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Martial Peak (Web Novel)




Momo, 莫默


Action Harem Martial Arts Mature Xuanhuan

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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.

3081 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1699, Ocean Resources2021-01-15
Chapter 1698, Pang Zhen2021-01-15
Chapter 1697, Sunrise Island2021-01-14
Chapter 1696, Cape Town2021-01-14
Chapter 1695, Shadowed Star’s Star Master2021-01-14
Chapter 1694, Just who is he?2021-01-13
Chapter 1693, Infinite Soul Seizing2021-01-13
Chapter 1692, Corpse Spirit Religion’s Religion Master2021-01-12
Chapter 1691, Re-Entering the Corpse Cave2021-01-11
Chapter 1690, Annoyed2021-01-11
Chapter 1689, Knowledge Sea2021-01-10
Chapter 1688, Many2021-01-10
Chapter 1687, Settling The Three Clans2021-01-09
Chapter 1686, Submitting And Joining2021-01-09
Chapter 1685, Massacre2021-01-07
Chapter 1684, My Patience Is Limited2021-01-07
Chapter 1683, What The Hell Do You Count For?2021-01-06
Chapter 1682, What Are You Afraid Of?2021-01-06
Chapter 1681, Pressing For Answers2021-01-05
Chapter 1680, White-Robed Corpse General2021-01-05
Chapter 1679, A Big Fish2021-01-04
Chapter 1678, Tyrant Strength Body’s Might2021-01-04
Chapter 1677, Break Through2021-01-03
Chapter 1676, Black Sea City2021-01-02
Chapter 1675, Shadowed Star’s Tribulation2021-01-02
Chapter 1674, Despicable2021-01-01
Chapter 1673, Casually Spoken Words Become Prophetic2021-01-01
Chapter 1672, Commit Suicide2021-01-01
Chapter 1671, You’re An Origin King?2020-12-31
Chapter 1670, Shadow Moon Hall’s Crisis2020-12-31
Chapter 1669, You’re the One Who’s Going to Die2020-12-30
Chapter 1668, Return To Shadowed Star2020-12-30
Chapter 1667, Artifact Spirit’s Transformation2020-12-29
Chapter 1666, After the Dust Settles2020-12-28
Chapter 1665, Subterranean Battlefield2020-12-28
Chapter 1664, Heavenly Thunder Fire2020-12-28
Chapter 1663, Volcanic Crater2020-12-28
Chapter 1662, Full-Scale Invasion2020-12-28
Chapter 1661, Profound Frost Divine Sword2020-12-28
Chapter 1660, Heavenly Blessings Frozen Pond2020-12-28
Chapter 1659, Discuss Proper Business2020-12-28
Chapter 1658, Return To Pure Ice Island2020-12-28
Chapter 1657, Aftermath2020-12-23
Chapter 1656, A Star Master Falls2020-12-23
Chapter 1655, In an Instant2020-12-22
Chapter 1654, Unsealing2020-12-22
Chapter 1653, Fly From The Branch2020-12-22
Chapter 1652, Abandoned Disciple2020-12-22
Chapter 1651, Slap In The Face2020-12-22
Chapter 1650, Take Someone2020-12-22
Chapter 1649, Apologize2020-12-20
Chapter 1648, Acting Contrary To One’s Principles2020-12-20
Chapter 1647, Mediocre2020-12-20
Chapter 1646, Twists And Turns2020-12-20
Chapter 1645, Don’t Blame Me For Being Ruthless2020-12-20
Chapter 1644, Incriminate2020-12-20
Chapter 1643, Disheartened2020-12-20
Chapter 1642, Ran Yun Ting’s Compelling2020-12-20
Chapter 1641, Failing To Agree2020-12-20
Chapter 1640, No Choice But To Accept2020-12-14
Chapter 1639, Chi Huo2020-12-14
Chapter 1638, You need to take care of yourself2020-12-13
Chapter 1637, Heart Resonance2020-12-13
Chapter 1636, Kill2020-12-12
Chapter 1635, What Are You Doing2020-12-12
Chapter 1634, It’s Actually You2020-12-12
Chapter 1633, I Must Go2020-12-12
Chapter 1632, This Liu is a man of culture2020-12-12
Chapter 1631, Chance Encounter2020-12-12
Chapter 1630, A Year2020-12-12
Chapter 1629, House Arrest2020-12-12
Chapter 1628, Do You Know Him?2020-12-12
Chapter 1627, You…2020-12-12
Chapter 1626, Blustering2020-12-12
Chapter 1625, Scarlet Wave Star’s Pure Ice Island2020-12-12
Chapter 1624, Star Force Support2020-12-12
Chapter 1623, Epiphany2020-12-12
Chapter 1622, Hiding2020-12-12
Chapter 1621, Emperor Artifact’s Power2020-12-12
Chapter 1620, Blocked2020-12-12
Chapter 1619, Unexpected Outcome2020-12-12
Chapter 1618, Dire Situation2020-12-12
Chapter 1617, Insufficient World Energy2020-12-12
Chapter 1616, Winning Over2020-12-12
Chapter 1615, It’s Him2020-12-12
Chapter 1614, A Sect Master Lower Than an Elder2020-12-12
Chapter 1613, Poaching2020-12-12
Chapter 1612, Youth2020-12-12
Chapter 1611, Extinguish Your Soul2020-12-12
Chapter 1610, Send You On Your Way2020-12-12
Chapter 1609, Oddly Strong2020-12-12
Chapter 1608, Aren’t You Going To Run?2020-12-12
Chapter 1607, Insufficient2020-12-12
Chapter 1606, You Finally Came Out2020-12-12
Chapter 1605, Monster Mountain2020-12-12
Chapter 1604, Heavy Losses2020-12-12
Chapter 1603, In His Pocket2020-12-12
Chapter 1602, Kill Him2020-12-12
Chapter 1601, This Place Is Off Limits2020-12-12
Chapter 1600: You Can Rest Easy2020-11-22
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