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Madam, Your Sockpuppet is Lost Again! (Web Novel)


Qin Ran grew up in the countryside. She disappeared for one year and lost a year of high school.

One year later, she was taken to Yuncheng by her biological mother to attend school.

Her mother said: your stepfather is from a prestigious family, your big brother is a genius, your younger sister is a top student, you must not lose their faces.


Everyone of status in the capital has received a warning from Cheng family’s Junye: Junye’s wife is from the countryside; she doesn’t understand the circle, doesn’t understand the current circumstances, doesn’t understand the financial markets. Her character is very… in short, please excuse me.

Until one day, Junye investigated a big shot, his subordinates looked at the sockpuppet that had come off her while she said she knew nothing about it… they sank into a bewildered silence.

It was probably a story of two big shots trying to hide their sockpuppets so that the other didn’t feel inferior.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 547: Invasion!2021-01-19
Chapter 546: Qing Lin Is on Standby!2021-01-18
Chapter 545: The Power of the Third Force!2021-01-18
Chapter 544: Boss Told Me to Pick You Up2021-01-17
Chapter 543: Prelude to Fury2021-01-17
Chapter 542: None of Them Are Easy to Mess With2021-01-16
Chapter 541: The Truth Emerges2021-01-16
Chapter 540: Assassination, 129 Concealed Its Many Shortcomings2021-01-16
Chapter 539: Blowing Things Up2021-01-15
Chapter 538: Horrified2021-01-15
Chapter 537: Her Trump Card2021-01-15
Chapter 536: Did You Call Her Goddess P2021-01-15
Chapter 535: The Fear of Being Dominated by “Ordinary Friends”2021-01-15
Chapter 534: Earth-Shattering News!2021-01-15
Chapter 533: A Huge Wave2021-01-15
Chapter 532: Take Off!2021-01-15
Chapter 531: Who’s the Laughing Stock Now2021-01-15
Chapter 530: Shock2021-01-15
Chapter 529: Waiting to Watch the Show!2021-01-15
Chapter 528: Out of Seclusion Again!2021-01-15
Chapter 527: Action2021-01-15
Chapter 526: Too Famous!2021-01-15
Chapter 525: Qin Family’s Headquarters2021-01-15
Chapter 524: Most Mysterious Organization2021-01-15
Chapter 523: Things Have Changed, Qin Ling’s Decision2021-01-15
Chapter 522: Do You Think I’m Joking?2021-01-15
Chapter 521: Stability Shaken in Beijing!2021-01-15
Chapter 520: Incoming Storm!2021-01-15
Chapter 519: Paternity Test2021-01-15
Chapter 518: Trust That Cannot Be Shaken, Critical Condition2021-01-15
Chapter 517: Identity, Are You Crazy2021-01-15
Chapter 516: Perfect Candidate2021-01-15
Chapter 515: Unworthy2021-01-15
Chapter 514: Omnipotence2021-01-15
Chapter 513: Sister Ran Will Take Care of You2021-01-15
Chapter 512: The Sad Truth2021-01-15
Chapter 511: 712 Explosion Case2021-01-15
Chapter 510: Grandmother’s Box2020-12-31
Chapter 509: Dumbfounded2020-12-31
Chapter 508: Personally Nurturing2020-12-30
Chapter 507: Visit2020-12-30
Chapter 506: Underground Alliance, Yang Shuyan2020-12-29
Chapter 505: The 366th Match: KO!!2020-12-29
Chapter 504: 9.9 Payout Rate2020-12-28
Chapter 503: One-Third of Continent M’s Big Shots2020-12-28
Chapter 502: Sister Ran: I’ll Help You Win2020-12-27
Chapter 501: The Abandoned Child2020-12-27
Chapter 500: She’s Not Simple2020-12-26
Chapter 499: Underground Champion2020-12-26
Chapter 498: Things Are Getting Exciting in Continent M2020-12-25
Chapter 497: Obvious Rejection2020-12-25
Chapter 496: Family Hope! Sister Ran2020-12-24
Chapter 495: Return to Continent M2020-12-24
Chapter 494: Heir, 129 Gods Exist2020-12-23
Chapter 493: Ouyang Wei, Confrontation2020-12-23
Chapter 492: Start of Banquet, Qin Yu Loses Her Mind2020-12-22
Chapter 491: Yours Sincerely2020-12-22
Chapter 490: Underestimate Bug Qin2020-12-21
Chapter 489: Paparazzi Friend Invitation2020-12-21
Chapter 488: Final Result: Formal Researcher Deputy 2nd-Level2020-12-20
Chapter 487: Regrets2020-12-20
Chapter 486: Heirs2020-12-19
Chapter 485: There’s Still an Apprenticeship Banquet2020-12-19
Chapter 484: Ran Ran Is Yunguang Consortium’s Poppy?2020-12-18
Chapter 483: Meeting at the Airport2020-12-18
Chapter 482: Joined the Hacker Alliance2020-12-17
Chapter 481: So Used to Being Proud2020-12-17
Chapter 480: Competition2020-12-16
Chapter 479: Ranking2020-12-16
Chapter 478: Cheng Juan Reveals His Identity2020-12-15
Chapter 477: Uncle’s Granddaughter2020-12-15
Chapter 476: The Meeting2020-12-14
Chapter 475: This Team Is a Little Arrogant2020-12-14
Chapter 474: Let Them Slowly Accept It2020-12-13
Chapter 473: To Be Invincible, Continent M Event2020-12-13
Chapter 472: God Account, the Forum Exploded!2020-12-12
Chapter 471: Turns Out to Be the Strongest!2020-12-12
Chapter 470: Finalized, Research Institute’s Big Figures Accepting Disciples2020-12-11
Chapter 469: Continent M Large-Scale Power, Return to Beijing2020-12-11
Chapter 468: Reunion2020-12-10
Chapter 467: That’s right, I’m Q2020-12-10
Chapter 466: Escaping Identity Revelation2020-12-09
Chapter 465: Sister Ran: Matthew, Let’s Talk2020-12-09
Chapter 464: Sister Ran Was Captured by Matthew2020-12-08
Chapter 463: Giant Crocodile and Lone Wolf2020-12-08
Chapter 462: Giant Crocodile Is Here2020-12-07
Chapter 461: Not at That Level Yet2020-12-07
Chapter 460: A Force Not To Be Trifled With2020-12-06
Chapter 459: Giant Power in Continent M2020-12-06
Chapter 458: Sister Ran Being So Righteous2020-12-05
Chapter 457: Star-Level Authorization by Admin Lone Wolf2020-12-05
Chapter 456: Identities in the 129 Club2020-12-04
Chapter 455: My Father Is the Hacker Alliance’s Chairman2020-12-04
Chapter 454: Hacker Alliance Program2020-12-03
Chapter 453: 100% Completion!2020-12-03
Chapter 452: Complete Silence in the Meeting Room!2020-12-02
Chapter 451: The Election Begins! Sister Ran in the Running!2020-12-02
Chapter 450: Sister Ran Arrived, Selection Participation2020-12-01
Chapter 449: Lone Wolf, Invite Brother Ye2020-12-01
Chapter 448: Bug Qin Again Today2020-11-30
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