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Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 3792 - Hateful Gaze

Chapter 3792 - Hateful Gaze

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“What a coincidence. Never would I have expected to encounter you two here,” said Chu Feng.

“That’s right senior. This is truly a coincidence. I have been searching for you. However, never would I have expected that I would come across you here.”

“Oh, that’s right. Senior, why are you here?” the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster asked.

“That fellow told me to stay here and wait for him. He said that he’d get his grandfather to teach me a lesson.” Chu Feng pointed to the shivering Miao Yu, who stood behind him.

“Could it be that you’re his grandfather?” Chu Feng asked the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster.

“Insolent disgrace!”

Suddenly, the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster let out a furious shout.

Then, he pointed to Miao Yu and asked angrily, “Miao Yu, are you saying that the person who beat you up is senior Asura?!”

“I… I… I…”

Miao Yu started to stutter in fear. At that moment, he was unable to even create a sentence.

“Lord Headmaster, what is going on here?”

“Exactly who is this person?”

As matters stood, Miao Yu’s grandfather had realized that his grandson might have offended someone that he should not have, and courted a major disaster.

Even though he knew that his grandson was trash and useless scum, it remained that he was his grandson.

Thus, he wanted to defend his grandson if he could.

“Supreme Elder, this person is that senior Asura my grandfather and I encountered. It is this senior who helped us breach that spirit formation, allowing us to obtain that Immortal Technique,” Yang Shenshen said to Miao Yu’s grandfather.

“It’s actually this person?!”

Hearing those words, Miao Yu’s grandfather realized that the situation was very bad.

Before Miao Yu had sought him out, the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster had been mentioning their encounter with Chu Feng to him.

From the way the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster praised Chu Feng, he knew that senior Asura was a peak expert. At the very least, his world spirit techniques were extremely powerful.

An expert of that caliber would be someone that anyone would want to entice. How could they possibly offend him instead?

However, his useless grandson had decided to offend exactly one such expert.

At that moment, Miao Yu’s grandfather was truly furious. He was in such a rage that he wanted to whip his useless grandson to death.

Unfortunately, he was unable to do so. After all, he loved Miao Yu dearly.

No matter how useless he might be, no matter how much of a scum he was, he still loved him dearly.

If he hadn’t pampered Miao Yu so excessively, Miao Yu would not have become so arrogant and despotic, stirring up trouble everywhere.

“So you were senior Asura.”

“Senior Asura, exactly what happened here? Could there be some sort of misunderstanding?” Miao Yu’s grandfather arrived before Chu Feng and asked with a very mild and even slightly subservient manner.

Seeing the grandfather that he had always relied on being so courteous towards Chu Feng, Miao Yu fell powerlessly onto his butt.

He knew that he was done for. Completely done for.

Throughout the years, he was only able to be so arrogant and fearless because his grandfather had backed him up.

Never would he have imagined that he would actually end up provoking someone that could cause fear to even his grandfather.

He knew that he had truly kicked a plate of iron.

“He must be your grandson, right?” Chu Feng cast a glance at Miao Yu, who sat paralyzed on the ground.

“That’s correct. That good-for-nothing is my grandson.”

“May I know what he has done to have provoked senior? Senior, please tell me, and I will properly disciple him,” said Miao Yu’s grandfather.

“It’s actually nothing serious. It’s just that your grandson decided to forcibly drag my friend into his private room with the intention of seizing her body.”

“Because of that, I decided to stand up for my friend, and gave your grandson a slap to the face. After that, your grandson threatened me, saying that you’re his grandfather.”

“He said that since you’re his grandfather, practically no one in the entire Seven Suns Mountain Range region would dare to provoke him. Since I’ve provoked him today, I’ve committed a capital offense.”

“After that, he told me to wait for him here while he went and called you over to teach me a lesson.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng looked to the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster with a beaming smile.

“Never would I have imagined that this fellow who commits all sorts of crimes and misdeeds is not only backed by his grandfather, but he’s actually also backed by the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster.”

“Today, I, Asura, have truly broadened my horizons.”

Hearing those words, Miao Yu turned completely ashen. In fact, even his grandfather’s face turned ashen.

Although all the things Chu Feng had said were all true, he made it sound like Miao Yu’s wicked deeds were things that could not be tolerated by the heavens. Furthermore, he also denounced the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster to be an accomplice of the evildoer Miao Yu.

“Since you’ve all come, there’s no need to continue standing there. Come, teach me a lesson.”

Chu Feng said to Miao Yu’s grandfather and the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster.

“Senior Asura, this is a misunderstanding, a total misunderstanding. Things are truly not as you think.”

The Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster started to panic. He did not wish to leave such a bad impression on Chu Feng, and began to hurriedly explain things.

“Misunderstanding. This is truly a misunderstanding.”

Miao Yu’s grandfather started sweating cold sweat from fear. Even his voice was no longer clear.

“This is a misunderstanding? In that case, what is actually happening? Why don’t you tell me?” asked Chu Feng.

“I… this… this…”

The Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster was at a loss as to how to justify things, and landed himself in a dilemma.

After all, they had indeed made their way here with the intention of backing up Miao Yu. Merely, never had he ever imagined that the person they’d planned to take care of was Chu Feng.

Suddenly, the Watermirror Paradise’s headmaster exploded with anger. He pointed to Miao Yu’s grandfather and asked furiously, “Look at that good grandson you’ve nurtured!”

“Of everyone that he could offend, he actually offended senior Asura! Senior Asura is the great benefactor of our Watermirror Paradise!”

“Tell me, what are we to do about what happened here today?!”

“Lord Headmaster, I… I…”

Miao Yu’s grandfather found himself at a loss as to how to reply.

“Exactly who is that guy?”

Seeing both the Watermirror Paradise’s Supreme Elder and headmaster being so terrified of Chu Feng, Luo Zhi and the others that were hiding and observing the situation all shivered in fear.

It was only at that moment that they realized that Chu Feng was a powerful individual.

They’d finally realized why Song Ge would stick to Chu Feng the way she did.

It turned out that it wasn’t that Song Ge was blind.

On the contrary, Song Ge knew that Chu Feng was powerful, and had decided to stick to him because of it.

Song Ge was much smarter than they were.

The foolish person was not Song Ge. Instead, they were the fools.

“Damned Song Ge. I’ve considered you to be my friend in vain. If you knew this Asura to be so powerful, why didn’t you inform me sooner?”

Wang Lian looked to Song Ge with complaint and even hatred in her eyes. She not only hated Song Ge, but she also hated herself.

Not only had she driven Chu Feng out of her home, but she had even mocked, ridiculed and cursed him out earlier. She had most definitely completely offended him.

She had actually offended such a powerful individual. Just thinking about it brought her lingering fear.

How could she not be afraid?

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