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Martial Arts Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 642: Miraculous Feats

Chapter 642: Miraculous Feats

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At this moment, Wang Que just wanted to lie on the floor to enjoy the refreshing autumn wind. He no longer wanted to pay attention to the mess and quarrels of the world.

As an expert who had ample experiences in battles for a long time, he immediately noticed something was wrong when such emotions began welling up. He forcefully diverted his attention to the wound caused by the explosion previously and amplified the pain sensation that he had previously suppressed. His mind was stimulated by the sharp pain and allowed him to become excited again.

However, because of this delay, Lou Cheng had taken a huge stride ahead. Leveraging on the momentum of the wind, he lifted his right hand as he moved quickly and slashed it towards Wang Que.

The palm strike was relatively slow and didn’t seem to be complete when the atmosphere started to darken. It was as though the air had been filled with tumultuous clouds before a heavy snowstorm.

Wang Que circulated his “Donghuang Force” to trigger each minute areas of his body to completely shake off the impacts of the “Confrontation” Formula. He waited to use his holy rays to go against his opponents’ attack. However, he realized that Lou Cheng’s palm strike had not struck his body. Instead, it landed on the space between the two of them.


A gust of chilling wind blew past rapidly onto Wang Que’s face and through it. His thoughts went stale, and the plan that he’d had in mind seemed to have been frozen.

After using the control-type skill “Confrontation” Formula, Lou Cheng didn’t follow it with a big killer move. Instead, he went for another control-type technique!

Ice Sect’s fourth move, “Surface Slicing Knives”!

This was the blueprint for Severe Warning!

Seeing Wang Que standing on the spot “lifelessly”, Lou Cheng stomped his left leg, twisted his back, opened his right arm and threw out a punch. On the surface, the heavy and dazzling white flames turned illusory as it moved through the wind. Instantly, it was dyed into a shade of faint purple and gradually got darker.

Boom! The heavy clouds dispersed and heaven and earth were set ablaze. Scorching red flames were like a heavy downpour from above, lava from the bottom and waves on the surface. As Lou Cheng threw his punches, they raged towards the enemy who seemed to have become a statue.

As for Wang Que, it was as though he had turned into a moth and was greatly attracted to the purple flames. As a result, he leaned forward unexpectedly and lost the opportunity to dodge in the first instance.

Fire Sect’s third move, “Lord Emperor’s Purple Flame”!

The high temperature burned his body and his vision was shrouded by the purple flames. Wang Que finally woke up from shock and regained his conscious.

Without thinking, he lifted both of his arms instinctively to block. At the same time, he quickly triggered his “Donghuang Force”.

Just as his body was about to glow brightly, Lou Cheng’s fist had already struck his cross guard formed with both of his hands.


The purple flames exploded and the shockwave was terrifying. Wang Que’s body swayed as the vitality in his eyes dulled and he staggered several steps backwards. The front, the back, the sides of his body and his face were all burnt. The new shock through his body triggered the lingering effects previously left behind. In that instance, an unbearable feeling welled up in Wang Que.

Thud! Lou Cheng stomped his head and rushed ahead. He had shaken the ground and didn’t give his opponent an opportunity to acclimatize. A crushing punch struck out from his waist and was also covered in the purple flames. This triggered “lava” from the ground and “crimson rain” in mid-air.

Lou Cheng was going for a big killer move to end the match!

In the earlier stage of the battle, Wang Que had suppressed him with “Flash Burst”. As a result, he could only be on the passive end and had to use the simplified “Fighting” Formula to withstand the attack. No matter if it was “Emperor Yan” or “Ice Spirit”, they were completely cancelled out by the burst of light due to a lack of Physical Invulnerability Chapter techniques to support and therefore wasn’t of use. At this very moment, Lou Cheng clearly wanted to return what Wang Que had previously dealt him!

The purple flames enlarged in his vision as the fist approached him at high speed. Wang Que, who had just regained his center of gravity, didn’t panic at all. He lowered his stance and dug his legs down. As cracks quickly spread throughout the floor’s surface, he jerked his arm and threw a punch towards the thick waves of fire.


His fist collided with the atmosphere and glowed with the brightest and toughest light rays that illuminated the reddish-purple air.


