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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Light Novel)


“You are mine, and I am yours…”

The world cannot be saved by the victory of a single man. This book begins at the point where the climax should occur; the battle between a Demon Queen who is a little strange and a Hero who is a little curious.

However, not only do these two give up the battle, instead, they join hands to directly challenge the complicated social structure which dictates that humans and demons must forever be in conflict.

This is too reckless right? How can this be done? Undoubtedly, you are thinking that.

Come, please turn the page. You are about to read a story that has never been told before; the story of the Hero… and the Demon Queen.

558 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Volume 5 Chapter 5, “We hoped for a miracle.”2019-03-25
Volume 5 Chapter 4, “Without the Hero, the Demon King’s hands are tied”2019-03-25
Volume 5 Chapter 3, “With this, the Southern Alliance is Finished.”2019-03-25
Volume 5 Chapter 2, “Look forward to it. Your story will begin someday.”2019-03-25
Volume 5 Chapter 1, “No…… I would rather bear the Hero’s pain.”2019-03-25
Volume 5 The Song of the Nameless Bard2019-03-25
Volume 4 Maps and Explanations2019-03-25
Volume 4 Chapter 10, “My Name Shall be Henceforth Known as—”2019-03-25
Volume 4 Chapter 9, “The Crown Prince Marshal. The World’s Greatest Hero.”2019-03-25
Volume 4 Chapter 8, “The Names of Those Who Cannot Return.”2019-03-25
Volume 4 Chapter 7, “I am the Fearsome General of the Right of the Demon World.”2019-03-25
Volume 4 Chapter 6, “Walking in Pain in the Endless World”2019-03-25
Volume 4 Chapter 5, “It’s Somehow Very Important.”— The Wastelands of the…2019-03-25
Volume 4 Chapter 4, “Having Come to Such a Time, Hesitation is Forbidden.”2019-03-25
Volume 4 Chapter 3, “It’s Decided. I Will Sing So the Swords Will Stop.”2019-03-25
Volume 4 Chapter 2, “What the Human World Hates Most is a Cowardly Hero.”2019-03-25
Volume 4 Chapter 1, “The Rainbow is Dipping.”2019-03-25
Volume 4 The Song of the Nameless Bard2019-03-25
Volume 3 Maps and Explanations2019-03-25
Volume 3 Chapter 10, “Shall we go together?”2019-03-25
Volume 3 Chapter 9, “In a Boat on a Bloodstained River.”2019-03-25
Volume 3 Chapter 8, “This is order — The Musket.”2019-03-25
Volume 3 Chapter 7, “You Are Not bandits.”2019-03-25
Volume 3 Chapter 6, “This is what the Fairies want.”2019-03-25
Volume 3 Chapter 5, “How boring. Humans are so weak after all.”2019-03-25
Volume 3 Chapter 4, “I love the both of you.”2019-03-25
Volume 3 Chapter 3, “Look, you’ve got some on your mouth, Hero.”2019-03-25
Volume 3 Chapter 2, “The Kurultai without the Demon King”2019-03-25
Volume 3 Chapter 1, “Demon King! What’s going on, Demon King!!”2019-03-25
Volume 3 The Song of the Nameless Bard2019-03-25
Volume 2 Maps and Explanations2019-03-25
Volume 2 Chapter 10, “We, the Tribe of the Pale, contest the Seat of the Demon…2019-03-25
Volume 2 Chapter 9, “The Great Demon Conference, the Kurultai”2019-03-25
Volume 2 Chapter 8, “If you don’t give up, definitely.”2019-03-25
Volume 2 Chapter 7, “This is the Luxurious Old City Inn The Demon King…2019-03-25
Volume 2 Chapter 6, “Your Lap feels good, Hero.”2019-03-25
Volume 2 Chapter 5, “Ahh, it’s Snow.”2019-03-25
Volume 2 Chapter 4, “The useless Demon King who appeared too late!”2019-03-25
Volume 2 Chapter 3, “For the Sake of this Land”2019-03-25
Volume 2 Chapter 2, “What has Appeared will Definitely not Disappear!”2019-03-25
Volume 2 Chapter 1, “There will be Two Churches. And so it begins!”2019-03-25
Volume 2 The Song of the Nameless Bard2019-03-25
Volume 1 Maps and Explanations—— The Stage of Danger, the Southern United…2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 11, “Because I am Human”2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 10, “Take up the Sword, my Master”2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 9, “I Like to Touch this Hair”2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 8, “Henceforth, the Second Conquest of the Isle of Light…2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 7, “You stupid Demon King!” “You foolish Hero!”2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 6, “I Choose the Route that Leads to the Other Side of the Hill2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 5, “Pick One of the Two Routes”2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 4, “Please don’t disregard the people”2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 3, “Where have you been wandering about until now!”2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 2 — Please Make Us Humans2019-03-25
Volume 1 Chapter 1, “The Demon King’s Castle, that Profound Audience”2019-03-25
Volume 1 Prologue — Maoyuu in Short2019-03-25


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