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Martial God Space (Web Novel)


Ye Xiwen was previously only an ordinary university student on Earth, but unexpectedly crossed through into the world known as the Zhen Wu Jie world! In this world, formidable warriors are capable of turning over mountains and collapsing the ocean, destroying the sky and extinguishing the earth! He originally had ordinary aptitude, because of that he received the mysterious special space! Any martial art can be deduced within the mysterious space, other people practice for decades, he only needs a year! So long as he has enough spirit stones, any talents he faces are all floating clouds!
654 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 696: Shocking Strength2020-05-29
Chapter 695: Shocking Many Great Sages2020-05-28
Chapter 694: Is Ye Xiwen Out of His Mind?2020-05-27
Chapter 693: Stumbling Block2020-05-26
Chapter 692: Becoming An Upstart!2020-05-26
Chapter 691: A Windfall2020-05-23
Chapter 690: Take Advantage Of The Chaos2020-05-23
Chapter 689 Beheaded In Cold Blood Murder2020-05-20
Chapter 688: I’ll Crush You2020-05-20
Chapter 687: Half-step Great Sage Late2020-05-20
Chapter 686 He Is Going To Make A Breakthrough2020-05-16
Chapter 685: Collapse of the Defense2020-05-16
Chapter 684: Blood Wolf Plunderer’s Attack2020-05-13
Chapter 683: Mutations2020-05-12
Chapter 682: Shocking Four Thrones2020-05-11
Chapter 681: About To Start2020-05-08
Chapter 680: Darn, Who Said He is a Semi Sage?2020-05-08
Chapter 679: All Previous Efforts Were Wasted2020-05-07
Chapter 678: That Monster-like Person Was Injured …2020-05-05
Chapter 677: Is He A Monster?2020-05-04
Chapter 676: Battle2020-04-26
Chapter 675: Was He a Great Sage Too?2020-04-25
Chapter 674: Master, He Was the One Who Abolished Brother Zhou’s Martial Arts!2020-04-25
Chapter 673: You are in Trouble, You are in Deep Trouble!2020-04-25
Chapter 672: Fed Up and Attack2020-04-25
Chapter 671: Like a Dog2020-04-11
Chapter 670: Preparing for Closed Cultivation2020-04-06
Chapter 669: Big Dipper’s Long Game2020-04-06
Chapter 668: Promotion From Beidou2020-03-29
Chapter 667: Using Powerful Connections to Intimidate Others2020-03-29
Chapter 666: A Big Business2020-03-22
Chapter 665: Successful Pellets Refining2020-03-21
Chapter 664: Alchemy2020-03-17
Chapter 663: Clowns2020-03-17
Chapter 662: Alchemy? That’s Quite Profitable!2020-03-08
Chapter 661: Half-step Great Sage Adept2020-03-07
Chapter 660: A Huge Uproar2020-03-01
Chapter 659: The Great Escape2020-02-29
Chapter 658: Fled in Desperation2020-02-19
Chapter 657 Vastly Different2020-02-17
Chapter 656: Surprise Meeting With A Demon Worshiper2020-02-17
Chapter 655: Fierce Battle With The Dragon Vein2020-02-17
Chapter 654: Returning to the Dragon Veins2020-02-17
Chapter 653: Total Destruction2020-02-17
Chapter 652: To Be Crushed2020-02-17
Chapter 651: To Create Another Miracle?2020-02-17
Chapter 650: Fighting Against a Great Sage? It’s a Miracle!2019-03-25
Chapter 649: He… Compared To Three Years Ago… Stronger2019-03-25
Chapter 648: Aboriginals? I’ll Give You A Slap On Your Face!2019-03-25
Chapter 647: Signs of Unrest2019-03-25
Chapter 646: Makes a Breakthrough into the Initial Stage of Half-step Great Sage Realm2019-03-25
Chapter 645: Are You Telling Me That Great Sage Tools Are Some Sort of Cabbage?2019-03-25
Chapter 644: Fights Over A Disciple2019-03-25
Chapter 643: This Matter… Will Make Big Noise!2019-03-25
Chapter 642: Xiao Ya’s Shocking Natural Talent2019-03-25
Chapter 641: Devil World Competition Ends2019-03-25
Chapter 640: Leaves the Entire World in Shock2019-03-25
Chapter 639: Slaughters in a Row (part 2)2019-03-25
Chapter 638: Slaughters in a Row2019-03-25
Chapter 637: Unrivalled2019-03-25
Chapter 636: Are You All Really Going To Watch Someone Die And Do Nothing To Save Them?2019-03-25
Chapter 635: Countless Staring Eyes2019-03-25
Chapter 634: Dead… All Are Dead!2019-03-25
Chapter 633: Slaughters A Whole Lot Of People2019-03-25
Chapter 632 — Miscalculation2019-03-25
Chapter 631 — You Want a One—on—One Battle? Or Will You Fight Together!2019-03-25
Chapter 630 — You’re a Group of Spineless Cowards2019-03-25
Chapter 629 — Sitting and Waiting for the Heroes of the World2019-03-25
Chapter 628 — What? It’s Him… How Is It Possible?2019-03-25
Chapter 627 — Absolutely Tyrannical2019-03-25
Chapter 626 — Is It Worth The Trouble to Follow the Path to Your Own Doom?2019-03-25
Chapter 625 — Blasts Away in One Punch2019-03-25
Chapter 624 — They Want to Fight… Then They Shall Have It2019-03-25
Chapter 623 — Plunders Wealth2019-03-25
Chapter 622 — Directly Slaughters2019-03-25
Chapter 621 — You’ll Need To Be Alive To Get The Reward!2019-03-25
Chapter 620 — Sage Accomplished Realm2019-03-25
Chapter 619 — One Stone Stirs Up A Thousand Waves2019-03-25
Chapter 618 — Slaughters Everyone2019-03-25
Chapter 617 — All Counterattacks Go In Vain2019-03-25
Chapter 616 — Entirely One—Sided2019-03-25
Chapter 615 — Leave This to Me2019-03-25
Chapter 614 — Ye Xiwen Steps into Action2019-03-25
Chapter 613 — Mission Exposed2019-03-25
Chapter 612 — I’ll Help You if You Ask!2019-03-25
Chapter 611 — Who Are We Going to Deal With This Time?2019-03-25
Chapter 610 — Wind and Thunder Wings; Completed!2019-03-25
Chapter 609 — The Second Layer of Devil Wings Takes Form2019-03-25
Chapter 608 — Freeze For This Young Lady2019-03-25
Chapter 607 — Rushes Out of the Tight Encirclement2019-03-25
Chapter 606 — A Heavy Slap on his Face!2019-03-25
Chapter 605 — There’s an Ambush!2019-03-25
Chapter 604 — Magic Crystal Ore Deposits; Become Rich Overnight!2019-03-25
Chapter 603 — Kills in All Directions2019-03-25
Chapter 602 — Enters Devil World2019-03-25
Chapter 601 — Heavenly Punishment2019-03-25
Chapter 600 — Devil World Trial Begins2019-03-25
Chapter 599 — Steps into Sage Great Perfection Realm!2019-03-25
Chapter 598 — Hand Over Ye Xiwen? No!2019-03-25
Chapter 597 — The Curtain Drops2019-03-25