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MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 818: A Bunch Of B*stards

Chapter 818: A Bunch Of B*stards

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“F*ck, what were those guys thinking?” Realising that Team Satan forfeited on their own, the spectators were surprised and mad.

They were surprised because it was absolutely easy for Team Satan to defeat this weak Team Red Flame so it was unexpected that they would forfeit.

They were mad as although Team Satan had a bad character, their abilities were undeniable, and was a popular bet to win the competition.

The spectators had always treated Team Satan as a seeded team and most of them had bet that Team Satan would win. Now that they did this, it made them lose money!

Everyone put their interests first so Team Satan obviously offended all these players.

More upsetting was that the system did not regulate such obvious cheating actions.

Of course, after all it was a non-professional competition so the judges’ intelligence was limited and was not as professional as those robot judges’ operational system used in professional leagues.

At the moment, the system’s intelligence could only calculate the points and could not detect fake matches. Furthermore, Team Satan did not violate the rules.

Hence, no matter how angry the players were, they did not intervene.

Not only the present spectators, but even the other teams’ players in the waiting room were also puzzled. Team Satan had always been brutal. It did not seem like their style to let their opponent off and forfeit the match.

“I’m afraid they were conquered by my charisma. They heard Rolling Mario is my friend and maybe they decided to let them go?” Wang Yu displayed Quan Zhen Sect’s flair for being shameless.

“What ridiculous charisma!” Fearless said annoyedly, “I’m afraid Old Mario will be in trouble in the team battle.”

“Why?” Wang Yu frowned.

“Because Old Mario is your friend,” Fearless said with despise.

While everyone was discussing and sighing over it, Team Satan and Team Red Flame’s third battle began.

Lucifer chose the map. Arena!

In a flash of white light, both teams’ players were teleported into the match scene.

The Arena map was a very simple PVP map. It was a location surrounded by walls and everything could be seen in one look with no obstacles and no hiding spots such that Archers could shoot straight into the target’s head.

With twenty players from both sides fighting in it, the amount of space they had was very limited.

Team Satan’s players were warming up and their eyes gave off a fierce look.

As the countdown began, Team Satan pounced at Team Red Flame like a pack of hungry wolves.

Fighting in such a scene did not demand any battle tactics. No matter how crafty Rolling Mario was, in the face of extreme difference in abilities, Rolling Mario’s battle tactics had no use.

In less than a minute, eight out of ten players in Team Red Flame was killed, leaving only Mo Xiaobei and Rolling Mario struggling to survive.

From what was happening, instead of saying they were struggling, they were being tortured.

Team Satan’s ten players split into two groups and separately surrounded Rolling Mario and Mo Xiaobei.

Mo Xiaobei was a Pugilist, publicly known as the useless job. Her abilities could not match up to anyone in Team Satan but now she was surrounded by five of them. How could she be living well?

Rolling Mario was a Priest which was purely an assisting job. At this moment, it is worse than a Pugilist… In the face of Team Satan, such a strong opponent, he did not have any chance of retaliating.

Team Satan’s players wanted to slowly torture the two of them so they did not kill them, Instead, they kept their weapons and empty-handedly punched and kicked Mo Xiaobei and Rolling Mario.

Those hitting Rolling Mario were either Magician or Archer jobs. They were not strong and had low physical attack strength after keeping their weapons but Rolling Mario was also weak. He was pressed on the ground by five of them as they took turns to step on his face.

Rolling Mario, just like his name, was rolling around and yelling at the same time, “F*ck, not my face…”

Although he looked extremely pitiful, those people hitting him were too weak so after a few minutes, Rolling Mario still sounded energetic.

Mo Xiaobei was even more pitiful as her abilities were quite mediocre but she was very feisty. Although she knew she was no match for Team Satan, she still resisted. As a Pugilist, she was extremely small and fragile when compared to the burly Guardians. Anyone one of them could hold her up for the rest to beat.

To prevent the two of them from dying, there was even a priest to help them recover.

“F*ck, what kind of deep-seated animosity do they have!”

Seeing how the battle turned into one-sided torture, the spectators began to frown.

Even though everyone knew Team Satan’s style from the beginning, Team Satan’s previous opponents were all big men like Rolling Mario.

To men, being stepped on twice was no harm as it was common to die in a game, much less being beaten up.

Those easily embarrassed would probably hate Team Satan for a long while but those with thicker skin would just laugh it off.

However, other than Rolling Mario, Team Satan was also beating a young lady…

Women’s skin was not as thick and were weaker. After being beaten up by these few big men, how could she bear to continue playing the game anymore?

Hence, most people could not accept Team Satan’s doings. At the same time, Wang Yu also understood why Team Satan forfeited the second round.

Team Satan was targeting these two of them.

Rolling Mario and Mo Xiaobei did not have very strong jobs so, in the first round, they did not go up.

In the second round, the names were randomly selected and they were not chosen again so Team Satan chose to forfeit it. Their aim was for them to target the two of them in the third round.

“Damn it! These guys really deserve to die!” After knowing Team Satan’s true intentions, Wang Yu was furious.

This was not just because Lucifer intentionally targeted Rolling Mario to go against Wang Yu. It was because Wang Yu felt that Team Satan’s actions were too shameless.

They used such methods to bully the weak, how despicable.

However, in others’ hearts, Wang Yu was already better than Lucifer…

Mo Xiaobei was extremely feisty. As she was beaten up, her mouth did not let them off. While she struggled, she cursed at Lucifer, “B*stard, Sissy, Pervert, kill me decisively if you dare!”

Hearing Mo Xiaobei’s yells, Lucifer’s expression turned dark and cold, then waved at the two players beating Mo Xiaobei. He then walked to Mo Xiaobei with a sinister smile and asked, “What did you call me?”

“Psh!” Mo Xiaobei spat at Lucifer’s face, “Pervert!”

“Haha!” Lucifer laughed, “I like this name!”

As he spoke, Lucifer lifted his hand to slap Mo Xiaobei’s face.

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