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Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 105 – Left just like that (Part 2)

Chapter 105 – Left just like that (Part 2)

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“Yun Ting, I’m tired, don’t play anymore.” Lin Mumu couldn’t bear it anymore and vehemently protested.

“Please accompany me again. I’ve received a temporary task and will have to go to Yun province tomorrow. This time, the earliest I’ll be back is a month. If it takes longer, I might probably not be back before New Year’s Day.” Yun Ting’s deep voice sounded even lower than usual, it was also ladened with repressed tender attachment and reluctance which made it sound even more unbearable.

Only God knew how attractive and addictive Lin Mumu was to him. Ever since they formally became husband and wife yesterday, he wished he could just knead her into his body so that she could forever stay by his side.

However, it was a soldier’s duty to leave to protect his country. Although China was currently at a peaceful age, there were always internal and external troubles that needed the army’s attention in order to protect the ordinary citizens’ lives.

A single person’s strength may not be able to change the world, but if everyone like him went all out, peace would become lasting and stable.

Since he had to go no matter what, he could only turn all his reluctance into strength and pour it into her body to let her feel his emotions and understand his feelings.

“En…” Lin Mumu weakly replied with a barely audible sound and a hoarse throat.

Afterwards, when he wanted to hear more of her voice, he had to use his own means. It was also a kind of bullying, but it was a bullying full of sweetness.

After endless waves and fireworks, peace finally returned to the bedroom, and the night regained its quietness.

By the time Lin Mumu woke up in the morning, Yun Ting was already gone.

However, the empty room was still full of his addictive fragrance.

On her cell phone, Lin Mumu read the last message he left her before leaving:

“I’m gone. Protect yourself. Wait for me.”

“Yun Ting, you bastard!” Although Lin Mumu cursed him with her mouth, her actions were more honest as she longingly buried her head in the quilt to greedily inhale the leftover traces of his fragrance.

In this life, she was finally able to become his woman. Not only by having a marriage certificate, but by wholeheartedly become his woman.

However, it was said that soldiers were loyal to their country but cruel to their lovers.

And their separation as newlyweds felt even more intolerable.

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