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Marietta-hime no Konrei (Web Novel)


The youngest princess of the country of Stellaus, Marietta, was betrothed in a political marriage to the General of the great militant country, Oltaire. General Belvant was often said to be strong, a fierce and terrifying god of a warrior. On the other hand, Marietta was a delicate flower of a princess. Everyone felt pity for poor Marietta’s situation, however, the truth was that Marietta found the General very dreamy… The story of a 30-year old General with a scary face (who was actually quite nice), and the tiny and adorable 18-year old Princess in their times of conflict and of lovey-doveyness.

973 • 2019-08-26 21:11:17


The chapter Addition Time
Extra Chapter 7 The Dreadful Tea Ceremony2019-08-26
Extra Chapter 6 The Night Alone2019-08-26
Extra Chapter 5 The Sweetest One is…?2019-08-26
Extra Chapter 4 Adlan’s Jealousy (Second Volume)2019-08-26
Extra Chapter 3 Adlan’s Jealousy (First Volume)2019-08-26
Extra Chapter 2 Marietta’s Request2019-08-26
Extra Chapter 1 The Next Morning’s Talk2019-08-26
Chapter 33 First Night Together with You…2019-08-26
Chapter 32 Becoming Husband and Wife2019-08-26
Chapter 31 The Wedding Day2019-08-26
Chapter 30 Pouring Love?2019-08-26
Chapter 29 Marietta, Hang in There!2019-08-26
Chapter 28 The Real Crisis2019-08-26
Chapter 27 The Dangerous Kitten2019-08-26
Chapter 26 Could It Be A Love Rival?2019-08-26
Chapter 25 A Correct Knowledge is Important2019-08-26
Chapter 24 The Awkward Bath2019-08-26
Chapter 23 Challenging the Mission2019-08-26
Chapter 22 Affirmation2019-08-26
Chapter 21 For the First Night2019-08-26
Chapter 20 Adlan Gets Serious!2019-08-26
Chapter 19 Won’t You Do It?2019-08-26
Chapter 18 Sierra Struggles2019-08-26
Chapter 17 Obligatory Muscle Festival2019-08-26
Chapter 16 Marietta’s Anger2019-08-26
Chapter 15 An Inferior Insect2019-08-26
Chapter 14 The Aftermath of the Party and the Young Duchess2019-08-26
Chapter 13 Dancing with You2019-08-26
Chapter 12 Are They Dim, or Just Innocent?2019-08-26
Chapter 11 A Little Nibble of the Princess2019-08-26
Chapter 10 The Unmindful Princess2019-08-26
Chapter 9 Because They Wish to Meet2019-08-26
Chapter 8 The Lion and the Fawn2019-08-26
Chapter 7 The Princess-Carried Princess2019-08-26
Chapter 6 It’s a Date2019-08-26
Chapter 5 He’s a Dreamy Gentleman2019-08-26
Chapter 4 AND THEY MEET2019-08-26
Chapter 3 JUST FROM REMEMBERING IT2019-08-26
Chapter 2 HOW DO YOU DO?2019-08-26