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Magical★Explorer (Web Novel) - Chapter 100: SEED OF POSSIBILITY 5 MIZUMORI YUKINE


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“Sorry for the cheap tea.”

Saying so, Sempai hand me the tea. On top of the saucer is a misshapen but complete teacup with green tea inside.

I take a sip. I enjoyed its soft bitterness and take a small breath.

When I visit Sempai’s room and told her that I have something to talk about, she happily welcomes me in.

Although it was a sudden visit, she serves tea to me even though I didn’t ask for it.

“Fufu, you can enjoy it more you know.”

She said that but I will have to apologize, I correct my sitting posture on the cushion.

Before I went to the dungeon, Sempai’s room was like a barren land. However, it is now giving off the lively feeling as she lives in and brings more stuff into it.

There were no tatami mats or the cushion I am currently sitting on when I visited her last time.

“This?……Actually, Nanami helped me set it up. Well, I certainly wanted it but when I noticed it she already installed the tatami mats so beautifully……I never told her that I want one though.

Sempai said so while patting the tatami. Was it because I once take a look at tatamis and the cushions?

She usually does a double piece with a stoic face but she is very competent. Of course, outside the dungeon as well.

“You have something to talk about right Takioto. I actually have a business with you so I went to your room earlier too….”

Ah, I nodded

“I’m sorry. No one was inside right? I went to Marino-san’s and Ludi’s room earlier after all.”

“Well.….Umm….Hatsumi-san sleepily answered the door so…”


I turned silent and sigh while holding my head down.

“Umm….what kind of relationship do you have with Hatsumi-san……well, I don’t know if it is appropriate for me to ask but, Umm, I’m still curious……”

“Well, have Sempai ever seen me sleeping on the sofa?”

Sempai was confused for a moment and it finally came to her.

“I, I see. I can guess what happened. That must be hard on you.”

“I’m used to it now.”

Let’s not tell her that I sleep with Nee-san from time to time too.

“If-, if that’s the case then you can use my room you know. I-, I’m used to sleeping on the futon anyway so I can lay one.”

“I’m sorry that I made you worried but I’m fi…….”

Nn, I can sleep in her bed?


“Ah, I don’t mind.”

Wai, wait a minute. Can I seriously do that?

The futon that Sempai’s amorous, sexy, lascivious, sublime and packed to the brim with charm chest, her white nape that I couldn’t help but follow with my eyes every time we go running together and her elastic well-shaped but has been on. The same one that is filled with the smell of Sempai, can a gentleman like me really wrap myself inside the bed of the supreme being like Sempai………

“Takioto, Takioto !”


“Wh, what’s wrong. Your eyes were already left for another world you know!?”

“Ah, no, it’s nothing.”

Calm down.

Sempai just worried about me like usual.

However, if I were to sleep in her futon then I will not be able to sleep in a lot of ways. Rather, if Sempai were to sleep next to me then it wouldn’t be weird if I still can’t sleep after I counted a hundred million sheep.

I will definitely experience eternity and worked up until morning. If that happened I will have to go to the dungeon with bloodshot eyes for sure.

As expected, that would be bad.

“I’m sorry, thank you. But I will be fine. There is something that I want to borrow from you no matter what but…..I can’t afford to trouble you.”

“Just how far have you been cornered?”

“It’s nothing, I will be fine.”

Rather, it would be bad in a lot of ways if I really borrowed it from her. There is a whole lot that I wanted to borrow but I’m sure that it will turn out badly. Yup, I don’t even know what I am talking about myself.

“Well, you can always tell me if something happens. So Takioto. Let’s talk about your business.”

“Ah, that’s right. I have something that I want to give you Sempai.”

I asked Sempai to give me her hand and put one of the golden seeds on it.

“……this is?”

“Sempai must have heard about it before, this is something called the seed of possibility……”


Sempai hurriedly tried to return the seed to me but I hide my hands behind my back.

“What exactly are you trying to do by giving something like this to me?”

“Sempai, this is the reason I soloed that dungeon.”

“Wait wait, this is something you fought for right? Then use it on yourself.”

“I already have. But I got several of them so I want to give them to people who took care of me like Ludi and Sempai no matter what.”

“… can build a castle in a prime location with this you know?”

Is it that valuable?

“Then this thing that I have is much more valuable. To the point that I can’t even put a price on it.”

Saying so I took out the amulet I got from Sempai.

“yo, you fool….that’s not something with such value you know.”

Did she really think so? But I don’t think like that.