Fist collided with fist. The purple flames ripped the light apart as the light dissolved the purple flames. Muscles started to crumble and bones and tendons deformed slightly before white airwaves exploded outwards.

The crimson rain and lava started to disintegrate under the majestic holy light. Lou Cheng and Wang Que each took a step back and the exchange ended in a draw!

In that instant, Lou Cheng had a deeper understanding of why Dong Baxian would have such a high appraisal of Wang Que. This was something that one couldn’t tell just from watching the compilation of competition videos.

Perhaps it was because Wang Que had truly mastered the Light Sect techniques and understood its principles so well that he could avoid the unnecessary steps and increase his speed of using physical invulnerability moves like Dong Baxian and other top-tier characters. This allowed him to create opportunities while being in a defensive position. Or could it be that a normal punch or kick of his had the power of a physical invulnerability move?

The former would be known as simplifying things while the latter would be known as being capable of achieving miraculous feats!

Potential of a Great Master was indeed worthy of his name!

Perhaps he had internalized a passive technique to reduce the execution time of technique… Similar thoughts flashed passed his mind but Lou Cheng’s heart wasn’t swayed. He was still in the driver’s seat. Grabbing onto this opportunity, he stomped his leg and initiated his technique.

Wu wu wu!

Strong winds started blowing on the spot and they were all caused Lou Cheng. He constantly changed his positioning and threw out punches and kicks at a frenzy. It was as fast as a machine gun and every punch and kick carried with it an illusory chilling light enveloped in a layer of white fog.

Bam bam bam! After retracting his punch, he followed the momentum and swung his leg to attack again. He was just like a spinning top that spun faster and faster as he fought. Moreover, every contact with Wang Que’s fist and arm would pierce through the resistance of “Donghuang Force” and spread throughout Wang Que’s body, strengthening the chilling cold feeling and stiffening within it.

Ice Sect’s third move, “Blizzard Blast”!

Its simplified, simplified, simplified and further simplified version was known as “24 Blizzard Strikes”!

Bam bam bam!

Wang Que’s physical invulnerability moves finally couldn’t keep up with the consecutive and frenzied barrage of attacks from Lou Cheng. All he could do was withstand using his normal punches and kicks with “Donghuang Force” hidden within them. Although they had the same immense power within, they weren’t exactly the same. As a result, he was completely pinned down and couldn’t shake Lou Cheng off.

Gradually, he could feel that his arms and legs stiffening and the movements of his body starting to be stalled.

At this moment, Lou Cheng had also reached his limits. He took the initiative to try something new, stopped his movements and gathered his Dan Force towards his abdomen.

Seeing this, Wang Que got ready to dodge. However, the stiffness and cold within his body caused his movements to be a little slow. With no other choices, he could only execute a Force Concentration to ameliorate these negatives effects.

Lou Cheng’s breathing and blood flow collapsed quickly inwards. Darkness was gathering within, making the stars even more apparent and dominated the flow of the universe. Lou Cheng was preparing to present the side product of practicing “Nine Rotations of Five Flames. Descend Of The Sun”.

This was the complete opposite of the “Lament of the Ice Queen”!


His expanded his muscles at a visible rate, twisted his waist and threw out a punch. The light that exploded in that instant was as though he had practiced the “Golden Scriptures of Donghuang” himself.

Rumble! Wang Que triggered his Dan force on time and swung his forearm around to withstand Lou Cheng’s punch, causing an exaggerated explosion in the process.

Thud thud thud! He took several steps back and blood could be seen covering his arm. His bones seemed to have fractured as he was clearly on the losing end this time.

Just as Lou Cheng pounced ahead and cut in front of him again, Wang Que’s body was covered in a cloak of light as he took a huge stride diagonally.

As the bright light flickered, he disappeared from his original spot and only left his afterimages behind. He had used “Shunpo” for the third time!

Lou Cheng immediately formed an ice wall and raised both of his arms to form a guard in front of him.


At the moment Wang Que re-appeared, sound waves exploded and air disturbances were ravaging. The layer of crystal around Lou Cheng was shattered and Lou Cheng was forcefully knocked back several steps.

