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Martial Arts Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 638: “Wolf Is Coming”

Chapter 638: “Wolf Is Coming”

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Upon hearing Xin Xiaoyue conceding defeat, the commentator in the broadcasting room announced the results emotionally before the referee, “He can use it for long distance or short distance battle and can maintain it for a long time. Lou Cheng’s “Nine Rotations of Five Flames. Descend Of The Sun” is really insane. I believe any physical invulnerability expert who is watching this would probably be thinking of how to counter this move.”

“This is also a unique characteristic of modern martial arts. Once a new move, new martial arts or a new technique was developed, it would quickly attract the attention of many people and be dissected using the combined resources of the public. There isn’t any single move that allows one to dominate forever. This is unlike in the past where the final trump card could have the surprise factor for many years. Even if an opponent wasn’t killed by it and wanted to make it known to others, it would take a long time for him to achieve his objective.”

“Alright, we are getting a little far from the main topic. The referee had announced that Lou Cheng had won this match and he has achieved his first victory as a physical invulnerability. Moreover, the one he won against is the one who many considered as among the top tier of the third-pins, Xin Xiaoyue who has created the “Lethal Chill”! He is indeed worthy of the name “Heavenly son of the era”.”

“In the past, “Wisdom King”, Zhi Hai, had only appeared in front of others half a year after he made the great leap. At that time, he had already mastered techniques of “Golden Light Sutra”, “Womb Realm” and “Vajrapani”. Moreover, he encountered several outstanding first-pin and second-pin characters consecutively and suffered several losses. This prevented us from truly witnessing the dominance of a Heavenly Son of the era when he had just advanced. And for now, Lou Cheng has clearly proven it.”

“What is more important is that I’ve noticed that during the previous battle, other than the instance he used it for defence, he had almost not used any unique skills of the Ice Sect. Moreover, he had only used the “Fighting” Formula from the legendary Nine Words Formula. In other words, he still has various unknown methods that haven’t been shown yet. To all the other physical invulnerability experts and powers other than the Longhu Club, do you guys have the feeling of “The wolf is coming”?”

“Obviously, there’s no need to worry about this in the short run. However, what about two to three years later?”

“As the saying goes, “Each generation excels the previous” and “The new continuously replaces the old”. Let us look forward to the arrival of the era of the four Heavenly sons of the era!”

“This is really praising them to the skies!””Eternal Nightfall”, Yan Xiaoling, was objective for once. After which, she added, “But I like it! Give me more, give me more!”

“Pfft. I like the shameless part of you. [Caressing the dog’s head expression]””Nie Qiqi” replied.

“Bull Demon King” said, “[Evil smile expression] Speaking of which, this way of using the five fireballs in battle is really cool. He is the clear choice of every single girl!”

“I’m already intoxicated~””Brahman” replied quickly.

Yan Xiaoling added excitedly, “[Spinning in circles in excitement expression] Is it too late to start practicing martial arts now? I will also like to be like my senior and have so many fireballs of different colors revolving around me!”

As she had gotten familiar with Yan Zheke in private, she was wary of referring to Lou Cheng as “My Lou Cheng”. Therefore, she had used another address.

“It’s too late because there isn’t any sleeping Arhat martial arts or a martial arts that can be mastered by lying down.””Unparalleled Dragon King” doused her enthusiasm.

Yan Xiaoling replied confidently, “Don’t look down on me. If acting foolish is a form of martial arts practice, I am already number one in the world!”

“You are getting better and better at mocking yourself…” For once, “Okamoto’s Fan” couldn’t find a way to make his comments “dirty”.

“Cough. Let us discuss the previous match instead. I really feel that senior has the chance to make it past the Double Elimination round and enter the round of thirty-two!” Yan Xiaoling changed the topic and said joyously.

“Yeah, with the strength he demonstrated, as long as he isn’t too unlucky with the draw and doesn’t meet first-pin experts consecutively, his chances are indeed not low. Even if he encountered a second-pin expert, he still stands a chance.””Unparalleled Dragon King” agreed. “Moreover, there’s are still sixteen inhumans. The probability of meeting them isn’t low.”

“Let’s not talk about it, let’s not talk about it. Come on. All the experienced drivers stand up now and let’s go!””Brahman” said excitedly.

Yan Xiaoling was simply “shocked”. She quickly added, “Brahman, you have turned “dirty”.”

“I already have a boyfriend for half a year. Unlike you who would be a single dog for eternity~” Brahman replied heartlessly.

“…Let’s stop. The truth is I’m no longer a human! [Cover mouth in sorrows expression]” said Yan Xiaoling. “I’m a dog.”

“Ouch, my friend. [Covered face in tears expression]””Unparalleled Dragon King” replied. “Don’t hold me back. Let me go and die for five minutes.”

Since returning from studying abroad, he had spent the majority of his time being cooped up in his house. Also, he had been single for a long time.

When “Unparalleled Dragon King” said this, the discussion in the forum immediately changed. Some were complaining tearfully about being single, some were showing off and there were even FFF Group members calling for a ban on all relationships!

On the deck of a cruise ship at the North of Jiangxin Island, Peng Leyun had both of his hands tucked inside his jacket and was watching the entire match. He was half in a daze as he mumbled, “He really has something new every time…”

Perhaps it was because of the huge pressure from Lou Cheng that allowed him to advance quickly as he couldn’t relax. Even though he had become a physical invulnerability expert, he still didn’t have the slightest desire to slack off…

As he pondered, Peng Leyun eyes started to lose focus and his thoughts drifted. He seemed to be pondering over how to counter Lou Cheng’s version of Nine Rotations of Five Flames.