“No, it is for me. If you compared this to the seed then I would throw the seed into the trash can without hesitation.”

Hearing what I said, Sempai’s face got redder. Maybe it was because of happiness, embarrassment or maybe both. She hides her mouth with her hand and averts her eyes.

“This is not the only invaluable thing you gave me Sempai. Every single move I used to fight with as well. Both Sempai’s and Claris-san’s teaching are living in every single one of them. If it were not because of you two then I wouldn’t be able to capture that dungeon.”

“Of course, I already gave it to the people who helped me like Nanami and Ludi as well. Sempai is the same.”


“Sempai. The thing that Sempai did for me couldn’t compare to a castle, you gave me strength. That’s why, thank you. It might not even worth all the thing you did for me but please accept it.”

Sempai stares at the seed with a serious expression.

“You really won’t regret giving this to me?”

“Yes, it is something that I want Sempai to have no matter what.”

Sempai takes a small breath and looks upward. She then looked at me with a serious expression, with her face still reddened.

“Takioto, you said before that you want to become the strongest right?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Are you really fine? Giving this to me.”

“Yes, of course. I want Sempai to become stronger for me.”

Certainly, I might lose too you. But.

I think that the strongest of the three strongest, Mizumori Yukine is exactly the best Mizumori Yukine.

It is exactly because she is my beloved Sempai….

“I will surpass you and become the strongest.”

I look at Sempai who is thinking about something with a serious face and got the feeling that I have to say something so I open my mouth.

“Besides…, you see, I have my motive as well….if I give you this then you will accompany me to the dungeon…and you will help me with my classes too……”

“I planned to go with you even if you don’t give me this you know. I will always help you even without you asking. As long as you wish for it.”

Sempai stares at the seed.

“This is big, I feel like I just created a huge debt of gratitude…….”

“Then it is decided. Since I have a huge debt toward you as well.”

Saying so, I show her the amulet.

“You fool, you can’t compare it to something like this.”

“It is certainly incomparable. This amulet is much more valuable. It is my important treasure after all.”

“… are always like this.”

After saying so with a small voice, Sempai’s cheeks turned crimson. She looks away and hides her smile with her hand.

A little later, Sempai swallowed the seed.

Then the smile she directed my way turned into the smile of happiness. Her smile fulfilled me, it was that overflowing of a smile.

Looking at her happy expression made me happy as well.

“I will be in your care from now on as well, Sempai.”

“Yeah, I will dive into the dungeon with you even if you don’t want me to. I will not hold back anymore. The rest is…..”

“The rest?”

“You might want to surpass me to become the strongest but I will not make it easy for you you know.”

That must be her declaration of war. Then, of course, the answer is.

“That’s how I want it.”

With this, one of the several flags for awakening Sempai should be triggered. If I leave it like this then Sempai should awaken on her own but let’s say that just to be safe.

“Moreover, I too…..have a business with Takioto.”

“Come to think of it, you did say that.”

We were distracted when we talked about how she met Nee-san earlier though.

“Well, you wanted to give me something right? I am the same.”

“Give me? What is it?”

“Yeah, compared to what you gave me it might worth that much but….”

“Hey, Sempai.”

I show her the amulet again.

“I, I know. Um, Umm, it’s embarrassing so put it away already. if, if it is so important then why are you putting it in your breast pocket!”

“Of course, it is exactly because it is important.”

After a while, Sempai clears her throat but her face is still a little red.

She puts her hand into her pocket and takes out an elegant purple cloth. She spreads it open and took out a letter.

“This is?”

I received the letter and flip it around.

Then when I saw a magic circle and the academy emblem written on it, my body started to tremble.

Unfortunately, it’s not Sempai’s love letter. Compared to that, it is still frustratingly a good thing.

It is exactly what I wanted.

I touch the magic circle at the back of the letter and pour magic power into it.

In doing so, the symbols of the Student Council, Public Moral Committee, and Shikibukai float up into the air. Then the letter opens by itself.

At the same time that a card pops out from it, Sempai opens her mouth.

“Congratulations, Takioto Kousuke. You have been chosen.”

Don’t tell me, Don’t tell me, I never would have thought that I would be able to hear this in reality. In the game, you would be informed by one of the vice presidents of the three committees but usually, it would be Mizumori Yukine-sempai who did that. I have heard it many times before to the extent that I pressed SKIP on it.

Her words signify the beginning of a certain event.

I don’t know whether I am happy with her words or the letter.

“So I have finally reached this place…..”

There seems to be something written on the card but I know its content without reading it.

It’s the love call from the three committees.

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