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MMORPG: The Elementalist (Web Novel) - Chapter 525: Let’s See Who’ll Die First!

Chapter 525: Let’s See Who’ll Die First!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It is true that bad news often traveled fast.

Within three minutes Qin Ruo defeated the four warriors from the Order of the Eight Gods, everyone in Savis Town had received the news that Fallen Angels had kicked the Order of the Eight Gods’ asses.

Scuffles between big clans were often accompanied by deaths and opportunities. Lately, there had been a lot of these happening between Violent Army Clan, the Order of the Eight Gods and Fallen Angel. As news about the Winter Demon being stuck in the Underworld broke out, Fallen Angel and Bauhinia Clan were overwhelmingly passive, avoiding clashes and scuffles with the Order of the Eight Gods and Holy Clan everywhere they went. This brewed overreaching arrogance within Holy Clan and the Order of the Eight Gods. And now, someone from Fallen Angel had finally openly kicked their asses outside of Savis town.

Keen players would immediately whiff out that there was a change in the dynamics between the clans after this incident!

Thus, a swarm of nosy players stormed out of Savis Town to watch the show.

At the same time, there was another group of players, equipped with elite equipment, marching toward the scene. All of them had the crest of “the Order of the Eight Gods”. Seeing this, a team of the Order of the Eight Gods players greeted the leading Shadowmancer, who had a mix of Dark Gold and Legendary equipment on him. “Clan leader.”

“So, the enemies are still here?”

( B ) The Shadowmancer was Eight Gods himself. This time, it was Fallen Angels that laid a finger on his men, not Violent Army Clan. Fallen Angels had over hundreds of Tier 5 members and about thirty Winged Champions. In other words, they were a force to be reckoned with. Even though he did tell Netherclaw that he could handle them, Eight Gods was not about to underestimate the Fallen Angels.

“Still here.”

“How many men do they have?”

“Just one.”

Eight Gods was surprised after hearing his underling’s report. He frowned and pondered momentarily before signaling them to regroup with the others.


Eight Gods whispered to the Bandit next to him, “Weird. Don’t you think?”


Godslayer shook his head. “What’s weird?”

“I don’t know.” Eight Gods replied, “I just find it really weird. Like, something’s bad about to happen… tsk… all this while, Fallen Angels and Bauhinia Clan had been avoiding conflicts with us. Why would they suddenly retaliate?”


( B ) Godslayer pondered for a while and then he ended up not having the faintest idea too. Although he was the best Bandit in their ranks, Godslayer was more suited for combats and assassination—not mind games.

Suddenly, Eight Gods saw something peculiar. Five players were walking out of the warp portal—there were three Elementalists and two warriors, all of them wearing huge “Fallen Angels” crests on their chests. And all of them were equipped with dark gold and legendary equipment.

As they walked near them, most of the members from the Order of the Eight Gods’ team could not help but hold their breaths.

They were all elites from Fallen Angels.

The Vice-clan leader—Xiaoxixao.

The Field Commanders—Black Rock, Subjugator, Judge, and Apocalypse.

Five of them walked past the huge team of the Order of the Eight Gods and Eight Gods himself, as though not seeing them at all.

“Dino is such a moron! How is he not able to handle this bunch of losers?” Black Rock spoke to his teammates loudly.

As he noticed the players from Order of the Eight Gods with their pent up anger, Subjugator slapped Black Rock’s shoulder. “Hey, watch your tongue, dude! At least don’t call them losers in front of them, yeah? Don’t you know it’s rude to call losers ‘losers’ right under their nose? Mind your manners!”

“Geez, look who’s talking!”

“Oh really?”

As the two of them goofed around and walked away, the players from the Order of the Eight Gods fumed with anger and resentment.

“Fuck! This is too much!”

“These motherfuckers. What’s so great about these fuckers? So what if they are higher in levels? What if they have better equipment? What if they had a pair of wings? Show off!”

“After today, we’ll see if they can still be this stuck-up.”

Eight Gods ignored his clan members’ angry shouting in the clan chat channel. He immediately informed Dark Dragon and Raziel the moment he saw Xiaoxiao and her four Field Commanders.

Dark Dragon and Raziel were also quick to respond. Within a minute, a huge number of Winge Champions flew out of the Warp Portal and toward the town’s outskirt.

Eight Gods saw Dark Dragon and Raziel in the flying crowd. He quickly ordered Godslayer to lead his men out of the town. Then, he spread his wings and flew into the sky, tailing Dark Dragon and Raziel.

Seeing a dozen Angelic Wings flying past the air space of Savis Town, more and more players started to be curious and tailed after them too.


After seeing a dozen Winged Champions flying toward him from Savis Town, Qin Ruo frowned as he looked at his watch. They took longer than he initially expected and the oncoming enemies appeared to be stronger than he had anticipated.

