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MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 817: Baffling Team Satan

Chapter 817: Baffling Team Satan

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“Hehe, well done. It is to my surprise that you guys could win those girls.”

Wang Yu was talking to Rolling Mario when Lucifer butted in and said with a chuckle.

Being humble was the basic quality of a martial artist. Hearing Lucifer’s compliment, Wang Yu smiled and instinctively replied, “It’s nothing much.”

The corners of Lucifer’s mouth rose slightly and coldly smiled, “Yes! Seems like you are self-aware. You also know that you guys were just bullying those women.”


Wang Yu was not stupid and understood Lucifer was taunting him but he was in a good mood. If it was usually, based on Wang Yu and Quan Zhen Sect’s temper, Lucifer and his subordinates would be taught a lesson. However, they were in an inappropriate setting. The PVP Arena had rules that if the participating players fought privately, they would be disqualified. Hence, Wang Yu chose to ignore Lucifer’s taunt.

Lucifer was so used to being narcissistic so when he saw Wang Yu ignore him, he thought Wang Yu was afraid of him so he turned to Wang Yu and said, “Going to block the [Arrow Rain] after you put on the invincible shield might be able to disorientate those women but in front of me, no way. I’m telling you, PVP relies on abilities.”


Wang Yu was an idiot at the game’s terminology. By now, he only remembered the various jobs’ skills’ names and not the skills’ effects. Hence, he was full of question marks after hearing what Lucifer said.

“This guy is an idiot. What is he trying to say?” Wang Yu turned around and asked Rolling Mario puzzledly.

Just now, when Lucifer analysed that Wang Yu cheated to dodge the [Arrow Rain], Rolling Mario was there so he definitely knew what Lucifer meant.

However, Rolling Mario had a very high EQ. It was not day one that Quan Zhen Sect and Rolling Mario knew each other. Rolling Mario understood Quan Zhen Sect’s temper so he did not want Wang Yu to make a big commotion at such a place. Hence, he awkwardly said softly, “Old Bull, ignore him.”


Wang Yu nodded and looked at Lucifer puzzledly then return to Quan Zhen Sect’s seats.

“What did that idiot say to you?” Fearless came over and asked after Wang Yu sat down.

Wang Yu waved his hands and said, “I did not understand him. He is really baffling.”

On the PVP Arena, the competition continued. The next match was between Team Desires and Team Sky Heart.

These two teams’ abilities were not special and went for the stable route. Throughout the match, they were well-matched. In the end, Team Sky Heart won with a small advantage.

The last match was between Team Deep Sea and Team Wild Thunder. These two teams were seeded in the preliminary rounds and had pretty strong abilities. However, Team Deep Sea’s skills were better and after a tough fight, they won the last match.

After the first round of competition, Team Red Flame, Team Satan, Team A Murder Of Crows, Team Sky Heart and Team Deep Sea qualified for the next round.

As the other teams were comparable, their final point difference was very marginal, Team A Murder Of Crows directed qualified for the next round of the competition.

The next competition was between Team Satan and Team Red Flame.

Seeing who was their next opponent, Team Red Flame panicked. Even Rolling Mario was pale white.

Everyone had heard of Team Satan’s rumours. Furthermore, in the battle against Team Lotus Flower, everyone saw for themselves that these guys did not only have impressive abilities. They were also extremely cruel. They were the second most feared team by everyone here.

As to the team they did not want to meet the most, it was Team A Murder Of Crows. In the past, everyone only heard of how shameless and despicable Quan Zhen Sect was but after the previous match, everyone had a deep impression of how Wang Yu threw the women down the cliff one by one. From then on, Quan Zhen Sect was known to be shameless and also insane.

This was also why Lucifer disliked Wang Yu. Based on his character, Lucifer was an arrogant person who felt thrilled when others were fearful of him.

Wang Yu’s team flag was extremely arrogant with “Bull 13” flying in the wind and even his fearfulness was a step higher than Lucifer’s. Hence, Lucifer was upset as to him, this was as important to him as to how being number one on earth was to Ouyang Feng. Therefore, it was normal that he saw Wang Yu as his archenemy.

“Why are you guys scared for! At worst, we lose! Nothing to fear!” Seeing how her teammates were chickening out, Mo Xiaobei who always despised Lucifer chastised them in the waiting room.

As Team Red Flame’s team leader, Mo Xiaobei was very authoritative. Rolling Mario and the rest could not even lift their head.

“Tsk, those are your friends?” Lucifer once again annoyed Wang Yu and asked while pointing at Rolling Mario.

“So what if they are?” Wang Yu rose his eyebrow and asked annoyedly.

“Hehe, nothing.” Lucifer seemed to have a hidden meaning in his words. He smiled then brought his subordinates into the arena.

Rolling Mario and the rest were also teleported in under Mo Xiaobei’s lead.

The two teams had already competed so the spectators knew how were their abilities.

Although both teams qualified, their abilities were very far apart and not in the same league. Needless to mention, Team Satan was strong and as everyone knew, Team Red Flame, as Wang Yu, revived twice to qualify for this round to die.

Of course, based on Team Satan’s abilities, it was already a huge surprise that they were in the top five.

In the first round of one-vs-one matches, there was no suspense that Team Satan won all five matches while Team Red Flame lost with no anger.

However, it was rare that Team Satan decisively killed their opponent after winning and did not torture Team Red Flame. This shocked the spectators but they came to the conclusion that Team Red Flame was so weak that Team Satan did not get any thrill from torturing them.

After the one-vs-one match was over, the second round was King of the Hill.

Just as everyone stared at the screen to see both sides’ players, suddenly something out-of-the-blue happened.

The large screen did not show Team Satan’s player’s names.

As the game-wide competition for everyone’s entertainment, this PVP match would not have such a low-class BUG. There was only one reason that Team Satan’s names were not reflected, and that was that Team Satan forfeited.

Forfeited, yes, Team Satan forfeited the second round.

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