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Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 105 – Left just like that (Part 1)

Chapter 105 – Left just like that (Part 1)

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Even when they had both entered the bedroom, Yun Ting still relentlessly held her in his arms before solemnly uttering a single word:

“You.” (TN: the last thing she said was “Hey, what are you doing?”)

“Ha?” Lin Mumu confusedly stared at him for a while before suddenly realizing that Yun Ting was actually answering the question she just asked him a few seconds ago.

This guy, she thought he was a gentleman! How could he act this shamelessly like a hooligan!

“I want to take a bath! I want to sleep! I want to call An Xiaoqin!” Lin Mumu continuously tried to find poor excuses to avoid her demise.

However, someone just didn’t want to hear anything.

Without wasting anymore time, Yun Ting immediately kissed her deeply and passionately. Lin Mumu was fiercely attacked before she could even understand what was going on. In the end, she decided not to make any trouble, and obediently responded to his kiss.

The both of them once again happily rolled in the sheets, and Lin Mumu was not only thoroughly eaten but also wiped clean for the second day in a row. In the end, her body felt so weak and soft that she felt like he didn’t even spare her bones.

Throughout their intimate moment, waves and surges of strange and novel feelings completely submerged her senses and made her feel like continuously dying and being reborn. Infront of the wonderful new world he introduced to her, she once again ended up being completely defeated.

Lin Mumu didn’t know she was able to survive the night. The only thing she knew was that she wasn’t able to sleep, but her mind felt somewhat confused and dazed, and she didn’t feel like she was completely sober.

Thinking about it, at some point, Yun Ting seemed to have asked her a question while she was in her dazed state: “Is your body’s condition really fine?”

“En, it’s alright.” Lin Mumu was so confused at the time that she honestly answered his question without a second thought, failing to understand the implications.

When she finally understood the purpose of his question, it was already too late for Lin Mumu to regret!

So, in the end, didn’t she deserve to be thoroughly eaten time and time again?

After few moments, Yun Ting once again gently told her: “If your body feels uncomfortable, just tell me.”

“Ha? I’m uncomfortable!” Lin Mumu felt like she became smarter and quickly responded this time.

“En, I’ll make you feel more comfortable now.” Afterwards, little Lin Mumu was severely punished for her lies.

“Wuwuwu……” (TN: Mouth blocking (by kiss or other) or crying sound effect.)

Oh, it turns out, whatever she said wasn’t important, he would just go on with was he had on mind.

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