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Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 99 – Tearing clothes (Part 2)

Chapter 99 – Tearing clothes (Part 2)

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Of course, Yun Ting couldn’t only save people, but also kill people.

All year round, he would make sure to wear a few small throwing knives. At this time, he used one of those small knives to throw it at the man lying on the ground’s left arm. The sleeve was neatly cut but the flesh wasn’t harmed in the least. When the sleeve fell, a muscular shoulder and arm were instantly exposed, along another similar dangerous looking tattoo.

An Mingxuan wasn’t stupid. He immediately went to check the man’s tattoo and compared it to Sun Xiaomei’s and made the conclusion: “It’s the same tattoo! I’m afraid it has something to do with shady gangs. Arrest them both!”

“Yes!” The police officers have long been impatient, but they had been in a stalemate and couldn’t simply arrest a girl making trouble. However, they cold now fearlessly advance to execute orders since it was always more comfortable for them to carry out orders than to make decisions.

Lin Tianlang also chimed in and pointed to Yun Ruoshan who was desperately trying to shrink her existence in the crowd: “This classmate also has a close relationship with Sun Xiaomei. She continuously pleaded with the criminal several times and even helped Sun Xiaomei delay time to kill the victim. It’s suspected she’s an accomplice!”

“Take back to the police station for investigation as well.” An Mingxuan calmly continued to give out orders. As for Yun Ruoshan’s identity, he could only ignore it for the moment.

“Second brother! Second brother, help me!” Yun Ruoshan knew that she was done for this time and desperately tried to catch Yun Ting’s sleeve.

However, Yun Ting merely pulled Lin Mumu behind him in a protective manner and avoided her clutch to let her hands awkwardly land on emptiness.

“Still not arresting her yet?” Seeing that Yun Ruoshan was coming to pester him again, Yun Ting coldly ordered his men.

Hearing his call, a few small soldiers immediately came forward to handle Yun Ruoshan. In a direct and efficient way, they quickly put her hands behind her back and delivered her right to An Mingxuan’s hands.

Yun Ruoshan knew that Yun Ting wouldn’t care about her anymore, so she could only shout to reveal her identity: “I’m the only young miss of Yunjia, and the chief inspector Yun Jianguo is my adoptive father! You can’t arrest me! An Mingxuan, if you dare to arrest me, my adoptive father won’t let you go!”

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