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Martial God Asura (Web Novel)


One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him.

From there we follow Chu Feng on his path of cultivation.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 4511: Anticipation2020-10-26
Chapter 4510: The Truth2020-10-26
Chapter 4509: Who Is It?2020-10-25
Chapter 4508: It Can’t Be Chu Feng2020-10-25
Chapter 4507: A Familiar Scent2020-10-24
Chapter 4506: The Scheme Against the Moon Immortal2020-10-24
Chapter 4505: Death2020-10-23
Chapter 4504: What Are You Playing At2020-10-23
Chapter 4503: Why Did You Lie?2020-10-22
Chapter 4502: Do I Know Her?2020-10-22
Chapter 4501: Dying a Tragic Death2020-10-21
Chapter 4500: Is This How You Repay Me?2020-10-21
Chapter 4499: Little Fairy2020-10-20
Chapter 4498: Song Yun’s Experience2020-10-20
Chapter 4497: A Monster2020-10-19
Chapter 4496: A Familiar Young Lady2020-10-19
Chapter 4495: The Moon Immortal Is Here Too?2020-10-18
Chapter 4494: Father’s Wish2020-10-18
Chapter 4493: A Wrong Bet2020-10-17
Chapter 4492: A Monster2020-10-17
Chapter 4491: Talent2020-10-16
Chapter 4490: A Match2020-10-16
Chapter 4489: Saint Valley2020-10-15
Chapter 4488: Chu Feng Lies2020-10-15
Chapter 4487: The Terrified Clan Chief2020-10-14
Chapter 4486: The Surfacing of a Phenomenon2020-10-14
Chapter 4485: Whitesky Star River2020-10-13
Chapter 4484: Could She Be Grandmother?2020-10-13
Chapter 4483: The Person in the Painting2020-10-12
Chapter 4482: It’s Really Xian Miaomiao2020-10-12
Chapter 4481: Sorry, I Came Late2020-10-11
Chapter 4480: An Even More Formidable Princess2020-10-11
Chapter 4479: Her Highness2020-10-10
Chapter 4478: This is Disastrous2020-10-10
Chapter 4477: Amazing The Crowd2020-10-09
Chapter 4476: You Must Die2020-10-09
Chapter 4475: Powerless To Retaliate2020-10-09
Chapter 4474: Just Try Touching Me2020-10-09
Chapter 4473: Fearless2020-10-07
Chapter 4472: Xiaoxiao In Danger2020-10-07
Chapter 4471: Too Many Secrets2020-10-06
Chapter 4470: Chu Feng’s Grandfather2020-10-06
Chapter 4469: Paying Respects to Master2020-10-05
Chapter 4468: You Have Finally Come2020-10-05
Chapter 4467: Intruders Shall Be Shown No Mercy2020-10-04
Chapter 4466: The Summoning of Bloodline2020-10-04
Chapter 4465: A Cold Attitude2020-10-03
Chapter 4464: I Don’t Want To Miss It2020-10-03
Chapter 4463: The First to Arrive2020-10-03
Chapter 4462: The Same Surname2020-10-03
Chapter 4461: Wronged2020-10-02
Chapter 4460: Finally Meeting the Hero’s Sword2020-10-02
Chapter 4559: This Is Weird2020-10-01
Chapter 4458: She, Too, Is a Junior2020-10-01
Chapter 4457: You Dare Say I’m Unworthy?2020-09-30
Chapter 4456: Immemorial Hero’s Sword2020-09-30
Chapter 4455: Moving the Crowd2020-09-29
Chapter 4454: Unqualified2020-09-29
Chapter 4453: Even More Terrifying2020-09-28
Chapter 4552: Unnerved2020-09-28
Chapter 4451: Bizarre Blood Door2020-09-27
Chapter 4450: Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments2020-09-27
Chapter 4449: I Have Tried My Best2020-09-26
Chapter 4448: Profoundness, Emergence of Lightning Soul2020-09-26
Chapter 4447: Soul of Heavenly Lightning2020-09-25
Chapter 4446: The Prowess of Exalted Taboo2020-09-25
Chapter 4445: Junior Sword God2020-09-24
Chapter 4444: Outstanding Talent2020-09-24
Chapter 4443: The Greatest Prodigy2020-09-23
Chapter 4442: Aweing Everyone2020-09-23
Chapter 4441: Turning Tables, Again2020-09-23
Chapter 4440: A Tense Atmosphere2020-09-23
Chapter 4439: Turning Tables2020-09-21
Chapter 4438: I Can Testify Too2020-09-21
Chapter 4437: Stand On My Side2020-09-20
Chapter 4436: I’m Going to Puke2020-09-20
Chapter 4435: Rank Five Utmost Exalted Level2020-09-19
Chapter 4434: Immortal Lake In a Desert2020-09-19
Chapter 4433: Spurting Blood Out of Anger2020-09-18
Chapter 4432: Taken Advantage of By a Beauty2020-09-18
Chapter 4431: Do You Regret It?2020-09-17
Chapter 4430: Clearing the Trial2020-09-17
Chapter 4229: This Is What You’re Looking For2020-09-16
Chapter 4428: A True Monster2020-09-16
Chapter 4427: Taking a Life2020-09-15
Chapter 4426: Splitting Into Groups2020-09-15
Chapter 4425: Divine Lightning Heaven Massacre Formation2020-09-14
Chapter 4424: I Call the Shots Here2020-09-14
Chapter 4423: Astonishing the Crowd With Skills2020-09-13
Chapter 4422: Come At Me Together2020-09-13
Chapter 4421: Utmost Disdain2020-09-12
Chapter 4420: Growing Up2020-09-12
Chapter 4419: The Hypocritical Clan Chief2020-09-11
Chapter 4418: An Important Affair2020-09-11
Chapter 4417: Godwish Palace2020-09-10
Chapter 4416: Extremely Grateful2020-09-10
Chapter 4415: Don’t Be a Sore Loser2020-09-09
Chapter 4414: Unfair2020-09-09
Chapter 4413: A Difficult Enemy2020-09-08
Chapter 4412: That’s Just What I’m Hoping For2020-09-08
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