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Magi Craft Meister (Web Novel)


There is only one Magi Craft Meister in the world. After the death of the last Meister over one thousand years ago, Jin Nidou was transported to another world in order to succeed her will.

After obtaining the knowledge of the Magi Craft Meister, Jin attempts to use a warp gate but it malfunctions, transporting him to an unknown place. Along with that, an automata he recently restored also uses the warp gate in order to search for her “father”. Thus, the crafting journey of the new Magi Craft Meister begins!

676 • 2019-05-03 15:51:01


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 396: Elsa2020-08-12
Chapter 395: Medical Examination, Finally2020-08-09
Chapter 394: Together2020-08-08
Chapter 393: Jin’s Turn2020-08-07
Chapter 392: Outside2020-08-06
Chapter 391: Alchemist’s Fair2020-08-06
Chapter 390: Touring the Venue2020-07-20
Chapter 389: A reunion and Elsa’s debut2020-07-01
Chapter 388: Raising the curtain on the Technology Expo2020-06-10
Chapter 387: Homecoming2020-06-08
Chapter 386: Reinhardt’s Ship2020-06-08
Chapter 385: Side Story 22: The State of the Eschenbach Household2020-05-07
Chapter 384: Peaceful Days of Busy Calm2020-05-04
Chapter 383: Early Summer Fruit2020-05-04
Chapter 382: Towards the Expo2020-04-09
Chapter 381: Theorist’s Days2020-04-09
Chapter 380: The Sacred Sight of Magical Engineering2020-03-21
Chapter 379: Family2020-03-05
Chapter 378: The Sea is Vast2020-02-17
Chapter 377: At Hourai Island2020-02-10
Chapter 376: Terms of Independence2020-02-05
Chapter 375: Honeymoon2020-02-03
Chapter 374: The Pickup2020-01-29
Chapter 373: Responsibility2020-01-22
Chapter 372: Wiley Picking2020-01-15
Chapter 371: Visiting Classes2020-01-13
Chapter 370: Elsa makes glasses2020-01-11
Chapter 369: Girls’ Talk2019-12-25
Chapter 368: Saki and Elsa2019-12-11
Chapter 367: Saki and Kaina Village2019-12-09
Chapter 366: Invitation2019-11-13
Chapter 365: A Tiresome Party2019-11-07
Chapter 364: Beana, During That Time2019-10-09
Chapter 363: The Wedding2019-09-18
Chapter 362: Coordinate2019-09-02
Chapter 361: Number One2019-08-20
Chapter 360: 12-17 Edgar2019-08-14
Chapter 359: Technician Reiko2019-07-24
Chapter 358: Even Dust Becomes A Mountain If Piled Together2019-07-19
Chapter 357: Elsa is also Obsessed2019-07-03
Chapter 356: Knowledge Transfer2019-06-07
Chapter 355: Reinhart’s Wedding Present2019-06-05
Chapter 354: Belche’s that2019-05-15
Chapter 353: Ehr2019-05-03
Chapter 352: The world’s second-best automata2019-05-03
Chapter 351: Make-up2019-05-03
Chapter 350: New device2019-05-03
Chapter 349: Feedback2019-05-03
Chapter 348: Coming out2019-05-03
Chapter 347: Sticky liquids2019-05-03
Chapter 346: Saki Eschenbach2019-05-03
Chapter 345: At Reinhart’s parents’ house2019-05-03
Chapter 344: Onwards to Lake Tosumo2019-05-03
Chapter 343: (side chapt er) Love’s Calculations, Going to and fro2019-05-03
Chapter 342: Strengthening Project2019-05-03
Chapter 341: Various Endings2019-05-03
Chapter 340: When the Incident has Ended2019-05-03
Chapter 339: Jin’s true intention2019-05-03
Chapter 338: Father, Daughter, Protegee–Everyone’s feelings2019-05-03
Chapter 337: Top-notch2019-05-03
Chapter 336: Preparatory Meeting2019-05-03
Chapter 335: Reiko’s Return2019-05-03
Chapter 334: Demon2019-05-03
Chapter 333: Renald Kingdom2019-05-03
Chapter 332: 70% Threat2019-05-03
Chapter 331: Parting Gift2019-05-03
Chapter 330: Sudden End and Confrontation2019-05-03
Chapter 329: Sympathy2019-05-03
Chapter 328: Homesickness2019-05-03
Chapter 327: Banquet2019-05-03
Chapter 326: Nidou Castle2019-05-03
Chapter 325: Intrigue?2019-05-03
Chapter 324: Found at Last!2019-05-03
Chapter 323: Library2019-05-03
Chapter 322: Laojun’s Steps2019-05-03
Chapter 321: Lishia — Close to Kaina Village2019-05-03
Chapter 320: Impression2019-05-03
Chapter 319: Emperor2019-05-03
Chapter 318: The Capital Roizato2019-05-03
Chapter 317: Neon2019-05-03
Chapter 316: Maestro2019-05-03
Chapter 315: Elsa’s Growth2019-05-03
Chapter 314: Pen and pen nibs2019-05-03
Chapter 313: Ambassador Lishia2019-05-03
Chapter 312: (Extra) Salt’s Market Price!2019-05-03
Chapter 311: Contract Established2019-05-03
Chapter 310: Scout2019-05-03
Chapter 309: The salt!2019-05-03
Chapter 308: Theft2019-05-03
Chapter 307: The Demon’s descendant?2019-05-03
Chapter 306: Honorary Member2019-05-03
Chapter 305: Arrival at the city of Anbelk2019-05-03
Chapter 304: The Castle2019-05-03
Chapter 303: Deep water wells2019-05-03
Chapter 302: The operation during night2019-05-03
Chapter 301: The Movements of the 52019-05-03
Chapter 300: Shouro Empire2019-05-03
Chapter 299: Naked Conversations2019-05-03
Chapter 298: Pelshika Juice2019-05-03
Chapter 297: For the time being, Jin will2019-05-03
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