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Martial God Space (Web Novel)


Ye Xiwen was previously only an ordinary university student on Earth, but unexpectedly crossed through into the world known as the Zhen Wu Jie world! In this world, formidable warriors are capable of turning over mountains and collapsing the ocean, destroying the sky and extinguishing the earth! He originally had ordinary aptitude, because of that he received the mysterious special space! Any martial art can be deduced within the mysterious space, other people practice for decades, he only needs a year! So long as he has enough spirit stones, any talents he faces are all floating clouds!
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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 822: Before Parting With Each Other2020-11-23
Chapter 821: Parting2020-11-20
Chapter 820: Acquiring the Token Plate2020-11-20
Chapter 819: The Fierce Battle Within the Cave2020-11-18
Chapter 818: Invisible Deterrence2020-11-18
Chapter 817: Eat Another Fist of Mine2020-11-18
Chapter 816: Everyone Becoming Speechless2020-11-13
Chapter 815: Heating Up the Situation2020-11-12
Chapter 814: Wipe Out the Base2020-11-11
Chapter 813: Turning The Tables2020-11-11
Chapter 812: Waves After Waves2020-11-09
Chapter 811: The Problems After Becoming Famous2020-11-06
Chapter 810: Kill Everyone2020-11-06
Chapter 809: Killing the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder2020-11-05
Chapter 808: Intense Battle2020-11-04
Chapter 807: Ascending the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak2020-11-04
Chapter 806: Harvest at the Spring Bottom2020-10-30
Chapter 805: Dive Into the Bottom of the Lake2020-10-30
Chapter 804: Main Body Entering the Half-step Transcendent Realm2020-10-29
Chapter 803: The Experts Arriving One After Another2020-10-28
Chapter 802: Taking the Red Spider Lily2020-10-27
Chapter 801: Hunt Down2020-10-24
Chapter 800: Defeating Wei Mingyang Again2020-10-23
Chapter 799: Rush To Daokong Mountain2020-10-22
Chapter 798: The Attraction of Ancient Battlefields2020-10-20
Chapter 797: Shocking News2020-10-20
Chapter 796: Stranger Li Feng2020-10-18
Chapter 795: Shock The World2020-10-16
Chapter 794: Thoroughly Shaming2020-10-15
Chapter 793: Intensified Confrontation2020-10-14
Chapter 792: Defeat One After Another2020-10-14
Chapter 791: Transcendent Tool Displaying Its Might2020-10-10
Chapter 790: Transcendent Realm2020-10-09
Chapter 789: Five Elements Lightning Retribution2020-10-07
Chapter 788: Killing Techniques Beneath the Heaven’s Retribution2020-10-06
Chapter 787: Fight Against A Transcendent Realm Expert? That’s Impossible!2020-10-05
Chapter 786: Come At Me Together!2020-10-02
Chapter 785: Using a Sledgehammer to Crack a Nut2020-10-02
Chapter 784: I’m Shaming You, What About It!!2020-09-30
Chapter 783: Getting Slapped in the Face Again2020-09-29
Chapter 782: Is this the Way You Treat Your Guests?2020-09-29
Chapter 781: The Ascension Ceremony Begins2020-09-26
Chapter 780: Recruiting Distinguished Talents2020-09-25
Chapter 779: Another Year of Recruitment2020-09-24
Chapter 778: The Changes In Thirty Years2020-09-22
Chapter 777: Thirty Years Unstable Situation2020-09-22
Chapter 776: One Wave After Another2020-09-22
Chapter 775: Shock the World2020-09-18
Chapter 774: Huang Wuji! The Next-in-line School Master!2020-09-17
Chapter 773: Suppress the Immortal Exterminating Saber2020-09-16
Chapter 772: The Old Ghost Within the Immortal Exterminating Saber2020-09-14
Chapter 771: Killing the Emergence School Leader2020-09-11
Chapter 770: Golden Opportunity2020-09-10
Chapter 769: Chase Down the Emergence School Leader2020-09-09
Chapter 768: Emergence School’s Defeat2020-09-08
Chapter 767: Start Fighting Back2020-09-08
Chapter 766: Unmatched Power2020-09-04
Chapter 765: 殇 Sacrifice2020-09-04
Chapter 764: Emergence School Took the First Move2020-09-02
Chapter 763: It’s Time To Fight Back!2020-09-01
Chapter 762: Step Into Great Sage Great Mastery2020-08-31
Chapter 761: Ten Years Later, Improvement In Strength2020-08-28
Chapter 760: Big Harvest2020-08-28
Chapter 759: Lucky? What a Joke. That’s Strength!2020-08-26
Chapter 758: Emergence of Transcendent Realm Warrior2020-08-25
Chapter 757: Catch A Turtle In The Jar2020-08-25
Chapter 756: Directly Tore It Apart2020-08-21
Chapter 755: Invincible2020-08-21
Chapter 754: Return to True Martial School2020-08-19
Chapter 753: Kill Nie Han2020-08-19
Chapter 752: Severe Injury2020-08-17
Chapter 751: An Eye for An Eye2020-08-15
Chapter 750: Another Encounter with Soul Destruction Temple Master2020-08-15
Chapter 749: Life and Death Battle2020-08-12
Chapter 748: Gratitude for Giving Birth? Gratitude for Upbringing!2020-08-12
Chapter 747: Riddles in Origin2020-08-10
Chapter 746: Slaying the First Divine Lord2020-08-07
Chapter 745: Great Sage Intermediate2020-08-06
Chapter 744: Bloodline Power2020-08-05
Chapter 743: Really Beat Him Up2020-08-04
Chapter 742: My Brother Said He Would Beat You Up2020-08-03
Chapter 741: Brother2020-07-31
Chapter 740: The Return Of The Wolf Cub2020-07-30
Chapter 739: Chaotic Great Yue Empire2020-07-29
Chapter 738: Divine Legion Reappearance2020-07-28
Chapter 737: Rescue2020-07-27
Chapter 736: Raging Fury2020-07-24
Chapter 735: Chaotic World Plunged in the Flames of War2020-07-23
Chapter 734: Obtaining a Scroll2020-07-22
Chapter 733: Black-Robed Man Fled in Disarray2020-07-21
Chapter 732: Talented Bloodline Of The Great Star Beast2020-07-20
Chapter 731: Break Through Straight Into Half-step Transcendence Realm2020-07-17
Chapter 730: Sinister Star Beast2020-07-16
Chapter 729: The Star Beast’s Compromise2020-07-15
Chapter 728: Depressed Black Robed Man2020-07-14
Chapter 727: Terrifying Spatial Ability2020-07-13
Chapter 726: Southern Dipper’s Motive2020-07-10
Chapter 725: Horrifying Master from Southern Dipper2020-07-09
Chapter 724: Entering the Peak2020-07-08
Chapter 723: Finally Entered Great Sage2020-07-07
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