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Madam, Your Sockpuppet is Lost Again! (Web Novel) - Chapter 143: What a Coincidence

Chapter 143: What a Coincidence

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Because it was a boarding school system, when the teachers didn’t have an exam for the students to complete, they didn’t regulate self-study strictly.

This was especially so for classes 3.1 and 3.9.

They didn’t dare to manage it even if something really happened.

The people in class 3.8 rushed over from next door.

They heard that class 3.9 and class 3.1 were fighting over life and death in the arena, so the Physics representative of class 3.8 looked blankly at Qiao Sheng and He Wen. “You guys agreed to that?”

They must be crazy.

Several boys from class 3.1 brought the computers from their bedrooms over.

“Come here.” Meng Xinran looked at the class representative, her arms folded and her head raised slightly in a cold manner. “Use my account.”

Meng Xinran didn’t really care about such petty plays. She had only wanted to let the class representative use her account to compete with the people in class 3.9.

They placed the two computers on two empty desks.

The class representative of class 3.1 opened Meng Xinran’s account excitedly.

Qiao Sheng and the others stared closely at the account he had just boarded—

OST Meng Xinran.

Account Level: Supreme (Seven Stars)

“Oh my God! Seven stars!” Several boys couldn’t help but exclaim.

The Supreme level was the last level and couldn’t be upgraded further. It didn’t have nine stars but had twenty stars instead. However, few people even exceeded ten stars in China, and not many ordinary players could reach the Supreme level.

Most masters were at the Master or Guru level, and only a few teams had accounts on the Supreme level with five stars and above.

It was indeed the team account.

Their faces fell when they saw this.

The class representative of class 3.1 opened the character page excitedly.

There were four columns on the left.

It showed very clearly—

Land Cards (Full)

Human Cards (Full)

Sky Cards (Full)

God Cards (1)

The other cards were all full, and everyone’s gaze fell on the God Cards column.

The class representative’s hand shook as he held the mouse and he clicked on the last column.

It was a character card with a snake head.

The second God card of OST.

The whole class was silent for a moment, and then they exclaimed in low voices.

“I knew that she had one God card!”

“So the God card looks like this before going into battle!”

Everyone was speechless.

The people around started whispering.

The girls in class 3.9 felt like the atmosphere was strange, so they whispered lowly to He Wen and the Physics representative of class 3.8, “Is Meng Xinran really that powerful?”

The Physics representative glanced at the girls and explained in a low voice, “Meng Xinran is powerful, and her account is even more powerful. Do you know the God card? That’s Fu Hsi, the legendary Chinese emperor. Nüwa can revive her teammate once, and Fu Hsi’s strongest skill is lethal death. No matter what the opponent’s card is, he can kill the opponent’s strongest card and there won’t even be a chance to battle. Why is the God card named the God card? They are taboo in all foreign teams and are bugs in itself!”

Qiao Sheng sat on the table, his eyes downcast and his emotions unclear. “Meng Xinran, don’t you think it’s unfair to compete with us using your team account?”

“What’s unfair about that? It’s based on personal strength. I managed to get the OST account due to my strength. It’s natural selection. If you’re capable, you can get the three God cards then.” Meng Xinran still had her arms folded as she glanced at class 3.9 indifferently.

“Bullshit!” He Wen cursed lowly. “She clearly knows that only a few teams have a God card, so there’s no way that we will get it!”

“He Wen, who’ll play in the first round?” The class representative couldn’t wait to fight with the God card. He put his hands on the keyboard and raised an eyebrow provokingly. “Don’t tell me you’re scared?”

“I’ll go.” Qiao Sheng took off his coat and stood up with his hands on the table.

He said to Xu Yaoguang without even turning his head, “Young Master Xu, lend me your account.”

Xu Yaoguang responded and told Qiao Sheng the password.

Qiao Sheng turned on the computer opposite the class representative and put his hand on the mouse nervously.

When Lin Siran heard them say that the “Nüwa” card was very powerful, she thought she misheard and came over to see what the card looked like.

Many people acted like her.

Meng Xinran stood behind the class representative and saw them out of the corner of her eye, but she wasn’t bothered.

