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Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 99 – Tearing clothes (Part 1)

Chapter 99 – Tearing clothes (Part 1)

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Sun Xiaomei mockingly thought: fool, you can’t even act!

Seeing Lin Mumu fiercely rushing over to pounce on her, Sun Xiaomei, as the poor and most pitiful victim, obviously won’t resist against her attack. She patiently waited for Lin Mumu to hurt her, so that she could immediately continue to act pitiful and appear all the more wronged and bullied.

Sun Xiaomei planned to make good use of the fool that sent herself to her door, so she just calmly waited for Lin Mumu to hit her, and at that time, she would instantly expose the relationship between Lin Mumu and Yun Ting, and easily turn the whole matter into a commander’s wife abusing her authority and hitting innocent girls on the street.

Unfortunately, Sun Xiaomei schemed very well, but she still underestimated Lin Mumu.

On the surface, it looked like Lin Mumu was ferociously trying to hit people, but in fact, she didn’t beat Sun Xiaomei at all, and merely tugged at her clothes. Lin Mumu kept on clumsily tugging at Sun Xiaomei’s clothes and eventually tore them seemingly ‘unintentionally’.

Although Sun Xiaomei wasn’t happy that her clothes were torn in this way, she wasn’t supposed to fight back, so she could only let Lin Mumu do as she pleased. Later, it wouldn’t be too late to use this appearance to earn more sympathy.

“Ci la la.” (TN: Tearing sound effect.)

After a loud tearing sound echoed, Sun Xiaomei’s left sleeve was completely torn down by Lin Mumu, revealing the former’s white left arm and the beautiful artistic tattoo on her shoulder.

“Wow, big sister’s tattoo is so beautiful!” A naive child in the crowd couldn’t help but shout in amazement.

However, the wise adults didn’t think the same.

The enchanting and flirtatious red roses entwined around the cold and gloomy black skull form a bloody and formed a bloody picture to result in an alluring tattoo, and there was absolutely no way a good girl from a proper household would have this kind of tattoo, rather, it looked more like shady gang’s tattoos.

Sun Xiaomei had painstakingly created the image of bitter cauliflower by dressing up in simple and dirty clothes and shamelessly kneeling and kowtowing. But her whole act instantly collapsed with the exposure of the sinister tattoo on her arm.

Yun Ting and Lin Mumu were both very smart and cooperated well. When Lin Mumu tore Sun Xiaomei’s sleeve, Yun Ting immediately caught her and brought her to his side, for fear that Sun Xiaomei would react and try to harm her.

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