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Martial Arts Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 640: Golden Scriptures of Donghuang

Chapter 640: Golden Scriptures of Donghuang

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When the outcome of the draw was announced, “Yanzhao League Official Weibo” started a new conversation topic.

“#Great Master Potential vs Future Grand Master! Come come come. Our League would like to invite everyone to discuss the outcome of this widely anticipated battle. As for the others, besides some small hiccups, Wang Que is going to win eventually anyway. There’s nothing to debate here!”

Soon, reply after reply flooded in.

“If it’s a year later, I might have actually been worried about silly Que. As for now, hahaha.”

“We can’t underestimate Lou Cheng. He looks like he still has many tricks up his sleeves. For example, the unique skills of the Ice Sect. He should be better in these than he is in the Fire Sect’s skills since he is a disciple of Ice God Sect after all.”

“@ the guy above. Don’t be too humble. Silly Que isn’t any ordinary second-pin expert.”

“I betting 5 packets of spicy gluten that Silly Que will definitely win!”

“I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. SIlly Que always had an equal chance no matter who he goes against. The stronger his opponent, the stronger he gets. However, the reverse is true too.”

“Lou Cheng is still lacking in experiences!”

“The younger generation of experts of the Yanzhao League are definitely not worse than any others. Moreover, we have the advantage of more experience.”

“I’m taking my camp chair out and waiting to see how Silly Que is going to break apart Lou Cheng’s “Nine Rotation of Five Flames”.”

“How is he going to break apart? What do you guys think?”

“Long range photon blast. A shot from a finger to break each one?”

When the discussion was raging among Yanzhao League’s fans, the atmosphere in Lou Cheng’s fans forum was relatively heavy.

“@Unparalleled Dragon King. How strong is this Wang Que?””Eternal Nightfall”, Yan Xiaoling hadn’t watch too many matches of Yanzhao League and almost had no knowledge about the low profile Wang Que.

“Unparalleled Dragon King” answered rapidly, “Very strong. Let’s put it this way. I believe he has a good chance of getting a title within 5 years. He has the ability to turn something complicated and important into something easy and manageable. This isn’t something that everyone possesses. In fact, I will say that the majority of the physical invulnerability experts aren’t capable of it.

“…I’m suddenly a little nervous. It’s been some time since I’ve gotten nervous about a competition…””Brahman” said like she was a really old person.

“Wu wu wu. Me too!” Yan Xiaoling quickly seconded.

“A Plumber Eating Mushroom” said, “What is there to be afraid of. It isn’t that he will be eliminated straight away if he loses. To be able to encounter such an opponent when he just reached physical invulnerability is a good thing!”

“Let me go search for the battle videos of Wang Que…” said “Nie Qiqi”.

“Oh right. What kind of kungfu does Wang Que specialize in? When I watched his videos, it’s always about blinding light shimmering and flickering.””All The Good Names Are Taken By Dogs” asked.

“Unparalleled Dragon King” replied, “[Nike-shaped mouth expression] It’s obviously Yanzhao League’s unique skill “Golden Scriptures of Donghuang”. Another common name would be the Light Sect. Daxing Temple’s “Golden Light Sutra” is rumored to have been modified according to it and had integrated substantial content of it so that they no longer looked similar.”

“Yanzhao League also had some lingering chapters from Plague Sect. They have also integrated many techniques into their own Light Sect unique skills.

“To sum it up, just keep an open mind. Perhaps Lou Cheng might suffer his first defeat as a physical invulnerability. However, if he wins, it would be a pleasant surprise.”

“He sounds really powerful… I’m getting more and more nervous… Haha. Let me tell you guys a real joke!” Yan Xiaoling changed the discussion topic.

“What kind of joke? Is it dirty?””Okamoto’s Fan” was still very excited.

Yan Xiaoling replied, “[Holding back laughter expression] Didn’t I dyed my hair green previously? He Zi, no. I mean “Many Cats” has been making fun of me every day. Yesterday she told me that she’s going to dye her hair the real nut-brown to show it to me. When she came back, hahaha… She also has a head of green hair! ”

“Is everyone near you retarded?””Road to the Arena” drifted over and laughed.