Lin Siran stood behind and saw the character “Fu Hsi” on his computer page—

She had once detested this character card because of how ugly it looked.

Lin Siran stopped and pointed to the computer page. After a long silence, she asked, “Is this card very powerful?”

It was no secret that most girls used Kyushu Tour as a dress-up game.

Class 3.1 glanced at Lin Siran mockingly. “It’s a God card, do you think it’s powerful?”

“Are you done? Come back quickly and don’t make trouble,” a boy from class 3.9 called and pulled her back. “Don’t disturb Qiao Sheng.”

“No, I have this card too.” Lin Siran kicked the boy and motioned for him to let her go.

1“Yes, yes, I also know that you do. Your card is called Medusa, right? One of the five Land cards presented by the system.” Everyone in class 3.9 knew that Lin Siran only recently started playing Kyushu Tour and was still unclear about the copies of cards.

He Wen said perfunctorily.

Qiao Sheng, who was about to log into Xu Yaoguang’s account, suddenly paused. He remembered something and squeezed the mouse tightly.

He turned slightly in Qin Ran’s direction.

Qin Ran was still leaning halfway against the wall. She held her fountain pen in her left hand and was practicing her writing slowly.

The black headphone cable ran down her white jacket into her clothes.

Qiao Sheng took a deep breath, turned over, squeezed his own hands, and asked, “Lin Siran, what’s your account?”

Lin Siran reported a bunch of numbers and letters.

Qiao Sheng deleted Xu Yaoguang’s account word by word.

“Qiao Sheng, are you crazy?” The Physics representative of class 3.8 stood behind Qiao Sheng and lowered his voice. “Don’t tell me you believe her?”

Xu Yaoguang frowned. With his knowledge of him, Qiao Sheng wouldn’t be so reckless.

“Qiao Sheng, it’s already difficult to win against their God card with our Sky cards. If you use three Land cards, we won’t even be able to meet them!” He Wen also came over and leaned in fearfully, his throat dry.

To Meng Xinran, Qiao Sheng and Xu Yaoguang’s actions simply meant they were giving up.

A few boys from class 3.1 came over to their side provocatively and shouted that they wanted to see Lin Siran’s “God card Fu Hsi”.

He Wen silently turned his head away when he saw Qiao Sheng press enter.

He couldn’t bear to look.

Almost none of them took it seriously until Qiao Sheng logged into Lin Siran’s account—


Account Level: Supreme (Ten Stars)


The boy sitting on Qiao Sheng’s table fell to the ground.

The surrounding people’s smiles, including the boys of class 3.1, were wiped off instantly.

Qiao Sheng exhaled and clicked on Lin Siran’s character page.

Land Cards (10)

Human Cards (3)

Sky Cards (0)

God Cards (3)

1Even though he had expected it, Qiao Sheng had thought that Lin Siran would only have the God card “Fu Hsi”, and not all the three God cards that even professional players didn’t have!

He numbly opened the three God cards.

The first card was Nüwa.

The second card was Fu Hsi.

The third card was Yao, one of the five legendary Emperors.

Has this world gone crazy?

1The Physics representative of class 3.8 stared at He Wen in horror and took a long time to recover from the incredible shock. “Lin… is Lin Siran a big boss?”

“She’s also a professional player?”

Everyone around them exclaimed in amazement.

Even professional players couldn’t achieve nine stars in the Supreme class.

1Lin Siran immediately waved her hands and paused before saying, “No, someone arranged it for me.”

After recovering from the shock, class 3.9 instantly turned to look at Lin Siran. “Why do you have three God cards?”

Lin Siran pretended to be a quail.

Even Xu Yaoguang, who had always been irritated by her, looked at Lin Siran somewhat stunned.

“Class 3.1, you wanted to fight, right! Hurry up, don’t make your father wait!” Class 3.9 instantly found their confidence.

Qiao Sheng’s techniques weren’t bad, to begin with, and with the three God cards in his hand, class 3.1 didn’t even last for ten minutes.


It wasn’t unreasonable that God cards were feared by other national teams.

One was a resurrection card and the other a lethal death card. Yao’s invincible card could only be played by someone with good skills, or it would be useless.

