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Martial Arts Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 641: All Out

Chapter 641: All Out

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At the guest seats, Ning Zitong’s eyes widened a little. Her eyes gleamed like sunlight penetrating through clouds.

That was when she realized Dong Baxian wasn’t exaggerating when he said Wang Que was extraordinary.

It wasn’t only her. Every Physical Invulnerability Mighty One, whether at the scene or watching through screens, were shaken. New opinions were formed on Wang Que.

In five, no, perhaps in three years, he will have the capability to contend for titles!


There came a short but intense crack, and the air expanded into white billows that streaked Wang Que’s lingering figure. It also swayed Lou Cheng’s hammer-fist, shaking the shades of faint purple and gold.

Normally, Nine Rotations of Five Flames. Descend Of The Sun’s explosion will damage the surroundings indiscriminately, but there were three self-protection mechanisms at work.

The first was the uniqueness in the arrangement and direction of the gathering. The unfathomable techniques involved effectively reduced the user’s shockwave’s impact on himself. The second was that he had to draw his arm back, tense his muscles, and move fast in order to produce strong wind pressure. This will disrupt the trajectory of the explosion like a shapeless barrier. The third was that when he connected to heaven and earth to affect nature, he could limit the general direction.

This decreased the force of Descend of the Sun, but protected the move’s user. Then, they wouldn’t be injuring themselves at one use, which often leads to both sides suffering great loss. With these mechanisms, the remaining force is but a gentle breeze to a Physical Invulnerability Mighty One.

If he really wanted to go for a double KO, he can disable these defensive mechanisms to maximize its potency!

Presently, the force of the sound explosion had devastated Lou Cheng’s barrier of wind pressure and disrupted the gathering process of the five fireballs. At the same time, it interfered with his mind, root pulp, and the link to his environment.

That meant the Nine Rotations of Five Flames. Descend Of The Sun was going to destruct uncontrollably!

When Lou Cheng smashed down, Wang Que had vanished. His lingering shadow triggered a sound explosion. Shocked, Lou Cheng’s pupils shrunk to the size of a needle’s tip.

He decided, fast. The situation didn’t allow time to dwell on the idea of salvaging his fireballs, so he wasted no time in relinquishing his control over the Nine Rotations of Five Flames. Descend Of The Sun. With a spring of the waist, he flew backward. A thick, glimmering layer of ice wall formed around him, entombing him like an eternal coffin.


A bright light flared, nearly blinding everyone. A horrifying heat merged with the grass and soil at the center. Beneath the earth, several steel beams turned bright-yellow under the heat, softening and distorting into what seemed like cooked noodles.

The violent wind, along with tumbling flames, plowed the earth and left large ditches. The ice wall around Lou Cheng melted, forming innumerable cracks, and shattered completely.

At that time, he had avoided the bulk of the damage. Like a petrel, he struggled to maintain flight amidst the winds and tides.

After dodging with a Shunpo, Wang Que retreated at high speed, putting over ten meters between them.

When the sun had descended and the mushroom cloud rose, he was already out of the most dangerous zone.

The shockwave came with flames in it. Wang Que didn’t take it head-on. His body emitted intense light as he glided backward like a kite, mitigating most of the impact.

As he flew back gracefully, he half-shut his eyes. Within his mind, a glaring eye seemed to form. Through the currents and dust, it spotted Lou Cheng who was soaring in the wind and flames.

He suddenly extended his left hand, as if he was holding an invisible divine bow bestowed by the god. His right hand, gripping the bowstring, drew back.

In a split second, the divine bow was like a full-moon. The limitless light around Wang Que had condensed between his right thumb and index finger, extending into a dazzling arrow of pure light!

The 8th Style of Light Sect—Congregation. Sun Shooter’s Flare!

Followed by a whoosh, Wang Que parted his thumb and index fingers. The bolt of pure light penetrated layers of wind as it headed quickly for Lou Cheng from afar. Bam! After loosing the arrow, Wang Que’s body grew heavy. His steps indented the ground, leaving prints redolent of explosion craters.

Borrowing strength from that, he rebounded, knocking away the shockwave as he dived straight at Lou Cheng!

Still struggling in the wind and flames, Lou Cheng felt a chill down his spine. An intense danger premonition spawned in his mind.

Sh*t! He immediately erupted some Fire Force within his body. His body, unsupported in the air, veered eerily, dodging in an angle.

The arrow of light missed him by hair’s breadth and flew into the distance. When it landed, the remaining momentum carved a trench in the ground, leaving a few ditches at the end.

Below Lou Cheng’s right ribcage, a piece of flesh was scraped off, revealing his white bones. The pain didn’t reach his brain, as though he was numb.

Bam! Wang Que closed in on him. He punched out, fist flaring. Lou Cheng barely lifted his arm to block. The terrifying burst of strength from his opponent’s fist made him take a step back.

Bam, bam, bam!

Wang Que’s rapid flurry of attacks was accompanied by bursts of flares which obstructed his opponent’s vision and increased his power.

This was the secret art he had readied as he pounced towards Lou Cheng.

The 4th Style in Golden Scriptures of Donghuang—Flash Burst!

Lou Cheng couldn’t see with his eyes. He relied on the reflection of All-seeing God to continuously punch and kick with measured precision, warding off his opponent’s all-out attack.