“Didn’t “Many Cats” have the strength of a Dan stage expert?… Is that young girl dying her hair still fine?””Unparalleled Dragon King” asked concerningly.

“She should still be fine…” answered Yan Xiaoling with hesitation.

The heavy atmosphere in the forum immediately dissipated and had returned to the usual unique characteristics.

The next day afternoon.

Ning Zitong and Long Zhen, who had a good draw, brought their personal assistants to visit their friends. They were taking it rather easily.

As for Auman and Guo Jie’s assistant, Wang Yuexi, they were sitting in an open-air cafe beside the main hall and were enjoying their afternoon tea. However, they didn’t dare to get too far away from the hotel.

“Initially, I thought being a personal assistant of a physical invulnerability expert would be very busy. In the end, I have been free for several years. The number of days I’m busy in a month wouldn’t exceed more than five days.” Wang Yuexi said emotionally as she used a silver spoon to stir her coffee.

Auman almost broke into laughter and said with a smile, “That’s what I initially thought too.”

I have now learned how to entertain myself and increase my own value.

The two assistants exchanged glances and smiled. After which, they both looked to the lift and thought that their bosses would definitely be researching their opponents’ battle videos or be practicing in the internal martial arts gym in the hotel.

After a day of pondering, in which he even skipped the battle where Peng Leyun barely won against Wang Xiaoshuang, Lou Cheng finally had some confidence about the match that night and had raised his knowledge on Wang Que by another level.

“It’s about time to make my way there!” He kept his laptop and warmed his muscles and tendons a little before sending a message to Yan Zheke.

Yan Zheke replied, “I realized a match at night is worse than in the afternoon. If it is in the afternoon, I can sleep less to watch it by waking up in the middle of the night. If it is at night, I have to listen to the lecture of my tutors and follow them to do research and discussion. There’s no chance for me to take a break…”

The night in Jiu Qu City happened to be the day in Connecticut.

Lou Cheng broke into laughter and replied, “[Heartache expression]. It’s fine. I’m going to win anyway!”

“Pfft. Are you sure? Low profile! Do you understand! Keep a low profile! Accumulate your good karma!” Yan Zheke was distracted in an instant.

“There’s no one around now. Let me be arrogant for a minute.” Lou Cheng followed down on this topic as he tried to lighten the disappointment of his little fairy girl.

After ten minutes, he had changed into his navy blue Longhu Club martial arts suit. He collected the various kind of emotions he had and walked out of the door. Auman was already waiting outside.

At 8:45 pm, his match with Wang Que would start in the “Fifty Thousand People Stadium” in Jiu Qu City. Yan Zheke happened to have arrived at the Connecticut University Campus at the same time.

It was deep into autumn and the weather had started to turn cold. The cold wind swirled in small circles near the surface of the floor and carried dried leaves along. Yan Zheke wore a brown coat that reached her knee and held her books in front of her chest. Suddenly, she recalled someone on the other side of the sea and that the battle between “Grand Master” and “Great Master” was about to begin.

Her face sank as she looked straight at the fallen leaves. Yan Zheke heaved a sigh and walked towards the building in front of her along the poetic scenery.

In the Fifty Thousand People Stadium, rays of light shone down from the half-opened dome, illuminating the green grass field and making it seem like it was daytime.

The competition ground was three hundred by two hundred. Surrounding it was broad running tracks made of rubber. Its main purpose is to isolate the audience from the battles between the physical invulnerability experts.

The first few rows of the spectator seats were left empty. Moving up, there was a layer of bulletproof glass and metal chains. Every single crucial area had strong armed police and security personnel standing on guard.

Lou Cheng and Wang Que stood in the middle of the stadium. They were standing thirty metres apart. The surrounding grass field around them had potholes everywhere and looked in shreds and patches. It was as though it had been encountered a round of artilleries fire. These were left behind by the previous battles.

