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Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 3789 - Do You Know Who I Am?

Chapter 3789 - Do You Know Who I Am?

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“Young Master Miao, I truly didn’t know that this private room belonged to you. If I knew, even if I was given ten times the nerve, I would not have dared to kick through your door.”

“It’s just that I heard my friend had been captured and brought into this private room. Because of that, I was in a rush to save her. That is why I kicked through the door.”

“Young Master Miao, please don’t take offense to my actions.”

Luo Zhi was speaking like a grandson, an utter disgrace. His voice was even trembling. It would appear that he was truly terrified.

However, to everyone’s surprise, even though Luo Zhi was clearly giving in and apologizing, that Watermirror Paradise’s young master Miao refused to give him any face.

“Enough of your bullsh*t. Cripple your cultivations, and I will spare your lives," he said.


Hearing those words, Luo Zhi and the others immediately turned ashen.

Unable to contain herself, Song Ge asked, “Young master Luo, no matter what, you’re a rank two Heavenly Immortal. Why are you so afraid of him?”

“I… I… this…” Luo Zhi didn't know how to respond.

“Song Ge, do you have a deathwish? Do you not know who that person is?”

“He is Miao Yu. His grandfather is a Supreme Elder of the Watermirror Paradise!”

“As for the Watermirror Paradise, don’t you know what sort of place it is? It’s one of the strongest local powers in the Seven Suns Mountain Range region.”

“Before the Watermirror Paradise, our Void Cleanse Monastery is nothing more than a low-level power. Any random elder from the Watermirror Paradise is capable of extinguishing our Void Cleanse Monastery!”

“Even if it’s Luo Zhi and his friends, they would still only be able to admit defeat towards people like them. Quickly, leave this place with me. We cannot afford to involve ourselves in this mess.”

Wang Lian pulled Song Ge and sent her voice transmissions urging her to leave.


Right at that moment, that young master Miao noticed Song Ge and Wang Lian.

When he saw Song Ge, his eyes immediately started shining.

“These two ladies are also with you?” he asked Luo Zhi.

“Eh… yes, that’s correct,” said Luo Zhi.

“How about this: leave those two ladies behind, and the rest of you scram," said young master Miao.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Surprisingly, Luo Zhi immediately agreed to young master Miao’s rude request. He immediately turned around with the intention to leave.

“Yes, my ass.”

However, when he walked past Chu Feng, Chu Feng waved his arm and gave a ruthless slap to Luo Zhi’s face.

Luo Zhi was sent to the ground by Chu Feng’s slap. Half his face started swelling explosively.

“You… you dared hit me?!”

Holding his face, Luo Zhi looked to Chu Feng with disbelief.

He had truly never expected for a bumpkin like Chu Feng to dare hit him!!!

Chu Feng completely ignored Luo Zhi.

He walked to the center of the room and sat down in a chair.

“You have quite some nerve. You dare to touch anyone?” Chu Feng said to that young master Miao.

“What is that guy doing?”

It was not only Luo Zhi; Wang Lian and the others were also astonished. Even young master Miao and other disciples of the Watermirror Paradise were completely bewildered.

After all, practically no one dared to act so arrogant before them.

“Why are you still there? Are you enjoying being held by him?”

Chu Feng looked to Li Chuchu, who was being held in young master Miao’s bosom.


Li Chuchu abruptly reacted to Chu Feng’s words. As young master Miao was stunned by Chu Feng’s actions, he was no longer holding onto her. Thus, she immediately took the opportunity to run out the door.

“Where do you think you’re running to?! Get back here!”

Seeing that Li Chuchu was fleeing, one of young master Miao’s lackeys immediately ran after her with the intention of capturing her and bringing her back.


Chu Feng raised his leg and kicked that man flying.

When that man landed on the ground, he was bleeding from his nose and mouth. He was nearly paralyzed.

Chu Feng’s kick was much stronger than the slap he had given Luo Zhi.

After Chu Feng kicked the man, Wang Lian, Luo Zhi and the others were even more stunned.

It was one thing for Chu Feng to kick Luo Zhi. However… he actually also dared to kick someone from the Watermirror Paradise?

That was the Watermirror Paradise, one of the strongest powers in the Seven Suns Mountain Range!!!

“Motherfucker! Who are you?! You dare to attack my men?!”

Young master Miao was completely enraged. Not only did he stand up abruptly, but he also released his rank one Heavenly Immortal oppressive might.

His oppressive might rushed towards Chu Feng like a myriad of ferocious beasts.

“You dare attempt to attack me?”

“Behave yourself and lie there!”

Chu Feng waved his arm.

“Paa!” That young master Miao, who had just gotten up, was immediately smashed to the ground.

Like Luo Zhi’s face, his face also started swelling explosively.

Furthermore, a bloody handprint was present on his swollen face.

It was Chu Feng’s handprint.

“Madness! Madness!!!”

Wang Lian and the others were not astonished by Chu Feng’s cultivation after witnessing that he actually dared to attack young master Miao. Instead, they were astonished by his actions.

They felt that his actions were simply akin to courting death. He was seeking his own doom. His behavior was something that only a madman would do.

“Young Master Miao, I don’t know this person. He has absolutely no relationship with us.”

“Young Master Miao, if you want revenge, please take your revenge against him. Please don’t implicate us.”

Suddenly, someone knelt and began to kowtow to young master Miao.

That person was actually Luo Zhi’s close friend.

Following that person, there were immediately others that began to declare that they had no relationship with Chu Feng.

Even Wang Lian declared that she didn’t know him.

They were all extremely afraid that young master Miao would implicate them when he took his revenge against Chu Feng.

“You all have truly broadened my horizons.”

Seeing those people kneeling and kowtowing to young master Miao just so that they could distance themselves from him, Chu Feng revealed a wry smile.

While he had witnessed cowardly good-for-nothings, he had never witnessed it to such extent.

He, Chu Feng, was the one that had beat up young master Miao. The matter had nothing to do with them to begin with.

Yet, they were actually scared completely witless, frightened to the extreme.

“All of you, shut up!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. It was young master Miao.

At that moment, young master Miao was gnashing his teeth angrily. He seemed like he was about to explode.

“Motherfucker! You dare hit me?! Do you know who I am?! Do you fucking know who your daddy is?!” young master Miao asked Chu Feng angrily.

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