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MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 819: Beating To Death

Chapter 819: Beating To Death

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As he spoke, Lucifer lifted his hand to slap Mo Xiaobei’s face.


Lucifer’s slap on Mo Xiaobei’s face stunned everyone…

Even Team Satan’s players stopped and looked at Lucifer in disbelief, not knowing what to say.

As the saying goes, never hit someone’s face. It was not too overboard to torture their opponents but to slap them, that was obviously too much. Furthermore, it was a young lady.

After some silence, spectators began to rage.

“F*ck, Lucifer, aren’t you too shameless?”

“Yeah, a bunch of big men bullying a woman. Is this what Team Satan is made of?”

The spectators were scolding with a lot of valour but it was of no help as in the system’s judgement, Lucifer was attacking according to the rules.

There was no other way. It was not because the system’s intelligence was insufficient. It was because the internet monitoring system in <<REBIRTH>> was the old system keyboard-mouse online games used.

In the past, most attacks were done in 3D or 4D and mostly could not operate a slapping action. Even if they could, the players were not in the game so did not feel it.

It was different in <<REBIRTH>>. In <<REBIRTH>>, it was virtual reality attacks so players experienced real feelings. When they were slapped, other than the pain, there was no difference in terms of the humiliation they would experience in reality.

To use a normal online game’s monitoring system for <<REBIRTH>>, it was obviously unsuitable.

Attacks including stabbing and murdering were not considered online violence, much less a mere slap.

Undeniably, although Lucifer was not a good person, he was not stupid. He knew how to step exactly on boundaries to stay within the rules.

“Why are you guys in a daze? Hold on to her!” Lucifer saw his subordinates let go of Mo Xiaobei and suddenly yelled.

“Boss, isn’t this a bit too overboard…” One of his subordinates said hesitantly, “There are a lot of people watching.”

This subordinate of his knew the logic to not anger the public.

“What’s there to fear, what can those useless things do? Hold on to her. Say anymore and I’ll settle you too!” Lucifer stared at that subordinate and said fiercely.

The spectators heard him and anger was boiling within them.

Lucifer was right. Although they were scolding him wildly and wanted to beat him up, everyone was not stupid. No one would offend such a scary person in Team Satan for so-called justice and for someone they did not know. They retained their determination to remain a spectator…

That subordinate seemed to know Lucifer’s way of doing things so, under threat, he kept quiet in fear.

“Pervert, I dare you to kill me decisively!” No matter how manly Mo Xiaobei was, she was still a woman. To be humiliated in public like that, how could she bear it? Tears started rolling down her cheeks but she had no intention of giving in and her words continued to show her determination.

Rolling Mario saw how Mo Xiaobei was so insistent, while he was rolling on the ground, he frantically shouted, “Xiaobei, stop talking!”

“Hehe, how wild. I like!” Lucifer chuckled and reached out to grab Mo Xiaobei by her neck as he spoke, then used his other hand to slap Mo Xiaobei again and said with a smile, “If you want to die decisively, you will need to please me first, hehe.”

“F*ck! What does he want to do?” Hearing Lucifer’s words, everyone was shocked.

“He can’t do it in the game, right…”

“He can’t… But he can still touch her wherever he wanted to…”

“Psh, this b*stard!”

At this thought, the spectators took a deep breath. Did this *sshole want to…

“This is too much!” Hearing what Lucifer said, Wang Yu and the rest shivered from anger.

No matter how perverted and shameless Quan Zhen Sect was, they had a moral bottom line. Although they were outside the law in the game, they did not allow such immoral actions. Lucifer was a real b*stard with no bottom line.

“Hubby!” Just as everyone was fuming with anger, Mu Zixian went to Wang Yu and said, “Actually, I don’t like that Mo Xiaobei too but if you meet Lucifer, beat him to death!”

“Ok!” Wang Yu nodded and said, “I will.”

Afterwards, Wang Yu told Fearless, “You have to let me go up later.”

Fearless rubbed his nose and calmly said, “Needless to say, I won’t let him have an easy time. How about you guys?” Fearless looked at the rest.

“Of course, no matter who meets him, we won’t go easy on him!” Everyone in Quan Zhen Sect was determined.

While they spoke, on the stage, Lucifer humiliated Mo Xiaobei once more. This *sshole took out a sharp dagger and slashed Mo Xiaobei’s outer armour into pieces.

Mo Xiaobei’s shoulders and waist were all exposed.

“I won’t f*cking go easy on you!”

Seeing Lucifer’s overboard actions, Rolling Mario was in complete panic and instantly pushed the people around Mo Xiaobei away, pulled a hand out and hit Mo Xiaobei.

Pugilist’s HP was way less than a Priest’s, plus Rolling Mario barely had any HP left, so in one hit, he hit Mo Xiaobei into a ray of white light.

Rolling Mario who only had one HP left was kicked out of the arena under Team Satan’s torture.

In the third round, Team Satan gained complete victory by 20:0.

After leaving the match, Mo Xiaobei ran out of the arena looking upset. Everyone knew that women were tough with their words but soft at heart. After being through such insult, it was unpredictable what Mo Xiaobei might do.

Rolling Mario and the other teammates of Team Red Flame feared for Mo Xiaobei so they quickly chased after her.

In a flash, Team Satan was teleported back to the waiting room and provocatively told Wang Yu, “We are sorry for beating up your trashy friends. Don’t worry, you’ll join them soon.”

“Screw off!” Mu Zixian already hated Lucifer but seeing how he was provoking Wang Yu, she angrily dashed over.

“Wow wow wow, she’s quite pretty. She’s also from your team? Go up later!” Lucifer looked at Mu Zixian and asked Wang Yu with a wide smile.

“…” Seeing how Lucifer attack Wang Yu’s Achilles’ heel so daringly, Quan Zhen Sect instantly looked at Lucifer with pity.

“Sigh, why is he seeking death?” Fearless quietly sighed and quietly put Wang Yu as the first to go up.

Fearless knew of Wang Yu’s temper. If he did not let Wang Yu kill this idiot, Wang Yu would go after him.

“Shut your f*cking mouth up! Or else I will make sure you can’t play games for the rest of your life!”

Indeed, Wang Yu did not let down his nickname as a wife-protecting demon. Seeing how Lucifer did not know his limits, Wang Yu exploded and despite his humbleness, he said something so extreme.

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