At this moment, Lou Cheng finally shifted his attention to the external image of Wang Que. One couldn’t tell what he was hiding from the outside and his hair was combed back like an old man. It was glittering under the lights and making him looked extremely like those old gangster heads in old movies.

Wang Que’s height was similar to Lou Cheng’s, but his physique was slightly disproportionate. He had a big head, long body and relatively shorter legs. Looking across, he gave off a disorientated feeling. He stood right there calmly and with composure without any signs of being nervous. He truly had the bearings of a Great Master.

As Lou Cheng was scrutinizing Wang Que, Wang Que scrutinized him too. He felt that Lou Cheng was steady and mature and the kind that wouldn’t crumble no matter what happened in front of him.

At this moment, the referee, who was standing in between them, raised his right hand and said, “The conversation starts now!”

After saying it, he quickly headed to the edge of the battleground so that he wouldn’t suffer collateral damage when the match really began.

In the battle between physical invulnerability experts, the purpose of the referee was more similar to a host!

At this point, the two of them didn’t speak. Lou Cheng formed a scorching red ball of fire and allowed it to revolve in an oval shape around him. The fireball was also rotating on its own.

On the surface of Wang Que, a layer of light gradually surfaced as he illuminated the surrounding area. He looked holy and towering, make it hard for those who witnessed it to not pay homage.

Rumors had it that the”Golden Scriptures of Donghuang” originated from the Chu Kingdom and had a long history behind it. It was related to the period of the “Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors” and a form of sacrificial techniques from that wild era. However, that was what they had claimed and there was no other way to verify it anymore.

The immortal descended and radiated dazzling light. Suddenly, thoughts of not being blasphemous to gods, thoughts of not wanting to be his opponent and thoughts of not fighting with him welled up in Lou Cheng’s mind.

He quickly formed the “Ice Heart”. As he was creating the Five Flames, he tried to achieve connection with the external world through visualization.

The surrounding area turned dark and was decorated by countless stars. The darkness complemented the dazzling white, gold, faint purple and other fireballs around Lou Cheng. At the same time, it made Wang Que look like the afternoon sun. It was that overbearing in the mortal world and was comparable to the darkness of the universe. However, it was so insignificant at the same time.

As the darkness got thicker and the light got stronger, Lou Cheng and Wang Que’s auras started tangling and conflicting with each other. Through this, they were trying to find or create a weakness in their opponent.

Time passed quickly and Wang Que suddenly laughed and said sincerely, “You have indeed lived up to your prestigious name!”

When he completed his words and Lou Cheng was thinking about answering, the referee at the edge shouted, “Begin!”

Swoosh! Wang Que moved like a bolt of photon blast towards Lou Cheng. He seemed like he wanted to take the “Five Flames” on directly.

The speed of the Light Sect was superior to the Wind Sect. In just an instant, he had already closed up the distance between him and his opponent.

Lou Cheng had no intentions to be courteous. Instead of retreating, he advanced. He stretched his back, clenched his fist and walloped down ruthlessly. The crimson red, gold, light blue, dazzling white and faint purple fireballs fell down one after another and merged into one.

Since Wang Que wanted to take it on directly, Lou Cheng naturally wouldn’t hold back!

At this moment, Wang Que’s body flickered and suddenly disappeared. It seemed like the actions previously were just a ruse.

His figure suddenly appeared directly in front of Lou Cheng and became clear in the blink of an eye. Beads of perspiration could clearly be seen on his forehead, indicating that this move’s toll on his body was definitely not low.

Up till this very moment, a large explosion erupted from where he previously stood and caused a violent and strong wind.

His step was even faster than sound!

“Golden Scriptures of Donghuang”, “Shunpo”!

This was widely considered as the hardest technique to master in the Light Sect. Not every physical invulnerability expert in Yanzhao League was able to master it. Previously, there was only Dong Baxian. Now, there was Wang Que too!

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