces were filled with hatred for Wang Yu.

“Old Bull, you are really cruel!!” After returning to the waiting room, Rolling Mario gave him a thumbs up and praised him.

Honestly, even though those women were his opponents, most people would still not be so cruel. What Wang Yu did seemed quite hair-standing to normal people.

Wang Yu calmly said, “What’s so cruel about it? I was so decisive. Unless you wanted me to punch and kick them?”

“You kick them down the cliff. Do you know how traumatic it is?” Rolling Mario said, wiping his sweat.

Wang Yu pointed at Yang Nuo and said, “We were thrown down the cliff too. Since they want to play, karma will come sooner or later.”

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