Grabbing onto this opportunity, Wang Que emitted rays of holy light from within his body. Instantly, the feeling of fatigue subsided substantially and the various injuries on him began recovering at an accelerated rate.

The sixth move of Light Sect, “Towering Divine Rays”!

On top of being able to affect his opponent’s mind, he could reinforce himself, bring out his fullest potential and recover his injuries!

Seeing this, Lou Cheng suddenly felt that he was in trouble. Sensing that he couldn’t make it on time, he could only circulate his breathing and blood flow to stimulate his body and used a simplified “Wholeness” Formula quickly to allow his body conditions to be refreshed.

Wang Que noticed the change in him and laugh heartily, “Again!”

He was also getting passionate from the fight and wasn’t acting as reserved as before.

Bam! Bam! Bam! The two of them turned at high speed and caused strong winds as they constantly sought opportunities. However, their attempts were futile.

After a while, they clashed again. Lou Cheng exploded his Dan Force. Using his body like a bow and his arm like an arrow, he shot out a punch like a bolt of lightning.

Wang Que had just raised his hands to block when he heard a low humming sound from the punch and saw flickers of fire rays. The path of the punch changed its course creepily from a straight punch to a descending smash.

Without resorting to passive defending, Wang Que lowered his shoulders, shifted his body and directly rammed towards Lou Cheng. While he avoided the potential third change in direction of the punch, he also had the opportunity to attack.

Bam bam bam! Rumble rumble rumble!

The two of them rapidly exchanged blows within a narrow space as they fully demonstrated their close combat skills. From time to time, fire rained down or the sky was illuminated by bright rays of light.

In this process, Wang Que’s full mastery of his techniques were on display and caused Lou Cheng to gradually sank into a disadvantageous position.

I can’t let this continue. Otherwise, I will not be able to return from this. As the thought flashed, Lou Cheng changed the way he fought. As he struck with his punch, he followed through to form a scorching red fireball around his body. He seemed to be accumulating strength to execute “Nine Rotations of Five Flames. Descend Of The Sun”!


Lou Cheng’s fist landed on the arm of Wang Que. The scorching red fireball wasn’t waiting and came down rapidly. However, it was detonated by the light rays shot out by the opponent.

Shockwaves propagated and the two of them retreated separately. Lou Cheng formed another ball of dazzling white fireball that looked just like the sun.

Bam! Wang Que had pressed ahead. He twisted his waist and threw a punch out. It was as though he didn’t want to give Lou Cheng the time to gather all “Five Flames”. As for Lou Cheng, he also made a corresponding move.

Just as their fists were about to collide, light gathered in Wang Que’s eyes. Soon, the light shot out and grazed the surface of the dazzling white fireball, destroying its balance in the process.

This was one of the methods he had prepared to deal with the “Nine Rotations of Five Flames”. He had chosen not to use it previously so as to not alert Lou Cheng and tricked him into exhausting himself further!


The dazzling white fireball exploded in mid-air and fell down light drops of fire. Lou Cheng and Wang Que’s clothing fluttered rapidly as their fists collided.

It was supposed to just be an ordinary exchange. However, Wang Que could feel an extreme cold power rushing over. The next moment, he saw ice crystals forming on his body and it isolated him.

This… He was covered in an ice coffin in an instant.

Lou Cheng had used the “Five Flames” as the bait and was in fact using “Lament of the Ice Queen”!

As the “Fire Force” left him, wouldn’t the body be left with just darkness and cold?

This was the overall sense of “Lament of the Ice Queen”!

Once Wang Que fell for it, Lou Cheng immediately changed his visualization and started a frenzy barrage of attacks. Each strike was heavy and covered in flames. Fire-like invasion!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Wang Que could barely move his arms and legs and became disoriented under the attacks. In a matter of a few seconds, he was already in imminent danger.


Lou Cheng raised his arm and smashed his fist down to break Wang Que’s guard. Wang Que’s breathing and blood flow got disoriented from the beating.


Lou Cheng threw another punch. However, it stopped right in front of Wang Que’s blank face this time.

The referee saw it from afar and announced loudly,

“Lou Cheng wins!”

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