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Martial Arts Master (Web Novel)


Here martial arts are no longer intangible legends. They have been passed on from generation to generation and from century to century. After the confrontation with science and technology, they have completely integrated into modern society and all kinds of martial arts competitions are taking place across the country as superiority among scholars are hard to reach a consensus but not as difficult among martial artists!

Lou Cheng has inherited the lost skills of the greatest martial arts sect. Towards his original dream and the glory in his heart, he advances step by step, becoming the warrior of this modern city and the hero of the era!

225 • 2019-04-10 23:21:56


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 700: Mind Reader2019-12-11
Chapter 699: Infernal Hell2019-12-11
Chapter 698: Spring Rain2019-12-10
Chapter 697: On A Conquest Again2019-12-10
Chapter 696: Attending the Wedding2019-12-09
Chapter 695: Timely Snow2019-12-09
Chapter 694: Lou Cheng, The God Of Calamity2019-12-08
Chapter 693: Life Curse2019-12-08
Chapter 692: Branch of the Witch King2019-12-07
Chapter 691: Pictures From All Angles2019-12-07
Chapter 690: The Best Way To Deal With Traps2019-12-06
Chapter 689: Operation Dawn2019-12-06
Chapter 688: A Simple Mission2019-12-05
Chapter 687: Before The Festival2019-12-05
Chapter 686: An Opponent of the Past2019-12-04
Chapter 685: Ice And Fire Great Chef2019-12-04
Chapter 684: A Man of Many Talents2019-12-03
Chapter 683: A Friend From Afar2019-12-03
Chapter 682: Conclusion2019-12-02
Chapter 681: Spectating A Battle2019-12-02
Chapter 680: Alternative Heaven’s Punishment2019-12-01
Chapter 679: An Opponent Often Forgetten2019-12-01
Chapter 678: A Change In Mentality2019-11-30
Chapter 677: The Wisdom Behind the Delay2019-11-30
Chapter 676: Who’s Afraid of Who?2019-11-29
Chapter 675: Defeat him!2019-11-29
Chapter 674: Momentum Of A Calamity2019-11-28
Chapter 673: Sky Splitter2019-11-28
Chapter 672: Sky Thunder Mountain2019-11-27
Chapter 671: Visa Application: Rejected2019-11-27
Chapter 670: Respective2019-11-26
Chapter 669: The Full Story2019-11-26
Chapter 668: Came To An End2019-11-25
Chapter 667: We Are Here To Apologize2019-11-25
Chapter 666: North Harbour Base2019-11-24
Chapter 665: You Think You Can Come And Go As You Please?2019-11-24
Chapter 664: Number 162019-11-23
Chapter 663: Life in the War-torn Zones2019-11-23
Chapter 662: An Acquaintance2019-11-22
Chapter 661: Test Subject No.192019-11-22
Chapter 660: Thousand Miles Away2019-11-21
Chapter 659: Huacheng Tour2019-11-21
Chapter 658: Arrival of Mom and Dad2019-11-20
Chapter 657: Borrowed Influence2019-11-20
Chapter 656: Dragon King’s Guidance2019-11-19
Chapter 655: Gathering2019-11-19
Chapter 654: Killer Strike2019-11-18
Chapter 653: Honest Words2019-11-18
Chapter 652: A Lamb In A Pack Of Wolves2019-11-17
Chapter 651: Eternal Silence2019-11-17
Chapter 650: Promise of Nine Knives2019-11-16
Chapter 649: God Slaying Saber2019-11-16
Chapter 648: Finding Off Time In Busy Times2019-11-15
Chapter 647: The Fifth Round2019-11-15
Chapter 646: A Thousand Years In An Instant2019-11-14
Chapter 645: Like a Mirage or Illusion2019-11-14
Chapter 644: Battle of the Heavenly Sons of The Era2019-11-13
Chapter 643: Wuguang’s Insights2019-11-13
Chapter 642: Miraculous Feats2019-11-12
Chapter 641: All Out2019-11-12
Chapter 640: Golden Scriptures of Donghuang2019-11-11
Chapter 639: Master Potential2019-11-11
Chapter 638: “Wolf Is Coming”2019-11-10
Chapter 637: Divine Sect of the Five Flames2019-11-10
Chapter 636: Lethal Chill2019-11-09
Chapter 635: Feast of the Masters2019-11-09
Chapter 634: Wager2019-11-08
Chapter 633: A Day in Lou Cheng’s Life2019-11-08
Chapter 632: Fire-like Invasion2019-11-07
Chapter 631: First Pin Mighty One2019-11-07
Chapter 630: First Lesson As a Physical Invulnerability2019-11-06
Chapter 629: The Official Contract2019-11-06
Chapter 628: A Change In One’s Life2019-11-05
Chapter 627: Oh Dreams2019-11-05
Chapter 626: Confidence Destroyer2019-11-04
Chapter 625: Return2019-11-04
Chapter 624: The End Of The Summer Holidays2019-11-03
Chapter 623: Polar Laboratory2019-11-03
Chapter 622: Re-entering The Secret Hall2019-11-02
Chapter 621: Returning to the Sect2019-11-02
Chapter 620: Report2019-11-01
Chapter 619: Instincts2019-11-01
Chapter 618: Holy Light Kingdom2019-10-31
Chapter 617: Each with their own tricks2019-10-31
Chapter 616: Cosmic Phantom2019-10-30
Chapter 615: Killing Intent2019-10-30
Chapter 614: A Chance Encounter2019-10-29
Chapter 613: Run!2019-10-29
Chapter 612: Faking a War Scene2019-10-28
Chapter 611: Night Attack on Holy Chapel2019-10-28
Chapter 610: Strange Scene of Ice and Fire2019-10-27
Chapter 609: Chance Encounter2019-10-27
Chapter 608: Realization2019-10-26
Chapter 607: The Black Hawk Falls2019-10-26
Chapter 606: No Nonsense2019-10-25
Chapter 605: Psychopath2019-10-25
Chapter 604: Charging Through The Checkpoint2019-10-24
Chapter 603: The Carpark2019-10-24
Chapter 602: More Ruthless2019-10-23
Chapter 601: Passing troops are worse than bandits2019-10-23