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Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 3790 - Finding Help

Chapter 3790 - Finding Help

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“Your name is Miao Yu. Your grandfather is a Supreme Elder of the Watermirror Paradise.”

“As for the Watermirror Paradise, it is one of the strongest local powers in the Seven Suns Mountain Range region.”

After Chu Feng finished saying that, he looked to Wang Lian. “What I said is correct, isn’t that right, Wang Lian?”


Hearing those words, Wang Lian’s expression changed enormously.

She noticed that what Chu Feng had said seemed to be the exact words she had said to Song Ge earlier.

Could it be that that guy had managed to hear the voice transmission between her and Song Ge?

Thinking of that, Wang Lian’s heart immediately tensed up.

It was only at that moment that she realized this fellow by the name of Asura seemed to not just be some trash. On the contrary… he had a certain amount of ability.

His ability far surpassed her own.

“Motherfucker! You know who I am, yet still dared to hit me?! Have you truly gotten tired of living?”

“You should go and investigate who in the Seven Suns Mountain Range region would dare hit me, Miao Yu!” shouted Miao Yu.

“Go to the entrance of the Seven Suns Mountain Range and say what you just said again.”

“Do you dare do that?” asked Chu Feng.

“You!!!” Miao Yu’s face turned red with embarrassment.

Although the Watermirror Paradise was a top power in the Seven Suns Mountain Range region, it was only so among the local powers.

What sort of place was the entrance of the Seven Suns Mountain Range?

Gathered there were formidable powers from all over the Reincarnation Upper Realm. There were even powers from outside the Reincarnation Upper Realm there.

There were countless Exalted-level experts gathered there. Not to mention Miao Yu, even his Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster would be completely ignored and looked down on there.

Go there and ask who would dare to hit him?

If he were to say those words, he would immediately be killed there. Furthermore, he would not even know who it was that had killed him.

“Humph, trash that only dares to bully the weak and fears the strong.”

“It’s no wonder Song Ge looks down on you all.”

Chu Feng was not only saying those words to Miao Yu. He deliberately took a glance at Luo Zhi, who was still lying on the ground, and the crowd that were kneeling nearby.


Chu Feng’s gaze was filled with mockery.

Although the crowd felt furious after being insulted in such a manner, they were unable to refute him.

After all, Chu Feng had dared to attack even young master Miao. They were all afraid that they would end up angering him, and receive a vicious beating from him.

In their eyes, Chu Feng was simply a madman.

“Motherfucker! You’d best stop playing dumb with me here!”

“If you truly have the balls, then stay here and do not leave!” young master Miao said as he pointed at Chu Feng.

“You’re calling for backup?”

“Very well. You’d best do it quickly, since I, your granddaddy do not have that much time to wait for you,” said Chu Feng.

“Just you wait!”

As young master Miao spoke, he left with the others from the Watermirror Paradise.

“Go! Quickly!”

After young master Miao left, Luo Zhi and the others immediately rushed out of the private room too.

Only Song Ge did not leave the room. Instead, she walked over to Chu Feng and sat down.

“Song Ge, we must quickly leave this place. Once the people from the Watermirror Palace arrive, we will end up suffering," Wang Lian urged upon seeing that Song Ge was not leaving.

“This matter was caused by me. I cannot walk away from it,” said Song Ge.

“But you represent our Void Cleanse Monastery!”

“Are you not afraid that the Watermirror Paradise will find trouble with our Void Cleanse Monastery?” said Wang Lian.

Hearing those words, Song Ge put away the title plate of the Void Cleanse Monastery on her waist.

“Right now, I only represent myself,” said Song Ge.

“I truly don’t understand what’s wrong with you. Why would you disregard your life for someone like him?”

“Forget about it. Do as you wish. I’m not going to bother with you.”

Wang Lian had a look of helplessness on her face. She took a meaningful glance at Chu Feng, and then turned around and left.

Although those people had all left, Chu Feng was actually able to sense their every action.

They had not left the Cyan Bamboo Teahouse at all.

They had hidden themselves in another private room and were observing Chu Feng’s movements from the shadows.

They wanted to watch him embarrass himself. This was especially true for Luo Zhi and his lackeys. They felt deep hatred for Chu Feng, and wanted to personally dismember him into ten thousand pieces.

Naturally, they did not wish to miss out on witnessing Chu Feng being taught a lesson by the people from the Watermirror Paradise.

As for that young master Miao, he kept his word, and really went searching for his grandfather to stand up for him.

He knew where his grandfather currently was.

However, when he found his grandfather, he was surprised.

The reason for that was because there were two other people present in addition to his grandfather. They were their Watermirror Paradise’s Lord Headmaster and his granddaughter, Yang Shenshen.

Seeing Miao Yu with half his face swollen, Yang Shenshen mocked and ridiculed him, “Miao Yu, what’s wrong? You’ve courted trouble outside, ended up being bullied, and returned to find your grandfather to stand up for you again?”

She deeply looked down on Miao Yu. She felt that he was the scum of their Watermirror Paradise.

However, taking Miao Yu’s grandfather into consideration, she did not make things difficult for him, and would only make cutting remarks at him whenever she saw him.

“What’s with you? Did you not know how to treat yourself first before returning? Are you thinking that you’re not enough of a disgrace still?” Miao Yu’s grandfather asked angrily.

He actually had quite a headache with his grandson causing trouble all over the place.

Although he was a Supreme Elder of the Watermirror Paradise, he used to be a candidate for headmaster.

He was defeated by the current headmaster and reduced to being only a Supreme Elder. At that time, he felt that since he'd failed to become the headmaster, he must allow his descendants to surpass him.

He'd nurtured several sons. Yet, they'd all failed to live up to his expectations.

After reaching his grandson’s generation, they were all even worse than his sons.

This was especially true in regards to Miao Yu. He was absolute trash.

His old rival, the current headmaster of the Watermirror Paradise, on the other hand, had not only managed to nurture a good generation of sons, but his grandchildren were even more exceptional.

This was especially true in regards to Yang Shenshen, who was a rare genius. She had already become a Martial Immortal at such a young age.

He looked to his grandson. He was much older than Yang Shenshen. Yet, he had only barely become a rank one Heavenly Immortal.

He also knew very well how much effort he had placed into helping his grandson obtain the cultivation of rank one Heavenly Immortal.

Seeing the high-spirited Yang Shenshen and then seeing his swollen-faced grandson, he started gnashing his teeth with rage. He wanted to immediately stand up and kick Miao Yu.

“Grandfather, I truly didn’t cause any trouble this time around.”

“I was enjoying tea with my close friends in the Cyan Bamboo Teahouse when someone charged in and asked if I was from the Watermirror Paradise. I told that person I was, and then, without saying anything, that person beat me up.”

“After beating me up, he declared that he would come to our Watermirror Paradise in the coming days and personally wipe us out.”

Miao Yu was afraid that his grandfather would not help him, and decided to lie and exaggerate things.

However, it just so happened that his lies ended up working effectively on his grandfather every single time.

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