Just beside him was an Ergonomic chair. One could tell that it would be really comfortable from just a look at it. On top of it was a young-looking man who was wearing a natural and unrestrained white robe. He was handsome, refined and had his black hair tied up in a Taoist bun. He was leaning against the backrest and scrutinizing the match on Jiangxin Island with squinted eyes that looked like he was going to fall asleep anytime. Evidently, he was Qian Donglou from the Shangqing Sect, the man who had won the most titles since the start of professional competitions.

He had just gotten back the title of “Warrior Sage” from Dong Baxian in July this year.

“He is really just like him…” Qian Donglou laughed. Picking up the pair of sunglasses beside him, he put it on. He wasn’t interested in any of the subsequent matches and was intending to take a sunbath and an afternoon nap.

Just as the other physical invulnerability experts thought about how to deal with Lou Cheng, Lou Cheng headed towards the Longhu Club’s cruise ship while enjoying the cheers of the surrounding audience.

When he reached the edge of the island, he didn’t board the small speed boat but walked directly on the water surface.

The waves on the surface stopped and a layer of ice was formed over it as Lou Cheng stood firmly on it. Every step he took going forward had a layer of crystal supporting him as he walked elegantly towards the cruise ship. In the end, he jumped onto the deck without getting a single drop of water on his body.

This scene drew a more raucous cheer from the audience. Walking on waves like walking on land was a dream of many early-stage martial artists.

“There a reporter waiting to interview you.” Ning Zitong pointed to the filming crew near the cabin door. She wasn’t in a hurry to ask about the “Nine Rotations of Five Flames”. “Alright.” Lou Cheng collected his phone from Auman and immediately unlock the screen. He spotted a message from Yan Zheke immediately.

She said, “[Laughing secretly expression] Respect. Respect. Impressive. Impressive. That is truly something~ All hail my path of Cosmic Universe!”

Go and sleep now! Subconsciously, Lou Cheng wanted to reply this. However, after he typed those words, he changed it, “[Lost look expression] Overwhelmed by your compliments!”

“Hehe.,” answered Yan Zheke satisfactorily. After which, she added, “Now I can sleep in peace.”

Lou Cheng smiled and quickly replied, “Quick, go!”

Locking his phone again, he placed it with Auman and walked to the door of the cabin to accept the interview.

“My name is Li Su and I’m a reporter from Star Sports TV.” The female reporter wearing a white shirt, pencil pants and high heels said with a smile. “There’re more than three questions today!”

“I’m a little afraid now.,” joked Lou Cheng.

After chatting for a short while, Li Su, who had already prepared for the interview, asked confidently, “First, let me congratulate you on winning your first battle as a physical invulnerability expert. The strength you demonstrated left many doubters speechless and convinced everyone of your skill. I believe we are all very curious about one thing and that is your “Nine Rotations of Five Flames” seems to not be very exhaustive? And you can maintain it for a very long time?”

There’s nothing to hide here. I believe everyone would have known that I possessed two opposing supernatural ability of Ice and FIre. Since I was a professional ninth-pin, I have been constantly exploring a way to combine them. Subsequently, using the theory of balance and rotations in the natural world, I’ve found my own road. Because of this balance and rotation, I am able to use another way to maintain the “Five Flames”. The toll is indeed very small.,” Lou Cheng answered honestly with composure and summarized his unique path of martial arts.

Li Su had never expected Lou Cheng to answer it so clearly. After a long pause, she finally complimented sincerely, “To be willing to share your own self-created path, this is the bearing of a true Master…”

“I’m still young and have the drive. I’m not afraid of others using this train of thought to catch up.,” Lou Cheng laughed.

“This is a display of absolute confidence in oneself!” Li Su complimented again. After which, she jokingly asked, “What about when you get older?”

Lou Cheng was calm and laughed, “If the younger generation benefited because of this, they would definitely have the idea of showing respect to the elders when they are facing me. Isn’t this pretty good?”

“Broad-minded and generous.” Li Su nodded her head in approval. “Lou Cheng, I feel that you grown more composed and mature than before.”

“Humans would always grow up slowly. Nonetheless, the one in my heart is still the same young man chasing his dream.” Lou Cheng took a shot at himself and laughed.

Li Su thought for a moment before continuing, “We are really curious what you truly have experienced over the past year? What had actually happened to allow you to make the great leap so quickly and maintain such a good mentality?”

“I have said it during the press conference. The injuries I suffered had an extremely huge polishing effect on me. When the sequelae was at its most serious stage, I truly considered the option of retiring from the martial arts circle and withstanding the pain and agony each day. However, I do not wish to give up or leave. In this process, I slowly understood myself and found the courage that originated from my heart. When I walked out from these, all the conditions required are there. Yeah, I would like to thank my family for their understanding and support.” Lou Cheng answered at a comfortable pace. “Without you guys, I would not be where I am today.”

“You are only thanking your family? I heard that you have a girlfriend.” Li Su smiled mischievously.

She was getting a little emotional upon hearing Lou Cheng answers and seemed to be able to feel the torment, agony and feelings of being lost that this Heavenly son of the era had experienced previously.

Lou Cheng explained in a serious tone, “In my heart, she’s already part of my family.”

“Aiyoh, so sweet” Li Su answered with a smile. “Alright, the next question…”

While Lou Cheng was accepting the interview, “Xin Family’s Washing Board” sent a Weibo update, “Savage! I finally can understand what is firepower suppression! What is being completely overwhelmed!”

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