He thought the first team that appeared would be that “main team” from the Order of the Eight Gods, then the other two clans would show up. Yet, Eight Gods seemed to be more cowardly than he imagined. Instead of fighting Fallen Angels directly, he went and sought help from Holy Clan and Netherspirit’s Claw right away.


Thirteen Winged Champions, it seemed that he had netted a big fish.

Qin Ruo stared coldly at the thirteen Winged Champions, flying in a tidy uniformed formation as he gripped his “Disguised” Water Dragon’s Staff. With caution, he laid down another layer of water element in front of him—he concluded that these Winged Champions to be much more formidable than Liches.

It was apparent that the three clans were determined to overpower Fallen Angels on this matter. If not, they won’t be sending out this many Winged Champions just to handle one mere Winged Champion. If they could scare him off with sheer temperament alone, it could surely greatly humiliate Fallen Angels.

Unfortunately, they picked the wrong time for this strategy.

A pair of white and glowing Angelic Wings appeared from Qin Ruo’s back as he rose into the sky and quickly flew toward the thirteen Winged Champions. Then, he stopped and hovered in the air as they were within a hundred meters. The thirteen Winged Champions’ organized formation was ruined by their panicked pause.

In that instant, a weird doubt had stricken them. This guy appeared to be a formidable foe, not just some small fry from the enemy ranks.

This “unknown” Aquamancer was calm and skillful when displaying his flying skill. He was so skillful that he could stop exactly within the hundred-meter range from them. And he was also able to direct that water element in front of him and break their formation in an instant before he paused and hovered in the air.

In this one instant, except for Dark Dragon, had put a sense of chilling fear into the twelve Winged Champions. The fear for this “Netherspirit’s Menace”.

Of course, there were also countless other players on the ground watching this in awe.

Naturally, Xiaoxiao and her Field Commanders also saw this…


Black Rock and his peers stared at the silhouette that stunned the Winged Champions. They were so surprised and dumbfounded to see this. They only knew one person who had this kind of attitude and temperament in battle.

“Xiaoxiao, did we recruit this tough guy?” Even the usually quiet Judge was curious about this new “tough guy”.

“Yeah. With his capabilities, I bet he could be a great Field Commander…” Subjugator stared at the silhouette for a while, then continued, “He’s stronger than me. Maybe he’s even on the same level as Black Rock.”

“Don’t you mock me. I’m mostly depended on my equipment.” Black Rock smiled bitterly, then spoke to the smiling Xiaoxiao, “Come on. Let’s help him.”

“There’s no need to.”

Looking at the “tough guy”, Xiaoxiao smiled. “Our task is to help provide a line-up, not to fight. There might be many players from Netherspirit’s Claw and Holy Clan over here but they won’t be pulling any dirty tricks under so many people’s noses.”

“Yeah, they might not. But they could still secretly order the Order of the Eight Gods to play dirty.” Subjugator frowned.

Xiaoxiao replied with a smile again, “That’s why we need to be present. Hush now, the show’s about to begin.”

Then, they all looked at the fourteen silhouettes in the sky again.


“Wow, so many losers showed up to stand up for the Order of the Eight crybabies? Hehe, no wonder they’re so arrogant lately…”

As Qin Ruo finished his mocking, a huge bald Winged Champion laughed. “Arrogant? Haha! Well, they ain’t as arrogant as you Fallen Angels. Don’t forget you took four lives earlier. You think no one can put you in your place?! The Order of the Eight Gods might be a pushover, but I, the great Raziel, am not!”

“Oh, I see. You’re one of the ex-leaders of one of the leagues back then huh? Well, mind if I asked where were you during the Siege of Moonrise City?” Qin Ruo coldly rebutted, enraging Raziel.


Dark Dragon stared into Qin Ruo’s eyes, and then spoke, “Nether… listen, boy. Eight Gods is my friend. If he’s afraid of laying a finger on you, then I’ll be the one who will do it. You killed four of his men. So, I’ll have you die four times over.” He almost called out the name “Netherspirit’s Menace”.

“Dark Dragon, no. We have thirteen people here. Killing him four times won’t be enough. How about we each kill him four times?” Grinding his teeth, Raziel said furiously, shocking everyone who was watching below.

How dishonorable was this man?

Qin Ruo shook his head. “Look, I can’t hover here and debate with you all day. Just stop wasting my time and bring it on. Oh, right. If all thirteen of you want to gang up on me, it’s even better. This would save me a lot of time.”

“Prepare yourself!”

Dark Dragon shot out a cold look and was prepared to attack. However, someone furiously flew in front of him.

“Oh, you’re dead!”

It was the provoked Raziel, clan leader of Holy Clan.

This was exactly what Qin Ruo needed.

“Oh, let’s see who’ll die first.”

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