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Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 103 – Pick one of the two (Part 2)

Chapter 103 – Pick one of the two (Part 2)

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“Daughter or official career, you can only choose one. It was her fault to begin with, what do I have to do with it?” Yun Ting’s voice sounded extremely cold and ladened with killing intent.

“You must be kidding. I, Yun Ting, am only loyal to the Chinese country, and not to anyone else. You’re the chief inspector, and you haven’t even realized this point?”

“As we do happen to be blood related, I can only divulge you one piece of information: this matter involves blood skulls.”

After coldly dropping this last sentence, Yun Ting unconcernedly hung up the phone and didn’t pay attention to it again.

Father and son? Ridiculous.

Even if the two brothers added up, in the heart of the chief inspector, they were no match to and old love’s adopted daughter, were they?

Looking at the weak Lin Mumu lying on the ground, Yun Ting’s anger got even stronger.

Last time, he was young and incompetent and ended up losing his brother.

This time, he wouldn’t lose Lin Mumu because of his lack of strength.

Lin Mumu had a good sleep. When she woke up, the moon was brightly hanging in the sky, shining its soft light on her surroundings.

“It’s nice to be home.” Lin Mumu lazily stretched out her limbs, only to notice that there was another person standing further away, unwaveringly staring at her with an unfathomable gaze, like a leopard staring at his prey.

“Yun Ting, I’m alright, I’m just very sleepy.” Lin Mumu knew that Yun Ting was worried about her and quickly reassured him and explained her situation.

“So, are you full now?” Yun Ting’s voice sounded a little lower, with a special kind of hoarseness. It sounds very sexy and enchanting, like a magic spell that could corrode one’s senses.

“En. Don’t you believe me? My arm is already fine. ” Lin Mumu took off the bandages of her right hand and easily swung her arm. She had completely recovered.

“You vomited blood.” Yun Ting pointed to his chest to show her the bloodstains that should have been red, but all that appeared was a pale green color.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not bleeding now.” As soon as Lin Mumu said this, Yun Ting suddenly thought of her last period in the military camp, and thoughtfully stared at Lin Mumu for a while.

“Alright, I’ll confess. If I bleed normally, there would be no problems. However, if my heart bleeds, my life will be in danger.” Lin Mumu didn’t want to conceal it from Yun Ting. Moreover, she knew he would never use her secret to harm her.

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