Meng Xinran took a deep look at Lin Siran and suddenly laughed.

“I didn’t expect you to have all three God cards.” Meng Xinran stretched her arm, rolled up her sleeves, and smiled deeply. “I’ve really belittled you. It looks like we can’t play anymore.”

The regular competition rule stated that no more than one God card could be used at a time, but their class had been the first to use the God card, so Meng Xinran naturally couldn’t say that they could only use one.

Meng Xinran told the class representative to make way. She sat on his seat and very skillfully opened the game competition page.

Since she couldn’t prevent them from using the cards, she would play personally.

Qiao Sheng’s hand speed only reached 200 and wasn’t enough to play against Meng Xinran.

Thinking of this, Qiao Sheng glanced at Xu Yaoguang.

Xu Yaoguang nodded slightly.

Qiao Sheng gave way for him.

Meng Xinran looked at Xu Yaoguang lightly. She didn’t know who he was but had some guesses in her heart, so she said politely, “Young Master Xu, you have to be careful. My hand speed is 530+ and I’ve even defeated Yi Jiming before.”

The second round.

The two were in a stalemate for twenty minutes, until Meng Xinran found a flow and killed Xu Yaoguang’s three God cards at once.

At this time, the onlookers realized the horror of a professional player.

Meng Xinran looked at them lightly. “Third round.”

The class of 3.9 whispered together.

They decided to let Qiao Sheng go.

“You also know that I was OST’s substitute player before. To tell you the truth, I’m not good at playing in teams. I like to play solo, and my specialty lies in the single competition! My seven stars were not assigned to me by the team, I earned it by myself.”

Meng Xinran looked at everyone coldly and touched the jewel watch on her wrist.

Her tone was light, and the pride and arrogance in her voice could hardly be heard, but it was obvious that she stood on high ground.

At this time, Meng Xinran didn’t ridicule them deliberately, or maybe she felt like she didn’t need to be petty with these people, given her identity.

She opened her arena record.

Her single player win rate was 94%.


The class gathered around and exclaimed from time to time.

Qin Ran could feel it even while wearing headphones.

She couldn’t help but lean against the chair and unzip her white jacket to reveal a black sweater inside.

She took off her headphones and threw them on the table. She heard Meng Xinran’s words and suddenly laughed.

She understood why Qiao Sheng had made that post.

It wasn’t simply because Meng Xinran had stepped on her book, but mainly because of Yang Fei.

“So annoying.” In the end, she still couldn’t practice her writing peacefully.

Cheng Juan had told her to finish writing the rest of the book tonight.

Qin Ran hooked her finger and pulled her collar up. Then, she turned and looked at Meng Xinran, her eyes stained a subtle red and a sense of sinister unbridled aura exuding from them.

2She pulled her chair and stood up to walk towards the crowd.

Class 3.9, 3.1, and 3.8 fell silent.

Everyone made way instantly.

“Get up.” Qin Ran flexed her finger and tapped on the table casually, gesturing for Qiao Sheng to make way.

1Her voice was quite calm.

Qiao Sheng immediately got up and made way.

Qin Ran directly logged out of Lin Siran’s account, casually typed another account, and pressed enter—


She was so fast that no one could see her account information.

Qin Ran didn’t open her character card page and simply entered the arena room that Meng Xinran had opened.

The Physics representative of class 3.8 and He Wen remembered that Lin Siran had told them this before—

“Ran Ran is very powerful.”

The crowd watched as Qin Ran selected three Sky cards.

Then, she clicked on the start button.

Within three minutes, Meng Xinran’s God card and two of her Sky cards were completely wiped out.

1Qin Ran’s three Human cards were basically bloodstained.

When she emerged from the battlefield, the crowd saw her account information.

Account Level: Supreme (Twenty Stars)

The highest possible number of stars on the domestic platform.

The whole room fell silent.

Qin Ran leaned slightly on the back of the chair and looked up at Meng Xinran, who was clenching her hands so tightly in disbelief that her veins had emerged.

She pulled on her coat and said casually, “What a coincidence, I’m also a solo player maniac.”

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