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Martial Peak (Web Novel)




Momo, 莫默


Action Harem Martial Arts Mature Xuanhuan

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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.

1183 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1090: Why Are You Still Not Dead?2020-02-21
Chapter 1089: Body Tempering Divine Pond2020-02-21
Chapter 1088: Bird Wood2020-02-21
Chapter 1087: Scarlet Tailed Purple Armoured Scorpion2020-02-20
Chapter 1086: Hiding True Strength2020-02-20
Chapter 1085: Malicious Invitation2020-02-19
Chapter 1084: Sitting On A Mountain Top, Watching The Tigers Fight2020-02-19
Chapter 1083, You Seem Happy2020-02-18
Chapter 1082, Response2020-02-18
Chapter 1081: Determination2020-02-15
Chapter 1080: You’re Really Cruel And Heartless2020-02-14
Chapter 1079: In The Name of Xue Yue2020-02-13
Chapter 1078: I’m A Man of Principles2020-02-13
Chapter 1077: Bite Me2020-02-12
Chapter 1076: Divine Sense Intrusion2020-02-12
Chapter 1075: Undeserved Credit2020-02-10
Chapter 1074: Pill Clouds2020-02-10
Chapter 1073: Heavenly Force2020-02-10
Chapter 1072: Burning One’s Boat?2020-02-08
Chapter 1071: Outsider2020-02-08
Chapter 1070: At Worst This Old Master Can Worship You As His Teacher2020-02-07
Chapter 1069: Can You Be Quiet?2020-02-06
Chapter 1068: Wait And See2020-02-04
Chapter 1067: Third Order Saint Realm2020-02-04
Chapter 1066: Cultivation2020-02-04
Chapter 1065: Moon Slaves2020-02-04
Chapter 1064: Very Satisfied2020-02-03
Chapter 1063: Be2020-02-02
Chapter 1062: I Advise You To Give Up2020-02-01
Chapter 1061: Five Coloured Meteor Essence2020-01-30
Chapter 1060: Deal2020-01-30
Chapter 1059: Chew And Feed It To Her2020-01-29
Chapter 1058: Zong Ao2020-01-29
Chapter 1057: Remaining Unconscious2020-01-29
Chapter 1056: Profound Yin Sunflower Water2020-01-29
Chapter 1055: Ancient Ruins2020-01-28
Chapter 1054: Pills Are Difficult To Refine2020-01-28
Chapter 1053: Medicine Garden2020-01-27
Chapter 1052: I’m Not Peeking2020-01-25
Chapter 1051: Branch2020-01-25
Chapter 1050: Intention To Win Over2020-01-24
Chapter 1049: Good Luck2020-01-24
Chapter 1048: You’re Even More Attractive Without Clothes2020-01-23
Chapter 1047: Soul Chains2020-01-23
Chapter 1046: Profiting2020-01-22
Chapter 1045: Struggle And Resis2020-01-22
Chapter 1044: Somewhat Differen2020-01-21
Chapter 1043: Deadly To Men And Women Alike2020-01-21
Chapter 1042: Coincidence2020-01-19
Chapter 1041: Take A Look Outside For Yourself2020-01-18
Chapter 1040: Xue Yue2020-01-18
Chapter 1039: This Transaction Must Be Cancelled2020-01-16
Chapter 1038: Battling A Saint King2020-01-15
Chapter 1037: Why Are You Chasing Me?2020-01-14
Chapter 1036: Planning Ahead2020-01-14
Chapter 1035: Relict2020-01-14
Chapter 1034: If I Have Any Demands, I’ll Inform You2020-01-14
Chapter 1033: To Refuse Would Be Impolite2020-01-12
Chapter 1032: First Stop2020-01-11
Chapter 1031: Star Emperor Token2020-01-10
Chapter 1030: Do You Want To Follow This Old Master?2020-01-09
Chapter 1029: Don’t Make This More Difficult For Me2020-01-09
Chapter 1028: Leaving2020-01-08
Chapter 1027: I Must Control Whether You Live Or Die2020-01-08
Chapter 1026: We Can Leave2020-01-07
Chapter 1025: Time Is Running Out2020-01-07
Chapter 1024: Star Source2020-01-06
Chapter 1023: Second-Order Sain2020-01-05
Chapter 1022: Fusion2020-01-04
Chapter 1021: Blessing Or Calamity2020-01-03
Chapter 1020: Attempt2020-01-01
Chapter 1019: Serving Others Well2020-01-01
Chapter 1018: Maid Or Slave?2020-01-01
Chapter 1017: Scream Until Your Throat Goes Dry, No One Will Care2020-01-01
Chapter 1016: Agreemen2019-12-31
Chapter 1015: You’ve Actually Possess Such An Ability?2019-12-31
Chapter 1014: Hot Tempered Gui Zu2019-12-29
Chapter 1013: We’re Very Sorry2019-12-29
Chapter 1012: Why Choose Me?2019-12-28
Chapter 1011: Space Array2019-12-28
Chapter 1010: Provocation2019-12-27
Chapter 1009: This Old Master Means What He Says2019-12-27
Chapter 1008: Unbearably Provoked2019-12-26
Chapter 1007: Showing You The Right Path2019-12-26
Chapter 1006: Alchemy2019-12-25
Chapter 1005: Abundant Resources2019-12-25
Chapter 1004: Wu Suo’s Fortuitous Encounter2019-12-24
Chapter 1003: Can’t Appreciate Kindness2019-12-24
Chapter 1002: Star Sect Command2019-12-24
Chapter 1001: Brother, It’s Good To See You2019-12-24
Chapter 1000: Why Does He Seem Angry2019-12-23
Chapter 999: Strange Old Man2019-12-23
Chapter 998: Boy Toy?2019-12-23
Chapter 997: I’ll Eat You2019-12-20
Chapter 996: Best Of Luck To You2019-12-18
Chapter 995: You Dare Come Back2019-12-18
Chapter 994: Deliver A Big Gift2019-12-17
Chapter 993: Insane2019-12-17
Chapter 992: Yang Kai, Save Me2019-12-17
Chapter 991: Seems Your Good Days Are At An End2019-12-17