The first few moves forced him to take retreating steps. He was about to give away an opening, so he had to channel his Qi and blood to provoke his body. Using a Simplified Fighting Formula, with his expanding muscles and an explosion, he barely managed to make a comeback.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Every punch landed on flesh, their feet and legs colliding at times. Gravel and sand flew everywhere. Flames danced. Light flared. White, materialized shockwaves rippled.

Lou Cheng felt like Wang Que’s attack was similar to the ferocious flowing ocean, so vast and endless, so utterly suppressive. There weren’t any chances for him to switch up his moves or evade.

This was what pure might was all about!

Gritting his teeth, he activated a simplified Fighting Formula. He tried his best to endure the attacks with his body that gained tolerance after attaining Physical Invulnerability, like a tiny skiff in the storm, struggling to maintain balance but about to topple at any time.

In that process, Lou Cheng warily discovered that all his statuses were gradually decreasing apart from his mind. It wasn’t because of consumption. It was because of something else!

Suddenly, he recalled some paragraphs he read in the two days.

Light is radioactive—that’s the concept which the Light and Plague Sect combined chapters are built on!

Under the radiation, the opponent gets weaker with time!

He knew he couldn’t let things go on. But he couldn’t see any chances of turning the tables. Wang Que’s moves weren’t intricate, but fast and compact, with perfect timing. Along with his Flash Burst, he weaved an inescapable web of attacks that didn’t give Lou Cheng a second to catch his breath.

Plain but a massive pain in the ass… Is this what it means to have Master potential? Lou Cheng’s ice heart calmed him. He knew the only thing he could do presently was to persevere and wait.

There’s got to be an end to Wang Que’s Flash Burst!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

They checked ten or so more moves. Lou Cheng had to conserve his Fighting Formula, so he used it in turn with normal attacks and blocking and retreating to mitigate the impact. His exhaustion was starting to show.

At that moment, there were slight pauses in Wang Que’s attack. The flare that followed every attack vanished.

The terrifying Flash Burst has reached its limit!

Wang Que glided, flashing away from the front. He pushed out his right palm, releasing a lump of Hadouken-like light to connect his last move.

Right now! Invigorated, Lou Cheng concentrated his Qi and blood and visualized the Fighting Formula.

As Force Concentration relieved much of his fatigue, he expanded, transforming into a blue-black giant.

Then, ignoring his injuries, he lowered his shoulder and rammed to his side hard.


He crashed into the lump of bright light, scattering it, then into Wang Que’s crossed blocking arms. There was a rush of air currents. His attack broke his opponent’s horse stance, sending him reeling backward.

Staggering, Wang Que recalled how Lou Cheng drove Xin Xiaoyue into a corner with his flurry of attacks. He knew he had to take precautions, so he wouldn’t be in the same predicament.

He drew a breath, turned on his waist, and began madly spinning like a daruma doll. No one knew where he was going to go next.

But at that moment, he noticed that Lou Cheng didn’t go after him. Instead, impassively, he stood on the spot, raised his hands, and formed a seal!

“Formation Formula!”

His deep and powerful voice echoed, triggering mysterious energy that guided the environment. The air around Wang Que closed in on him, turning into steel boards and imprisoning him in a cell!

Since he self-learned it, Lou Cheng had never used the Formation Formula before in public!

Wang Que’s movements lagged, and for a moment he was stuck to the spot. Lou Cheng saw the chance and lowered his back, letting a deep and dark universe form around him. Sparks gathered, turning into stars that festooned the endless cold.


Straightening his back, he stepped forward, and punched at Wang Que who was bound by the Formation Formula!

Original Secret Art, Cosmic Phantom!

The skin on Wang Que’s back horripilated. Light flared from every part of his body, as though it sought to brighten everything.

Just as the light penetrated the “cage”, darkness swallowed him, freezing Wang Que in crystalline ice.

After that, great suns, attracted, came crashing in, compact and ceaseless like a mutated version of Nine Rotations of Five Flames. Descend Of The Sun!

Seeing that, Wang Que gritted his teeth and made a visualization to protect his vitals. Just as the layer of ice restraining him cracked, he side-stepped into the stars.

Boom, boom, boom!

In the sound of the explosion, light and shadows distorted. His figure suddenly disappeared. He had flashed to the other side of Lou Cheng. His hair was scraggy, his clothes tattered. His body was covered in wounds, and his eyes bespoke exhaustion.

The 5th Style of the Light Sect—Shunpo!

With Wang Que’s current ability, under the conditions of no rest and readjusting, he could use it for three times at most!

Rumble! Rumble!

The sound exploded, igniting the stars around, creating shockwaves comparable to the ones from Descent of the Sun.

Lou Cheng’s clothes swoshed, but he didn’t attack Wang Que right away. Instead, he raised his hands once more, his expression calm and solemn.

Wang Que’s eyes gleamed. He shifted on agile footwork, not giving Lou Cheng the chance to confine him again.

That was when a deep and clear “Confrontation” sounded in his ears.

Wang Que felt as though he was cleansed, mentally and physically. But, at the same time, the surging exhaustion made his fighting spirits waver and his mind go blank!

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